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Lance Armstrong in Stitches after Bike Crash

5/20/2010 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lance Armstrong ate some serious pavement today during the AMGEN Tour of California -- suffering a nasty cut under his left eye that required eight stitches.

Luckily for Armstrong, he didn't suffer any major injuries -- but he still had to bow out of the competition due to the cut and a banged up elbow.

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Get the hint Lance. You're too old to be bike racing.

1580 days ago


Hang in there Lance, you are still the best.

1580 days ago


This must have happened when he found out Landis snitched on him.

1580 days ago


Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To buy some steroids from Lance Armstrong.

1580 days ago


Lance is crying tears of blood because his secret got out.

1580 days ago

yeah, I'm way out of line.    

"...when I became a man, I put away childish things." Like my bicycle?

1580 days ago


And is anyone really surprised about the doping revelations? These coddled and overpaid athletes are all the same, spoiled children doing whatever cheating it takes to win. Lance should be ashamed, but he will just make excuses, or find Jesus, or go into some high priced rehab...typical celebrity hypocrisy, and stupid fans will "forgive his sins", and the drugging and sinning goes on and on! We all should just shun these bozos, turn our backs, do not patronize their events or buy the rubbish they endorse.

1580 days ago


Hmmm...too bad about the doping news...he's gonna have to eat Crow now.

1580 days ago

fishy won ton    

first and foremost you have to admire lance beating the odds...10/10

but he is at the end of the day just a fame whoring atheist!!!

lost all respect when he could not thank God for overcoming cancer and to say if there was a god I would still have both nuts...what an ungrateful moron!!!...what about the people with no arms,legs or sight!!!
His properties use all the water in Austin and he thinks hes Elvis???

Lance raise your kids and give your one nut a rest from the bike seat...

1580 days ago


It's more than obvious that Lance is past his prime.

1580 days ago


This "accident" comes suspiciously on the heels of the performance enhancing drugs/blood doping accusations, doesn't it? If he won, and as usual when someone is under suspicion or close scrutiny, he'd probably have to take tests...which he might fail. Better to fall off your bike and live to ride another day, with your image intact.
(probably wasn't expecting the gash, though)

1580 days ago


Too bad that S.O.B. cheater didn't die this time around.

1580 days ago


Lance has never tested positive for doping. To imply he is guilty without a positive test is wrong. Landis lied for years, defending himself and lying in a court of law, when he tested positive more than once! Now Landis is saying he lied, and that everyone is guilty? Way to try to take everyone down with you! Landis has ZERO credibility!!! Lance has been tested MORE THAN ANY OTHER ATHELETE and ALWAYS has come back CLEAN. The proof is in the pudding here folks.

1580 days ago


Thats what he gets for lying and cheating the game. Has the nerve to wrap himself in an American flag and say how great he is. Oh but the folks on ESPN will lick his boots and call him a hero so as not to jepordize their jobs. What frauds...go to Hell you lying cheating on ball jackass !!

1580 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

Lance you are an A S S
You get cancer and the world stands with you...
your girl friend gets cancer and you dump her.
You are a total AHole

1580 days ago
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