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Howard K. Stern Allegedly Threatens 'Witness'

5/19/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern has been accused of threatening a man whom South Carolina police call a "witness" in the Anna Nicole Smith drug trial ... this according to a police report obtained by TMZ.


According to the report, Mark Hatten -- Anna's ex-boyfriend -- told the Greeleyville Police Department he received a "threatening" message from Stern on May 3 via MySpace.

In the report, it says Hatten opened up Stern's alleged MySpace message on one of the officer's laptops, which read: "You are in over your head. You are being watched. Keep a look out before everything comes crashing down, do you understand me?"

We cannot confirm if Hatten will be a witness in the Anna Nicole-related case involving Stern, but Greeleyville cops are calling the investigation, "Intimidation of a witness/harrassment via Internet."

Stern scoffs at Hatten's allegation, telling TMZ, "Don't you have to have a MySpace account in order to leave a message?  I've wouldn't even know how to leave a message on MySpace."


We're told the GPD is still investigating -- but it's a tiny department in a 400 person town, so ....

If true, Stern could be charged with tampering with a witness.


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Double Standards    

patty, get your head out of your azz and quit trying to think you know who anybody is. I NEVER once said i knew Eddie Fisher. You are really stupid and your last post just proves how dumb you really are. Quit sticking your brown nose where is dosen't belong! You are the one on here saying you know Art Harris, famous reporters and all the other crap you said. Honey you don't have a freaking clue what is going on. So you know the hattens huh? Well BIG FREAKING DEAL! You have made your self look like a azz. Can you even read the posts properly? Maybe you should do a little more research yourself and mind your own damn business. Every prediction you have made about who is who has been so far from the truth it is laughable. For your information i know EXACTLY what i am talking about and don't need to research anything. It's just fools like you that try and pretend they know it all and make yourself look like a bigger fool. I think you need to do a little research and stay the hell out of everyone's business. You sound like a silly old busy body. The questions i asked were questions i asked for a reason. MYOB! because as you can see you are wrong on pretty much everything you have said. Now get off my damn back about who i am and why i don't use my name and who i know and everything else you have stuck your nose into. Walking around with a brown nose is not exactly pretty. So clean yourself up and stay out of things you know nothing about. I am not Bev but i do enjoy her posts. This will be my last post to you because as i can see you are really a nobody and i don't waste my time playing who's who on a damn blogging thread. Get a life and quit trying to be somebody you are not.

1575 days ago


Ohhhhhhh, so I look like an ass for mixing up Eddie Fisher with Double Standards and Beverly. I'm so sorry. My mistake. Wow, one little thing about something so inconsequential and you tell me I look like an ass, but you can carry on about incorrect facts on the Hattens, ANS, Howard, Navarro - but you think you look like a rocket scientist? Haha. I admit, I mixed up the names. At least I can admit when I make a mistake and I did. I put Eddie Fisher with the wrong person. Woe is me.

Why do you keep saying I'm trying to be someone I'm not? I don't get that? I've never tried to be anyone but me on here. You ask for proof of things, and when I give it, then you tell me I'm a brown noser? Ok...weird. Like I'm pulling names out of the air, I was just answering one of your "POST PROOF!" things... Don't ask for proof. I wasn't name dropping, you asked for proof and I gave it to you. Simple.

Speaking of proof, interesting that you continuously post things like "Post PROOF", "honest answers only!", etc., to others, but if it's done to you - then we are in YOUR business. But it's ok for you to be in ours, right? Yeah, that makes sense. You can ask all the questions you want, but tell me or others to MYOB when we ask you. HAHA. That doesn't make you look like a twit, it just makes you look crazy. LOL.

Just FYI, I'm far from a twit, I know exactly what I'm talking about (although there is the occasional name mixup - ala Eddie Fisher), but I at least come clean about it. You can't. And give up on the MYOB, what a dork you are. This is a public blog. You do not own TMZ or the rights to this blog. Anyone can blog on here and answer anyone else. If you have an issue with that then I suggest you start a private page, with members only, and you wouldn't have to deal with anyone who disagrees with you.

Obviously you DO have to do SOME research, or you wouldn't have gotten the whole "Hatten/DUI" thing wrong...and some other things...but oh well. You are entitled to your opinion, just as I am mine, and I will stay on here, in anyone's business and answering anyone I please, just as you will. I absolutely don't "know it all" and don't pretend to, however, if that is how you feel - then maybe it is YOU that has the issue, not me. I'm not making predictions about "who is who", but that is interesting that YOU brought it up. And telling me to "get off your back about who you are", but it's OK for you to grill me?

