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Octomom to Dogs and Cats: Don't Go Where I Went

5/18/2010 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman -- aka the pot -- wants dogs and cats -- aka the kettles -- to refrain from having litters.


Octo has agreed to display a banner around her La Habra home for PETA, with the warning:  "Don't Let Your Dog or Cat Become an Octomom."

In return, Octo gets $5 grand and a month's supply of veggie dogs and burgers.

We'll live stream the unveiling tomorrow at 11 AM PT ... 'cause you never know who's gonna drop another litter in La Habra.


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Besides who exactly is supposed to see this sign in a residential cul-de-sac?
Posted at 11:25 AM on May 18, 2010 by dondonedone
It's already reached TMZ and you and me. And I'm guessing we aren't anywhere near her. It will no doubt reach hundreds more gossip sites and anyone who currently reports on her.

PETA continues to get their message across, just like any other company, for extremely low cost. Whether or not we regard it as positive is up for debate, but she is crazy to do it for so little money, IMO.

1582 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Nadya is totally sexy, why do you guys have to say she's not? Oh my God, she has a totally smok'n body, awesome hair, amazingly kissable lips and a butt that makes me want to swoon and faint. She's a total hottie and it's unlikely she'd ever let me roll my dilapidated, middle aged carcass onto her hard body, but I can dream, can't I? You kids are all mixed up, Nadya is the real thing, 100% woman. My God I adore her!

1582 days ago


And here is a pic of Nadya accepting her prize.

1582 days ago


wish I was her publicist! I'd love to be in her inner circle of friends. How can I pretend to be a Professor? Because Chinese Jet Pilot was already taken. Look, I'm just saying what a lot of guys are secretly thinking: Nadya is HOT! HOT! HOT!

Posted at 12:26 PM on May 18, 2010 by Professor Obvious

Oh yeah, right. In the middle of SoCal with its wall-to-wall gorgeous young hotties this lumpy, saggy photoshopped old dromedary is hot. Maybe PETA can contribute toward your getting a seeing-eye dog. I sincerely hope you get your wish though. At least twice over. You sound like such an obvious match,Professor Obvious.
I am still trying to figure out why with 14 kids living such pathetically grim lives in a kennel, you would think the focus of this should be about Toxomom? Maybe you should try finding centerfolds of the attendants that staff Russian Orphanages.

1582 days ago



We are seeing the sign, but that's not the message anyone is getting from it about PETA and its goals. All it does is make PETA look extraordinarily foolish and cruel by unethically humiliating children to ethically care about animals.
Would PETA ever hang a sign on the outside of a puppymill with conditions like what are in that house? Or pay to do it?
Don't you think if they had that sign on the freeway the same number of people would see it and not have a negative reaction? It's not like TMZ readers view this for their pets.

1582 days ago

Get back to work!    

What the hell is that, Rachel Uchitel's Playboy spread?

1582 days ago


So Nutsy herself will do the un-veiling? Expect her to dress up in a sexy kitty get up with her new boobage on display, like she did for her family Christmas card.

PETA, Nadya, and that Atty. Jeff Czech should be ashamed of themselves for exposing her children to this kind of ridicule. Her kids can expect some extra cruel teasing on the playground this week for sure. Woof, woofs, meows and litter box jokes.

I feel very bad for those kids with such thoughtless, self serving adults looking out for them. Maybe a kind neighbor will have the good sense to take the banner down before the kids get home from school!!

1582 days ago


E says Kate Gosselin is going to be on DWTS next week for waaaay more than $5k and not have to humiliate any of her kids to do it.

1582 days ago


It doesn't matter how the children got here...the important thing is that they ARE here and now need to be taken care of and if a banner is what it takes to get grocery money for 14 children then a banner it will be. At least she refused to do a porn movie and she is NOT on public assistant....good for her.

Obama says single mothers should go back to college and get their education...Ok, then I think the government needs to help this woman until she can finish her education so she can get a good job and take care of these children instead of the Obama's having $25,000 dates and flying Pelosi back & forth to California to the tune of $120,000 a weekend. (Now there is a true b___h that should be displaying a PETA sign.) If I lived close to Nadya, I would be over there everyday to help her out, free of charge.

I think PETA should have paid her a lot more per month for displaying the banner because they are getting SO much advertising from this. She may have a hard row to hoe but at least she can be proud of the fact that she did not murder, "throw-a-away" or indiscriminately give away her unborn children. And, she did say on Oprah that she was done having children. But, as long as she is not on public is no one's business if she has 1, 2 or 14 more children. We don't have forced abortion or forced sterlization in this country.....yet, unless John Holdren gets his way that is and everyone should count their lucky stars that we do have these freedoms under the Constitution of the United States.

1582 days ago


She may have a hard row to hoe but at least she can be proud of the fact that she did not murder, "throw-a-away" or indiscriminately give away her unborn children"

Actually, she did. Every one of those 6 pregnancies took at least 6 living embryos. The last took 11. That is 41 embryos inserted living to produce 14 kids. The other 27 died in her womb in the process. And she did it over and over again.

She never had any frozen embryos to use up. She never had any frozen embryos perid. Seh only had frozen unfertilized eggs that she NEVER used. They were deliberately created fresh each time and implanted. The California Medical Board issued a report saying that,. It's a fact, not my opinion. You can look it up on Google.

What I don't understand is how the right-to-life bunch (including her right wing lawyer) never figured out that she had 41 embryos created to have 14 kids ---so 27 died in the process. And never ever saved one embryo from anything.

1582 days ago


How embarrasing must this be for this woman to basically take a hand out and get publicly humiliated. I don't feel bad for her; but I think someone should step in and see how her children are taken care of.

1582 days ago

So done with her!!!    

Put food on her kid's plates! Yeah right. That money is going to nasty's wants and needs. The kids get the veggie dogs and burgers.
It's time for octoidiot to be euthanized, her 15 min. of fame were over 16 months ago and as for PETA they can forget about seeing another donation from me.

1582 days ago


Nancy is it? You should have gone with Professor even more Obvious---anyway, I once saw a bumper sticker which reads "Stupid Pepples shud not Breed". There's a message there for you as well as your darling, victim of the decade Octomom but, sadly, you won't "get it"...people like you never do.
Look, we did not ask to be burdened with this parasite & all her problems. Just as we're all wondering "will I lose my job, my home.." out of the gutter comes mom of 8...and thus, the story began. Let's say the unemployed, welfare & student loan assisted mom of 6 (under the age of ?? 7-8) had only had 3 or 4 can't even go there can you? So, here she has these 8 babies that have literally bought her $500 sunglasses, lip aug., eyelash extensions, clothes, PLASTIC SURGERY...she could at least afford them love, human compassion, humility...nope, she barely spends anytime at all with her little money makers. You can't spin this story no matter how hard you try...she is a parasite who doesn't deserve a dog!

1582 days ago


Can we spay Nadia?

1582 days ago

chicken stripper    


1582 days ago
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