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Howard K. Stern Allegedly Threatens 'Witness'

5/19/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern has been accused of threatening a man whom South Carolina police call a "witness" in the Anna Nicole Smith drug trial ... this according to a police report obtained by TMZ.


According to the report, Mark Hatten -- Anna's ex-boyfriend -- told the Greeleyville Police Department he received a "threatening" message from Stern on May 3 via MySpace.

In the report, it says Hatten opened up Stern's alleged MySpace message on one of the officer's laptops, which read: "You are in over your head. You are being watched. Keep a look out before everything comes crashing down, do you understand me?"

We cannot confirm if Hatten will be a witness in the Anna Nicole-related case involving Stern, but Greeleyville cops are calling the investigation, "Intimidation of a witness/harrassment via Internet."

Stern scoffs at Hatten's allegation, telling TMZ, "Don't you have to have a MySpace account in order to leave a message?  I've wouldn't even know how to leave a message on MySpace."


We're told the GPD is still investigating -- but it's a tiny department in a 400 person town, so ....

If true, Stern could be charged with tampering with a witness.


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Swims Is Drowning    

Geesh, I would take a threat from Howard VERY seriously.

Two people are dead. Crazy or not Hatten has testified of a near death. People died all over the place. That is crazy.

Howard wanted big money, banked on one client, cut out anyone who would interfere and failed.

Daniel's was the saddest. I just hope Kharma is alive and well. Howard's associations with higher ups in the Bahamas paid off well.

What's going on in the reinvestigation in FL? Have they dropped the ball? Are they okay with people lieing under oath? Or are they just waiting on CA?

Is the death of two people who overdosed from a known prescription drug peddler irrelevant? Oh and one who literally kidnaps a child?

It would be impossible to figure out why LB suddenly chummed up to HK unless there were $$$! It's just not human nature. Howie's parents must've be loaded! Hope Howie pays them back with all the money he's won suing people.

1581 days ago


VIRGIE ARTHUR and her sleazy Texas lawyers are behind Mark and Jackie Hatten and their crazy obsession with Anna and H. Stern. Virgie Arthur's paid blogger Wilma Vicedomine is friends with Jackie Hatten (FB). Virgie Arthur filed a bogus defamation lawsuit against L.Birkhead and Stern because she wants to have a total control over Dannileynn, her Trust Fund and potential Marshall millions.

1581 days ago

save something    

You'd think with a college degree and a law degree, he'd be smart enough to not have his name on someones drugs. He might also have more than one client. This would be a real foolish move on his part.....Even Howard would know his IP could be traced, as can all the activity on that myspace page.
Posted at 6:03 PM on May 19, 2010 by WhackAMole


ALL T are out ?
Nothing to do over there?

1581 days ago


Howard stop your con game. you would know exactly how to intimidate anyone.
Anna IMHO THOUGHT she needed your stupid azz services. hmmm.
the bloggers some of which landed in jail, were a part of your idea how to intimidate Virgie.
You are the dirtiest game in town. Trust you bar none. MY STRONG OPINTION AND I AM NOT BUDGING OFF IT.

1581 days ago


Well, it looks like the whole cell block is here posting,(with the exception of a few.)No one, and I mean NO ONE, should be so stupid to believe what the Hattens say. They have already shown how dispicable they are. It's not surprising that Chalkoutline is here
spouting off right along with them. Some people have no shame.

1581 days ago


alright .... this is stupid.. first people/media claim he is to dumb to order pizza and now he is a mastermind...

pick one and stay with it....

personally think its bs but no way to prove it...

1581 days ago

save something    

MH 220 lbs.6.5 fh.recived at 4:12 am a imail he BELIVE to be a treathen imail from HKS....
He call officer in the afternoon and said he wasn't in druggggs or drink...
At 4:something he wasn't in drugggg?
and the officer is calling him MR.?

The trail in SC is starting in june 4 regarding treft in Horizon.One of the most discusting act made in this tragedy. T said it do not matter?

Since he left prison MH is living in SC with his compars.We know VA was in tuch with him when he was in jail in Cal.We know JH was at Daniel's funeral in TX.We know JH have no address exept the one near the ocean.We know she was the first to go out and talk about her "suppost" friend Anna Nicole.....

It is a bunch of criminals.Like there friends in TX.

What Renee Rose is doing in the portray? lol what a joke!!!

1581 days ago


MARK HATTEN, did you know that it's a criminal act to file a false police report in order to hurt an innocent person? You spent 6 years in prison and didn't learn anything?

1581 days ago


72. Well, it looks like the whole cell block is here posting,(with the exception of a few.)No one, and I mean NO ONE, should be so stupid to believe what the Hattens say. They have already shown how dispicable they are. It's not surprising that Chalkoutline is here
spouting off right along with them. Some people have no shame.

Posted at 7:48 AM on May 20, 2010 by what?

Aw, did you miss me what? What do I have to be ashamed about?

1581 days ago


Awwww, are we still whining because Stern screwed up AGAIN? I hope Mark makes him moan like Hank Williams.

1581 days ago

EMG smack those hags    

Carole Nichols aka McCabeSizzles, how's your soft porn blog? Do you still write that poppy**** that you describe as (erotic) poetry? Did Mark's (revolting) nude pictures on his MySpace inspire you? Do you have wet dreams about Mark (or perhaps Jackie)?
Oh, it must be very difficult for you, being a obese, post-climacteric woman and all...

1580 days ago


How childish and immature. Does Harvey know you're prepubescent?
You should attack the post and not the poster.

1580 days ago


I think the biggest threat Stern could do was say "Here, drink this"
What a loser he is threatening people on Myspace. If he shows up at your house with a duffle bag and ice....RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1580 days ago


I don't know, I hear Stern was pretty good with needles and melting drugs. It doesn't take but one potent shot. So if you see him coming call 911 immediately.

1580 days ago

save something    

Whinning???? whinning what? Nothing to win exept for VA supporters and Mc cabe.
Look how MH his UGLY Take his answer and see how dangerous he is

1580 days ago
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