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Octomom: 'Say No to Octocats and Octodogs'

5/19/2010 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom, biological mother of 14, emerged from her house in California this morning to encourage people to adopt -- not her kids, but dogs and cats.

It was all part of PETA's "Don't Let Your Dog or Cat Become an Octomom" campaign.

Nadya Suleman urged everyone to make sure dogs and cats don't have multiple litters -- adding, "Humans of course are much different."

PETA gave Octo $5,000 and a month supply of veggie-meat for her troubles.


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Professor Obvious    

I adore Nadya and admire her courage. Also, did anyone check out her bikini pics? She has a smoking hot body and a cute face. She lives her life in a fishbowl and carries herself with grace. I'd marry her dog just to be around her!

1584 days ago


#58 Kimba/nadya

Or is it because Kate is white so that makes it alright?

Who do you think you are Michael Jackson? You are the color of Casper's butte and you think you are a minority? Seriously?

No, it's because every time Octomom is in the media, Kate turns into Supermom by comparison. Toxomom is the best thing that ever happened to Kate Gosselin. She should send her all her used dancing stuff by way of thanks.

BTW Nadya do***entry with eyework did not failed. UGH! You need to stop reading tabloid junkies and start reading the truth.

The truth is Eyeworks did the same thing everyone else has. They fed and aren't paying her what she probably has already spent. If you know a different truth, go ahead and tell it.

1584 days ago


70. #58 Kimba/nadya

"No, it's because every time Octomom is in the media, Kate turns into Supermom by comparison."

As always delusional thinking on your part dondonedone... you're hate for Nadya is clogged your brainwave. Eyework and RadarOnline was scare off by Gloria Allred. Check out "Gloria ALLRED, Atty. - media hog" on You Tube. Action speaks louder then words and this info doesn't come from TMZ, RadarOnline or any other tabloid junkies. It comes straight from the horses mouth. Another fact for you is that Eyework is based in America and was trying to get the networks here to air Nadya "Octomom- me and my 14 kids" do***entary.

However, I hear Nadya has something else in the works. Many are calling it a reality TV show but it's really a do***entary.

1584 days ago


Kimba10---all you wanted to know about her is when she will be supposedly arrested for something she didn't do=----

Really ,Nadya, California worker's Comp didn't pay you $169,000 for a back injury that didn't keep you from working at anything but sliding the pole, trampolining, giving kids piggy back rides-- and oh, right, 6 back-to- back pregnancies? June 15 is going to be fun.

And knock it off Nadya . We all know very well you've got a stash of undeclared cash from selling ten years worth of eggs to Kamrava.
And then there is the small matter of spending $50,000 in student loan money with Dr. Simoni and that was just part of it. Snort, sniff.

No one is going to ever give you a do***entary show or a reality show. You want some real reality, Nadya? Count up how many posts there are-- that you haven't written to yourself--that support anything you ever do. So just how many did that come to? you think the sounds like an audience of people who want to watch you?

Which part of we don't care about you-- we care about your neglected kids can't you understand.

- No one wants to watch you spout the same old babble. You are boring and you dress like a Russian underpass hooker. You are possibly the least photogenic lump ever to appear on the Internet.

And if you want to know why I read stuff about Nadya -- I want to know how badly off those kids are and how soon CPS will manage to do something about it and will be there for child abuse charges. My opinion is they are just waiting for one kid to be hurt enough to make it airtight and that will be that.

And then they will start investigating her finances and get some jail time, with any luck.

Kimdya-- you really need to stay off the Internet when you are tweaked. You looked really high this morning and I guess you've locked yourself away with your computer til you come down. So is it coke, or does it just look and sound that way?

Looks to me like the Gosselin and Duggar kids know who and what their mother is. And that they pay attention to her and have affection for her. That doesn't include throwing screw drivers at her and cursing her out on video. They live in clean well organized home and don't have food tossed on the table with no plates and scraped out fans. They are clean and happy looking.
Your kids look like they can make up the United Nations Division of Child Misery.

and done,done,done is my only name on TMZ. Just because you have to pretend to be 12 different people doesn't mean anyone else does.

And Toxomom? You are done,done done. This time next year you'll be giving some lucky caseworker her own foot thick file on you. Unless you are in jail. Or in a nursing home. Maybe you and Angela will share a room by then.. You look like you are falling apart in record time. Fifth time your chin is sagging in 15 months. And chop shop money is running out.

1584 days ago


Many are calling it a reality TV show but it's really a do***entary.

