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Juan-Carlos Cruz's Wife -- In Misery for Years

5/17/2010 4:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Juan-Carlos Cruz's wife was deeply despondent because she could not have children.

Juan-Carlos Cruz

We're told Jennifer Campbell is very religious ... an active member at her Catholic church.  Our sources are suggesting the misery over her not being able to bear children may have a direct bearing on the case.  We're told she has been "deeply despondent for years."

Cruz has been charged with solicitation of murder and attempted murder and faces life in prison.


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Who the hell are these people?

1621 days ago


My first thought was - her depression has no bearing on the case. But then, I did have the thought - what if she did want to die but didn't want to go to hell - so she convinced her desperate and at wits end husband to have her killed? I think that actually counts as suicide, if we are splitting hairs but the hyper religious are seldom logical. The families of people who jumped off the WTC on 9/11 got letters from members of the super crazy wing of the Catholic Church saying their loved ones are in hell because they jumped rather than letting the fire kill them. So, if the wife thought this way and also had an abiding belief in heaven - she might have been aware of this. Or he might have thought he was doing her a favor if she's been talking like she wanted to die for enough years. It's still inexcusable and illegal what he did - but this actually makes it way more interesting - if it is true which I don't know.

And yeah, even if you don't believe in IVF, there is always adoption.

1621 days ago


With him wanting to have her neck sliced open, it sounds like he had a lot a anger at her, but he didn't have the nerve to do it himself... maybe cuz he would go to hell if he actually did it, but not if he hired it out?

1621 days ago


This may sound a bit crude, BUT with him being a chef, wouldn't he have some pretty good ideas on how to poison her himself instead of hiring sloppy hit people?

1621 days ago


what a low life he is,,I hope everytime he gets bent over in prison by bubba,tyrone and juan he thinks about what he tried to do....

1621 days ago


All he said was that he wanted to get some Dill for his wife, not kill.

1621 days ago


We marry out of our race and wonder why these things happen. Why would she settle for a illegal/wetback/mexican when she could have had an all american guy? Did she marry him to keep him in this country? What a shame, he couldn't even get two drunk homeless thugs to take care of his wife? Only in Mexico, she would have not even been missed or found!!

1621 days ago


OMG - tlynn....did you even know him? i did and he is 100% all-American. I don't even think he understands a WORD of Spanish.
Do NOT EVER think you know someone just because of his or her name !!!!

1621 days ago


/I was reading this in awe - not for the fact that this seemingly nobody was getting any kind of press just because he had a show on the Food Network that apparently nobody watched - but because I was hoping to see how these homeless people had cell phones.

I mean, there are so many questions TMZ needs to answer right now that can easily rectify their journalistic integrity - fill in these blanks:

1. How do homeless people afford cell phones?
2. What kind of plans do they generally get, pre-paid or monthly plans?
3. If they pay monthly, where do they get the bills sent to?
4. If they pay monthly, don't they have to have good credit? What would they put down as salary? There's no place for cents on the form!
5. Where do the homeless people plug in to charge their phones?

Finish this story, TMZ!!!


Perhaps my response will clue you in on what is happening in the southern California area:

First of all, there would be one-bedroom apts. available for many homeless California/USA citizen Military Veteran, elderly and disabled individuals if the illegal aliens were not occupying one-bedroom apts. Often, there are 12-24 illegal immigrants in a one bedroom apt. where ever they can find an empty space on the floor through out the apt. sleeping in shifts. (that means, the one getting off work replacing the one going to work). Latino non-profit agencies and churches are to be blamed for that set up because they made Los Angeles a sanctuary city for Mexican, Central, & South American illegal aliens.

Homelessness is not an illegal act in California. Many people who are "homeless" are not lazy nor crazy illegal-substance abuser type persons. Many of them actually work part-time instead of collecting free money from welfare and other free benefits. They are searching for part-time work daily and need a cell phone for phoning potential employers. Because the illegals pool their $$$ together to pay the monthly rent to slumlords - there is no incentive for slumlords to tear down their illegal dwellings. That in turn has caused the other rentals to raise their rents beyond the reach of a person living on a fixed low income or working part-time. You would be amazed at the background of some homeless people. They have a college-level education. Some lost their house to corrupt lawyers, mortgage lenders, and other greedy financial institutions. People living on the margins of society become street-wise. Independence is not free and easy. It means sacrifice. It means sleeping on cement, or on a public transportation bench, or, in some weeds. Sometimes it means the homeless sleep in really creepy places where rodents crawl.

A cell phone to call 911 becomes more important than a motel room bed/bath. Pre-paid service is the most popular. Phones can be charged at a public library or any 24-hour place of business such as KINKO/FED-EX for example.

A cell phone can be purchased for $50. to $100.00 at the CVS, Rite-Aid, Target, Wal-Mart, Ralphs, Albertsons, Vons, etc. stores. For example: at the CVS store, after you have the phone - you merely have to return and pay cash in increments of $15., $30., $50., or even $100.00 which is loaded by the store's cashier unto your phone. There is no monthly bill mailed to the user.

So, you monied, uppity, sheltered, ego-driven brainiacs - do not lump homeless people into a class of criminals who gladly violate God's Ten Commandments for some spending money. Lots of homeless persons appreciate their meager blessings and get down on their knees each morning and night to thank God and the Universe for being able to enjoy another day in their life. Then, they go out and serve food that arrives in front of you at restaurants; drive the buses you ride on to get to work on time; clean your office space at night while you get your overnight rest; and wash your luxury vehicle. Be honest - how often do you pray?

1621 days ago


Obviously she has never heard about adoption and he never about divorce. If true, these people are stupid!

1621 days ago


And we need to know this because..... TMZ kinda personal don't ya think. None of out business and it shouldn't be any of yours.

1621 days ago


Juan Valdez has some Greatass COF FEES.Wowcer,Dead babys in hell?WTF wood make one kill thier own wife.Religion says TMZ wowcer I know what kinf of religion they are one4 the roadies&slop needles those hollwood hillybillys is all the same,Cut thier own face off and say thye look GOOD

1621 days ago


She shouldn't be able to strip clothes off children! Did you mean "bear" children?

1621 days ago


"Bare children?" You need to hire some whities.

1621 days ago


Excuse you "coydog" - what part of Juan-Carlos Cruz is american? The Juan, the carlos or the cruz?

1621 days ago
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