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Elin Nordegren's College -- Playboy Approved

5/23/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Elin Nordegren is looking to try a little something different by enrolling in Rollins College, she's certainly going to have the chance -- it's one of the top party schools in the country, according to Playboy

TMZ has learned the school where Elin is currently enrolled in evening classes -- Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida -- is ranked #7 on the Playboy Top Ten party school list ... beating out UC Santa Barbara, Plymouth State, and University of Iowa.

According to the mag, Rollins is the "hardest-partying small school in the country."

And their golf team ain't half bad either ...


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Great for her. Who cares!

1617 days ago


I think TMZ has to tie any legitimate piece of news with something sexual or scandalous. It's the only way to get hits. Don't you know that Hollywood and Pornography go hand in dirty hand? Harvey is a lawyer after all, a "Hollywood" Lawyer, as if Hollywood bases itself on real laws or rules. EVERYTHING they spew is laced with esoteric symbolism. I feel dirty just watching most of what's on TV now.

1617 days ago


OMG, Rollins beat out UCSB???

1617 days ago


Pretty sure this isn't a story.

Just a space filler.

1617 days ago


Party Down, Elin !!!
I Love You !!!

1617 days ago


Guys did you see how ugly, old, used-up and unattractive Elin looks on that close-up picture. I don't know why all the hype about Elin being a beautiful Swedish blonde. She is not that attractive at all. If that is what a blonde looks like, I don't want any. When people talk of Elin as a beautiful blonde they endulging on her faded, old and past glory. Elin is no more what she used to look like. Now I understand why Tiger is better off without such an unattractive, old, grumpy, egoistic, over-rated, used and washed up woman. What sane man would want to be tied up with such a woman the rest of his life when there plently young, beautiful, humble and submissive ladies. I say Tiger run away from this woman, but make sure you keep the children too. The woman is really ugly; run Tiger and get rid of her. Give her whatever she wants just to make sure you won't look at that ugly and washed-up face again. I really feel sorry for you Tiger. You need a much younger, humble and submissive wife who loves and understands you are a human and you make mistakes, not such an old, ugly, grumpy woman like Elin. Not everything blonde is beautiful. Try some of the tanned, browny, and golden young beauties out there. Don't look far, look around home. We love you Tiger !!!

1617 days ago


Tiger wants Elin to sign a lifetime confidentiality clause.

Elin says NO.

There MUST be a reason why Elin doesn’t want to sign. Why?

See Why is Elin Nordegren Refusing to Sign Tiger Woods Lifetime Confidentiality Clause? at

1617 days ago

Rachel es una puta    

Pharmdmsn why don't you post your picture ??? We will have a look how attractive or gorgeous you must be !!!! Too bad you didn't meet Mr Huge Ego don't you think ?
You must be such a jealous and bitter person.
Of course she's attractive - she's a natural beauty , she doesn't have to wear make up to look gorgeous, she doesn't need botox or silicione unlike so many stupid Americans - maybe you are one of them that's why you trash Elin ????
But more importantly she has grace and class - the things that are soooooooooooo irrelevant in Tiger's world as he has proven to be attracted to trash like him.
So shut up your big mouth stupid idiot and go back to your miserable life !!! That should be well enough f$$$ing idiot.

1617 days ago

Bobo Frog    

She's ugly.

1617 days ago


This is so not a story. Truth is Elin attended Rollins College, taking evening classes, before she had children. She attended until Sam was born. She was very pregnant and made each and every evening class. She has been working on her degree for a very long time. She is now returning to finish her degree.

1617 days ago


Oh, for the love of Pete! The woman is simply taking an evening class. I'm done with TMZ.

1617 days ago


It seems that TMZ is sinking into the lowest kind of yellow journalism....if you can call what they do journalism.
Whats wrong TMZ? Aren't there any more starlets who you can stick your camera under their skirts?
You picked on those wonderful Olson twins, ad nauseoum. Then you attacked Britney by flashing powerful strobe lights through the windshield in a busy intersection. Someone let the air out of her tires so you could take more obnoxious photographs. You followed and attacked several other young females trying your best to take private photos under their skirts.

Now you follow and attack Lindsey Lohan who has a cadre of people trying their worthless best to bring her down along with a judge wanting 15 minutes of fame.

NOW, you are only left to attacking a betrayed wife as well as the mother of the children of a degenerate lowlife immoral libertine golfer.

1617 days ago


Leave her alone and let her continue a normal life.

1617 days ago


Go back to sweden, bitch, you are fcking up tiger's game & we all know that is way more important than whatever you do or say or gold dig for. For the sake of the entire PGA get the feck out of this country where you don't belong.

1617 days ago


Elin Nordegren is young and beautiful and hopefully someday she will find a good and decent man that will love and respect her and the children. A man that can be everything that tiger is not: Handsome, with moral principles, thuthful, loving, caring, loyal well educated, well spoken, intellectual, a better role model for the children than Tiger Woods who is a devious serial adulterer, perverted sex maniac and liar.

1617 days ago
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