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Lindsay Lohan Has Landed

5/16/2010 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan -- alcohol education classes be damned -- arrived in Cannes this afternoon to promote her upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic.

Viva la Lohan!


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she is just stalking SamMAN

1589 days ago


I can see it now

Reporter: "So tell us about your new role."

Lindsay "Well I *********** a guy and became a famous porn star."

1589 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Lindsay loves all of this negative publicity. She must seriously be retarded. Did she graduate from High School? Is she really a Lesbian? Lindsay playing a Porn Star is hilarious. It must be a comedy. I doubt she will make the movie - she will be too drunk all of the time. She is just another Media Whore. Poor thing!

1589 days ago


Lindsay is fine! The dumbass media needs to butt out, and quit with the "rumors" already! She's beautiful and intelligent... Pressure is hazardous, especially in a constant spotlight!
LOL You no-count jealous people crack me up! Everybody can have an opinion of her, but NO understanding or morals... She makes mistakes like everyone else! But it wouldn't matter if she was doing everything perfect, people like Lindsay, Britney, Paris, Lady Gaga, ect, will always have these pathetic jealous morons critisizing them (such as disgusting freak wannabe diva, Perez Hilton)!
I hope Lindsay does break free from all the pressures and speculations against her... She has so much more to offer!
Her father is a main source for all the drama right now! He's just hoping to get a spotlight put on him from Lindsay, like Dina is doing too! Most of us should consider ourselves lucky for having better parents than that!
And as for the way Lindsay is dressed! DUH! Celebs have to do that, because moronic haters who condemn her on here, will sworm her in any public opportunity should they undoubtedly recognize her!

Well, I guess what needs to be said is... Haters, get a life!

1589 days ago


Hopefully she gets arrested as soon as she returns to America. Either that or she stays in France forever and never shows her face again.

1589 days ago


"money talks and $h-t walks"

1589 days ago


She is so effing poor that she can go to Cannes? Who paid???? Linda Lovelace do***entary/please/ WHO CARES.. 1970's.

Her manager/slut/party friend/enabler/cash cow beneficiary/needs to go to jail with her......


1589 days ago


I want to know how she paid for the trip. Isn't she $60...0K in debt and broke?

I also hope she misses her court date and that the judge throws her a$$ in jail.

1589 days ago

Miss Bitch    

She's a waste of space.

1589 days ago

The Truth    

The judge in her case is a *****. Always letting anyone infamous or famous get away with murder. Nothing new. The judge has no balls to do anything.

Now this will be good for whom ever runs against the judge for election.

And since this is a ***** judge even if Lohan is given any type of sentence it will be bs anyway.

Hey Judge you are a ***** and coward. Anyone else would be in jail right now. Way to uphold the law you were sworn to defend.

1589 days ago

the truth    

look how many times Robery Downey Jr got off and then finally he went to prison.
maybe lohan isent going all kinds of drugs and drinking. btw this movie does sound good . this is her last shot at a movie and if it doesnt do good then i can see her going into porn. i noticed she kept saying POSITVE and thats what addicts are moreless to say while in treatment so maybe she learned something. she may not be as bad as everyone says. BUT PLEASEEE GET RID OF THAT UGLY BLACK HAIR! THEY CALL BLONDS DUMB WILL I THINK THAT HAS CHANGED BECAUSE THESE DARK HAIR WOMEN THESE DAYS ARE DUMB AS HELL. oh and leave her little sis alone.

1589 days ago


that coke bloat is so unattractive - i liked it more when she had the hips of an 8 year old -- mmm 8 year olds...

1589 days ago



1589 days ago



1589 days ago


MY, MY, What a nice group of people, ADDICTION, has no boundaries, it doesn't care who you are, what the color of your skin is,if your a man , or a woman,young or old, rich or poor.have you ever heard of it. Which I would bet half the poster's here have some kind of addiction. Addiction, is a Disease. Would you be criticizing a person who had Cancer, Diabetes? No one starts out wanting to become Alcoholic, or Drug Addicted, The Addiction robs a person of everything, it is Cunning , Baffling and ruins many families, as well as many people dying from it. Be a part of the solution not the problem.

1589 days ago
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