Double Standards is a perfect name for you. One standard for you, another for everyone (that disagrees with you) else. Thank God I won't be having to deal with you again. Thank you for that.

1575 days ago


Oh, and sorry to all the people who were so adament about Mark not being charged with stalking. It was just uttering "terrorist" threats to Anna Nicole. How could I ever confuse the 2? Especially since on numerous occasions, Anna herself referred to him as her "stalker". And yeah, I'm way off base, they just send people to jail for 7 + years over things that aren't very serious.
I just felt the need to clarify that. I don't see how threats are somehow better. I just don't know how many people can fall for this. And as for "hiding" my identity, I don't care who finds out who I am for the most part. But I haven't said a word for like, 4 days and he's still mentioning me, saying "insulting" things about me, (they don't really bother me though because he's barely literate....I'm sure you'll have a lot of help on that book, since you can't even form a proper sentence. Anyway, with all that,), etc. you can see why I may not want to get spammed with his crap.

1574 days ago

Swims Is Drowning    

Isn't the subject whether or not Howie threatened MH? Wasn't there an FBI investigation on whether or not Anna put a hit on Marshall? If that were true HK would have known about it. Getting rid of people doesn't seem so far fetched when you put the pieces together. Where there's smoke there's fire. And there is alot of smoke.

Greed is a powerful motive especially (cough, roll eyes) when your gravy train dies and your parents are supporting you. Yup, I'd love to see the cancelled checks! I'd almost wager that after Daniel died Anna may have lost her spunk in going after the Marshall money. OH NO, Howie couldn't let that happen.
Who in the world could defend such a creep. And leave Patty alone. She's my friend.

Patty check out my website you can contact me if you wish. Just click on the first page to enter. We can have a coffee or something and laugh at these nuts. This offer is only to Patty and Mark. The rest of you stay out!

Where the hell is Swims anyway? Did Swims really drown?

1574 days ago

save something    


Posted at 7:10 PM on May 30, 2010 by mark hollywood hatten

We are in june,so where is the book ? witch publisher?
Same as LS on Anna murder?

1571 days ago



Posted at 7:10 PM on May 30, 2010 by mark hollywood hatten

Now that is a ridiculous name for a book... shouldn't you be calling yourself mark 'carolina' hatten now??? I've heard it all now...writing a book calling her 'heart of your dreams'(how stupid sounding), when she helped send your butt to prison for seven years!!! I think that was pretty much saying to you that she wanted you FOREVER.

1569 days ago


Hey, what happened ? Did everyone take my advice ? Virgie rocks and HKS will be signing/sending autographed pictures of himself to Joran Van Der Sloot from his prison cell when his celly is sleeping that is...

1561 days ago


Good for you Mark.

Hope you make a billion bucks on it, get your own talk show, and carry the torch for justice

Anna is missed by many , many people, she was showing us the way, then she was poisoned by drugs. insane world we live in isn't it

1558 days ago

Swims Is Drowning    

Where's the news about a double murder charge? How do you know this?

1550 days ago


Listen to all you, know body knows what happened, you were not there, so how can you judge. I say leave Howard alone, he truly loved Nicole.

Who is the one with the record, Mark Hatten, court records speak for them self.

1534 days ago

save something    

wouachhhhhhh kiss your assssss.ouachhhhhhh

1513 days ago


Mark Hatten was an Anna Nicole stalker. Many have said it. He spent time locked up for it. In my opinion, him and his sister tell more lies than anything else. I think the charges against Howard K. Stern, are ludicrous. Anna was a pill popper long before Howard ever came along. All her groupie's knew it. She was her own enabler. Even Birkhead has said, if you didn't do what she told you to, you got knocked out of her group of buddies in a hurry. Ridiculous to blame everyone else for her drug problems. Sadly, the one to blame for her's and Daniel's deaths come right back to Anna herself. She kept the drugs. She got them anyway she could, even if it meant using others to get them. Sad but true, from all I have read and seen.

1511 days ago

Swims Is Drowning    

What's up with TMZ? Harvey are you scared of Howie getting off and suing? LOL I'd be.

But still ... why no coverage of the long anticipated trial? The local news does a blurb on it.