Reality? Right. I suppose "many" is you and your other hand. But many more would call it just another of your sociopathic delusions. You might want to watch Sunset Boulevard and keep the reporters out of your plastic wading pool.

What are you planning to call it? Dancing With the Russian Orphanage ?

1584 days ago


Spin this, professor Obvious: Octo birthed 8 to 14 puppies willing to speak. PETA reps the voiceless, Octo accepted funds from probably the only reasoned 501(c)(3) out there. Speak, puppy, speak. And as for PETA, keep speaking (for the animals!)

1584 days ago


71. Action speaks louder then words and this info doesn't come from TMZ, Radar Online or any other tabloid junkies. It comes straight from the horses mouth.....

Really Not Nadya? Just which horse would you be referring to? Or in our case wouldn't that be camel?

eyeworks is the bottom of production companies and you won't find any lower or you would have by now. Who is going to want to watch five or six impaired babies being neglected and beaten on in a screaming dirty kennel?
You were on line then. didn't you notice how horrified the response was to Oprah's footage from very everyone who wrote in,except you pumping out your own fan mail? It was child abuse from beginning to end.

Kare has millions, two shows and a book. You have a sign from PETA on your door calling for you to be neutered and got paid what Kate earns in half an hour. Kate is Supermom and earns Supermom money. You are Toxomom and earn nothing. Way to go, Team Nadya.

Good for Gloria. My bet is she is just getting started with you. And she'll know exactly how to finish. Wrong person to PO. Me, too.

1584 days ago


Mr. Pip

I'm sure Angelina is very glad you feel that way. May you uand profobv have the happiest of 3 ways. And I'll bet there is room for the rest of the team,too.

1584 days ago


Done Done...

you are so funny! You summed up the stupidty of it all

"What are you planning to call it? Dancing With the Russian Orphanage?"

I can visualize it now, cackles and all.

The winner gets to get cussed, stompped, head kicked, etc.. by her ..(other's words..not mine), cute little gifts from God?

Kimba dumb dumb says
"However, I hear Nadya has something else in the works. Many are calling it a reality TV show but it's really a do***entary."

Darlin, you been tellen us you wouldn't do a do'''entary' and expoit those cute little nut jobs...

you don't mean, Darlin, someone would do one on just litle ole you?

what would they do? follow you from the eyelash parlor to the plastic surg, and then to the mail box for those checks?

Wow! that would really be intersing!

1584 days ago


True celebrity story: We are all forgetting about the La Habra pizza place. Toxomom walked in there and told them she wanted to hold her kids birthday there. And she would accept $260...0 in celebrity endorsement fees and a free party to do it.

They were so utterly impressed with the honor extended to them that they told her just where the sidewalk was outside the door and exactly how she could use it. I'm sure that is so classy it is just how Kate Gosselin has arranged all her own kids birthdays.

1584 days ago


that should read $260...0.00. whoopsie.

1584 days ago


Octomom is no different than Kate. Kate was given more opportunity. Octomon should ber allowed to support her children through the media as well.

1584 days ago


Only in America is a low life lazy welfare sucking rat such as this thing glamorized! WTF is wrong with this country? Get this f'n lazy ass system users off welfare and lock down the borders! All hardworking taxpayers are tired of paying for these free loaders to lay on the couches all day with their unemployed boyfriends watching Springer, while their kids are out terrorizing the neighborhood and selling hot dogs and candy that food stamps bought. This woman ought to be in a mental institution and her kids put in foster care - hell, we are paying for them anyways!!

1584 days ago


don't know why it won't print out the numerical amount. That should read twenty six hundred dollars.

1584 days ago


Octomom is no different than Kate. Kate was given more opportunity. Octomom should be allowed to support her children through the media as well

The media is not driven by who is allowed to do what. There is no right to celebrity, Nadya. Over on the Yahoo AP there are almost 990 responses to today's PETA video. And just like here and ROL almost every one of them is anti-Toxomom. What that says is the public is completely alienated from her and finds her toxic.
People who do read about her do it entirely out of anxiety for what will happen to 14 children who are being subjected 24/7 to the whims and neglect of a narcissistically psychotic sociopath. A creature who really does not have very much interest in the children she birthed as a fauxlebrity ploy and turned over to a constantly changing crew of overwhelmed minimum-wage migrant nannies.
She isn't around her kids much.She can't even tell them apart from behind or even remember all their names without hesitation. And none of them are identical twins.

1584 days ago
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