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Lee DeWyze -- The Odds Are in His Favor

5/20/2010 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The smart money is on Lee DeWyze to win "American Idol" -- in fact, dude has become the odds on favorite to win the show ... this according to one of the biggest gambling sites in the world.

The gambling experts at have decided that Lee's odds to win the show are 1/2 -- while Crystal Bowersox is at 3/2. 

Translation -- a $2 bet would pay back $3 on Lee (the favorite) and $5 on Crystal (the underdog).

But the odds don't always predict the winner -- last year, Adam Lambert was the odds on favorite to win ... and we all know how that worked out.


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People are totally losing sight at the point of AI. Its not about looks or personality or whos hotter, its whos got the presence and star power and talent! I honestly think both could do amazing things. But since the earlier article of Crystal almost walking out AND her diabetic problem, I could see her having a harder time handling fame. Lee, although the rocker thing is kind of being over done since the last couple winners, would do better in the spotlight. Both, pretty damn well, have the skills it takes.

1586 days ago


Who would want Crystal to win, she looks discusting. I can't believe Simon has never said anything about the way she looks, her God awful hair. The smell must make you sick to be around her. When she opens her mouth all you see is brown teeth and tongue. Yuk.

1586 days ago


This Crystal woman is awful. She's some throw-back hippie wanna be. Why are people so enamored of her? I think her singing's awful. And I won't even talk about her looks. Those teeth...I'm just sayin. SHE'S going to be the American Idol? Maybe for Ellen Degeneres and her followers. That's about it.

1586 days ago


Most of the comments on here are from trolls.

Both of them are good enough to win and teeth and appearance are just shallow typical american ignorant comments. I guess you'd prefer they were fake like all of hollywood, our government, and obviously all of you donkeys.


1586 days ago


Well if the backwoods, missing a few teeth dirty hillbilly look is working for her, then do your thing.

1586 days ago


I hate her hair..on white people it looks so rediculous...dirty and lacking a true identity of her own.

1586 days ago


I like Lee and hope he wins, but I think Crystal is very talented as well. TMZ, I gotta tell you, it is obvious you take the most uncomplimentary pictures of Crystal. It's easy to tell who you are rooting for.

1586 days ago


There is no doubt in the talent of both (I was actually hoping Casey would pull off something really strong on Tuesday).

Thing with Crystal, she has talked back to the judges, has made no effort to clean her self up with hair/makeup and wearing something other than black.

I hope Lee wins it - but not that big of a deal for any of them. They will all do well, if their fanbase supports them. Just my .2 cents.

1586 days ago


I'd like to see Crystal win. I think she is a more interesting performer than Lee. Lee just doens't strike me as having much of a personality. Very static and wooden. When Crystal sings, her face is very animated and alive. Having said that, I think they will both have steller careers.

1586 days ago


No way Lee should win.He has not acted like he wanted to win until he came back from his home visit.Simon gives him hallelujah to sing which Crystal would have crushed also.Blake Lewis is right,this is a complete set up for Lee to win.Crystal like Adam has been consistant all season and now Lee has an unfair advantage because he sang ONE song really well.Because I can get the results three hours sooner than when it actually airs here,I will not watch the results if Lee wins.AI will be a complete joke if he wins.

1586 days ago


p.s. I think Casey was probably holding out so he didn't have to oblige to the year contract. Nice, talented, sincere, young man as is Lee. Crystal just a little rough around the edges for AI material - or at least I don't see it. She is no Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. God, I wish she would have done something... as in a hair wash.
As far as teeth, if you remember, probably season, 4 or 5, there were a few missing some and they immediately took care of them:)

1586 days ago


Just one more thing, because I have things to do and - Michael Johns was the best thing that could have happened to AI in Season 7 - but the judges didn't promote him:(

1586 days ago


To All

You don't have to be viciously mean to voice your opinion, everyone has an opinion...great, just make it constructive...& ppl wonder why there is so much bullying going on in schools...start looking @ the older generation first...& everyone thinks bullying is just amongst kids...ADULTS are the WORST...

That being said, they are both equally talented, they just appeal to different tastes...I have a greater appreciation for Lee's voice...

Someone mentioned that Crystal's teeth is the way it is bcos she is diabetic...WRONG...smoking, poor hygiene, tea...lots of other things cause yellow teeth...

The other thing, yes, unfortunately it is & has always been about how a performer looks and how they present themselves, even from back in the day...even MJ as a kid had style...Elton John...each person has their own style...Crystal has her own style, she just needs to neatn up and make it more presentable if she wants to sell records...

1586 days ago



1586 days ago


I think this year american idol was the worst season this far.None of the singers were great.Anyway I think the girl should of got rid of the hair. Is that look still in style? She is a pretty good singer but I think the guy will win.I hope next year is better.

1586 days ago
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