1510 days ago

kathy mullen    

Crime | Government | Medical marijuana | Education | Prop 8 | Traffic | Westside

L.A. NOWSouthern California -- this just in
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Prosecutor says doctors, lawyer funneled drugs to Anna Nicole Smith [Updated]
August 4, 2010 | 12:01 pm
Two doctors and a lawyer charged with illegally providing prescription drugs to Anna Nicole Smith engaged in conspiracies over four years using fake names, delivering drugs across international borders and dealing with massive quantities of powerful and dangerous medicine, a prosecutor told jurors Wednesday.

L.A. County Deputy Dist. Atty. Renee Rose opened the criminal trial that came more than three years after Smith's 2007 death in Florida. Rose said the three defendants -- Howard K. Stern, Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich -- were all aware of Smith's addiction yet chose to "funnel" drugs to her, including opiates and sedatives, at one point while she was hospitalized for detox.

They are being tried on charges of conspiring to illegally furnish the 39-year-old with prescription drugs.

Giving the medications to an addict, without proper medical purpose, under false names and in excessive quantities were criminal acts, Rose said.

"We trust our doctors with the most precious thing we have, which is our health," Rose said. "When you see all the evidence in this case, you will see that trust was violated, that responsibility, promise broken ... and none of it could have happened without Mr. Stern."

Kapoor was Smith's primary-care physician, Eroshevich her neighbor and psychiatrist, and Stern her partner and lawyer.
[Updated at 12:39 p.m.: Later in the morning, Howard K. Stern’s attorney told jurors his client simply trusted and relied on doctors to do what was best for Smith, who complained of serious, constant pain.

“He cared for her, he cherished her, he loved her,” attorney Steve Sadow told jurors, saying Smith was strong-willed and independent and made her own choices about how to deal with the chronic pain she suffered.

“Howard K. Stern is not a doctor ... Howard K. Stern relied in good faith in the medical judgments of doctors,” Sadow said

He disputed the contention that Smith was an addict, saying he will call to the stand a medical expert to testify that the use of opiates can lead to physical dependence and increased tolerance while not rising to the level of addiction.

Stern mostly sat stone-faced, hands clutched together and eyes gazing down.

Attorneys for the two physicians are expected to give their opening statements Wednesday afternoon.]

-- Victoria Kim at L.A. County Superior Court

Photo: Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole Smith. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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There is sufficient evidence that Stern was overdrugging Anna, and filming her in this state during pregnancy stating on the video that he felt these kinds of videos would making him a lot of money. THE VIDEOTAPE Judge Perry has "barred" contains evidence of her being drugged with MOTIVE when Howard claims on the tape to have a motive to drug her for money...

The 9 yr old present in the tape was ready to testify she saw Howard give Anna a syrup (it was Methadone syrup he was ODing her on, and the Owner of the house they were in photographed the syrup bottles after her death, in the fridge). But Judge Perry claims there were NO prescriptions for methadone syrup submitted by the DA ! There is critical missing evidence. This is a travesty. Anna was drugged with MOTIVE and the judge is barring the evidence of this.

There is evidence he'd been doing this for two years, and selling photo ops portraying her in this condition. It would seem the State needs to bring in additional medical testimony by Pain Management anesthesiologists, for instance, UCLA and Pasadena Rehabilitation Institute physicians who operate the largest free standing pain clinic in the western US. They would explain to the State that this does not appear to be self inflicted with sufficient evidence of overdrugging a patient and filming her this way, isolating her with motive depicted on that very tape to drug her without her knowledge excessively in an estate case where she stood to inherit from the billionaire she married. Stern was the Rep on that case. Her son flew out to see her and was dead within 48 hours at the hospital. Stern was said to have dropped methadone pills. The son was suspicious and had spoken with a PI while in the Bahamas. Anna, her son, and her baby girl need justice. This isn't enough.

The emails claimed to be sent from "Anna" to Howard's sister may not have been sent by Anna who was incessantly drugged. Howard is a sociopath well ahead of this game, and he specifically sought to portray her as an addict with motive on his part to sell the video, as he says on the tape. Get this woman and her son Justice or you have lost the point entirely. Persecuting pain patients in California isn't justice, it's losing the plot entirely of this case.

1504 days ago


I am glad all charges were dropped. Howard has been thru enough. Anna loved Howard they were to be married in a legal ceremony 2/27/2007, had she not passed away. I think its sickening the way he has been slandered over and over. Its time to stop, and let the man get on with his life.

1189 days ago
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