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Octomom: 'Say No to Octocats and Octodogs'

5/19/2010 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom, biological mother of 14, emerged from her house in California this morning to encourage people to adopt -- not her kids, but dogs and cats.

It was all part of PETA's "Don't Let Your Dog or Cat Become an Octomom" campaign.

Nadya Suleman urged everyone to make sure dogs and cats don't have multiple litters -- adding, "Humans of course are much different."

PETA gave Octo $5,000 and a month supply of veggie-meat for her troubles.


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Professor Obvious    

MightyMad, she does indeed fill up that t-shirt. Yummy!

1587 days ago


thank you thank you thank you very much..wheres my medicine

1587 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Why oh why are you TMZ giving her press?? She is a freak that lives of her intermitent 15 minutes!! She is exploiting herself for who ever will give her 2 cents so she can continue to live for free. Ignoring her will diffuse her...

1587 days ago


When, oh when will this IDIOT's 12 1/2 minutes of news WILL BE OVER??????!!!!!! CA tax payers WILL be paying 4 allllllll of these
kidS forever & a day, CA tax payerS ARE paying already BIG TIME!

1587 days ago


Damn! She's looking good! Mmmm is she single???

1587 days ago

So done with her!!!    

I'm sure the media whore munger was eating all this up. I compare her to Jon Gosselin, both whom think they are too famous to get a real job.
Octocats and octodogs??? So not cool!!!

It's time to euthanize the octobitch......NOW! Stop putting her in the media, she's the most hated person in the world! We've had enough!!!!!!

1587 days ago

Skippy La Rue    

I gotta say..she looks so shy and innocent! She looks great! I think I have a new crush!

1587 days ago


So when is this whackadoodle going to fix herself then????? She's already had more puppies than most litters.

1587 days ago


could this woman be any dumber? She is insulting herself by doing this. I swear did her mother beat her head into the wall on a daily basis or something?

1587 days ago


Why is Octomom the spokeswoman for not over-breeding? Why is Bristol Palin the spokeswoman for abstinence and safe sex? Why is Sally Struthers the spokeswoman for weight loss? What's next, Tiger Woods telling us how important it is to be faithful to your wife and bang tons of whores?

1587 days ago



1587 days ago


Good for you Nadya! Sorry ppl, but Nadya doesn't have TLC-Disney, sponsor and other organizations running a reality TV show, exploiting her kids for money like the Duggar and Gosselin do. So in order for Nadya to remain off food stamps and SSI. She has to find other means to support and raise her family. No one step up to help Nadya but Dr. Phil and PETA. I'm sure Nadya swallow her pride as she did in the bikini shoot and did what she had to do to raise enough money to keep a roof over her kids heads, food in their mouths and clothes on their back, like any real loving mom would have done. Nadya's trying and ppl are still hating. Nadya should say the hell with it and just get back on food stamps and SSI and have the Government pay for her home. Then everyone will be happy again. lol

1587 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

This gig is perfect for a selfish, useless, unwanted breeder like octomom. However, it is pathetic for her kids to be made fun of as unwanted!

1587 days ago


PETA should really love the MINK $400 fake eyelashes and having her lawyer/agent/publicist there . He's the anti-gay Christian fundamentalist who donated $50,000 to kill the gay marriage bill in California. His organization is called-- seriously--AMERICANS UNITED TO PRESERVE MARRIAGE. PETA donors keep such good company.

Professorobvious ---irony is lost on this bunch. You are probably the oldest horrny kid posting when mom isn't around.

1587 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

Hey least some of us watch what she is up to. In my REAL life, NOBODY is interested. I can't even mention her name. With all that disinterest, she isn't going to last that long in the public eye.

1587 days ago
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