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Howard K. Stern Allegedly Threatens 'Witness'

5/19/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern has been accused of threatening a man whom South Carolina police call a "witness" in the Anna Nicole Smith drug trial ... this according to a police report obtained by TMZ.


According to the report, Mark Hatten -- Anna's ex-boyfriend -- told the Greeleyville Police Department he received a "threatening" message from Stern on May 3 via MySpace.

In the report, it says Hatten opened up Stern's alleged MySpace message on one of the officer's laptops, which read: "You are in over your head. You are being watched. Keep a look out before everything comes crashing down, do you understand me?"

We cannot confirm if Hatten will be a witness in the Anna Nicole-related case involving Stern, but Greeleyville cops are calling the investigation, "Intimidation of a witness/harrassment via Internet."

Stern scoffs at Hatten's allegation, telling TMZ, "Don't you have to have a MySpace account in order to leave a message?  I've wouldn't even know how to leave a message on MySpace."


We're told the GPD is still investigating -- but it's a tiny department in a 400 person town, so ....

If true, Stern could be charged with tampering with a witness.


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Swims Is Drowning    

Obviously HKS isn't the sharpest tool in the legal shed. I can't imagine why he hasn't been disbarred. He has so much conflict of interest going on it's unreal.

He's such an idiot he testified he was supported by Anna and his parents buy his shoes. He skated on Daniel and no doubt he believes he is untouchable and too smart. BTW, what he says to MH is a terrorist threat under CA law. It can be a felony if it intimidates the person to whom the threat was made whether or not a person actually has intention to follow through on the threat (Section 422C). If true, here comes another charge for Howie.

Not sayin it's true. But I am saying the fact that HKS lies even under oath is well do***ented.

How's he keep getting away with things most of us would be so busted for? Either he is smart or the legal system is pathetic.
I just watch this as testiment that our legal system is slow and inept. HKS should already be in trouble for perjury.

1619 days ago


That is one Strong man to still be standing with everything he has been through and everything he has LOST .and there still trying to Beat a Dead Horse . Pathetic , Criminal , File False allegations Howard when ur Done there , That will be a long list there . and Hang the sobs who entered Annas house right after her death ! WoW things are realy Lop Sided here!

1619 days ago


Hatten is known for this kind of thing. He dreams everyone is after him lol. Howard isn't this stupid. I seriously believe him when he said he doesn't have a MYSPACE account. I think he's a bit more mature and busy to be on MYSPACE lmao. Someone has impersonated him.

1619 days ago

HKS is a Good Man    

Howard is a good man and he would NEVER do anything like this.

1619 days ago


42. Hatten is an idiot. If Howard was smart enough to graduate from law school, he's smart enough not to send such an obvious email.

Posted at 5:57 PM on May 19, 2010 by Christina G.

Just because stern managed to get thru law school and pass the bar (and I wouldn't put it past him to have cheated) doesn't mean he is a smart man. Every action he has taken in his entire life has been totally moronic. How smart do you have to be to be very proactive in keeping your not very bright, drug addicted only "client" high? Even going as far as using his own name, fraudulenty? And refusing to stop until she was DEAD. Yeah, he's mensa material. NOT!

1619 days ago


I am too morally conservative to be a fan of Howard Stern (but not one of the religious right). However, Howard is a smart guy, and I have trouble believing he would be so stupid as to put a threat in writing with his own name on it.

On another note: I am grateful for Howard's being so open about OCD -- I think he helped people. I also admire that for all his show's sexual content, he does not have a reputation as a cheater.

1619 days ago


• Tabloid malicious lies and irrelevant psychobabble by Renee Rose during HKS’s preliminary hearing
• State’s witnesses that contradicted the State’s case
• Only the second-hand testimony of Agent Santiago regarding his alleged interview with one of ANS’s nannies carrying the day (a nanny who barely speaks English and only briefly worked in the house)

It is no surprise that Renee Rose is associated with Hatten, a violent felon the FBI knows is certifiable in his wild previous claims against HKS. Her desperate case apparently calls for desperate measures – she already is in bed with the riff-raff of the TX cabal, why not one of VA’s favorites.
Posted at 5:17 PM on May 19, 2010 by Only swim in the Ocean

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert J. Perry ruled this afternoon that prosecutors have shown ample evidence for Smith's erstwhile sidekick Howard K. Stern and Drs. Khristine Eroshevich and Sandeep Kapoor to stand trial for 22 of their combined 23 drug-related felony charges.

"All the defendants have been held to answer on all counts and will stand trial except for [prescribing placebos]," court spokeswoman Vania Stuelp, tells E! News.

1619 days ago


Howard K. Stern is hands down, THE most disgusting "person" around a celebrity I have ever heard of in my life. When this PATHETIC creep was not carrying around Anna's purse for her on the red carpet, he was carrying the dufflebag of drugs for her, and according to Birkhead under oath, dispensed extra drugs to Anna, who was supposed to be detoxing in the hospital. Moe also saw Stern carry the duffle bag in Florida, where she DIED.

What kind of a creep from HELL films a stoned pregnant woman, ignores the pleas of a child to get Anna help, and says THIS WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY, referring to the video he is making of her stoned and in clown face?

1619 days ago

Just Askin    

I can't wait for Mark's book to be released!

Posted at 5:22 PM on May 19, 2010 by Sizzles

LMAO. I guess the publisher demanded something explosive and wa-laa)?).

Signs the deal tomorrow.


1619 days ago

Just Askin    

During the preliminary did the prosecution really bring up Hatten as a witness?


1619 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Anna Nicole has been dead for several years. Why are they just now investigating her murderer - Howard K. Stern? Is he still living with his mommy and daddy? What a pathetic slimeball he is.

1619 days ago


Bleech, everyone associated with Anna Nicole Smith was/is a trainwreck and a loser, including Howard, but that Hatten guy beats them all, total whackjob, so I doubt this. I really doubt Howard has a MySpace account, too.

1619 days ago


I have followed this case from day one and my faith in Howard has never changed...........I wish him well. Howard has fought filth, corruption and greed for too darn long.

1619 days ago



Why don't you call yourself KRAZY KOOKY BALLS? It is funnier then anything else you say.

1619 days ago


Jackie and Mark Hatten,

You are pitiful, greedy losers who need to get a REAL job and let Anna Nicole rest in peace. We all know you were Anna's stalkers who tried to hurt Anna. Mark, you were convicted criminal who spent many years in prison. Your pathological obsession with Mr. Stern is very evident. Nobody trusts you, and you ARE NOT witness in criminal case in California.

Mark, did you know that it's a criminal act to file a FALSE police report? BTW, is Jackie ready to show up in Los Angeles court and explain her statements regarding Mr.Stern in R.Cosby's book BLONDE AMBITION?

1619 days ago
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