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Jesse James Stops ABC Interview ... to Cry

5/21/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is finally talking about all the cheating, lies and deception that ruined his marriage to Sandra Bullock ... but first, he needs a minute to cry it out.

ABC has released its first teaser of the big "Nightline" and "GMA" interview series -- set to air Tuesday -- in which Jesse admits, "I took a pretty amazing life and marriage ... and threw it away."

But the big moment in the tease -- a teary eyed James seems to abruptly get up from his chair and says, "Let me take a break for a second."


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If he cared so much for his marriage, why did he need to do what he did? Sandra needs to kick him to the curb permanently.

1585 days ago


AWW. Poor baby. Wonder who cried more, him or Sandra ?

1585 days ago


Has anyone ever reached total douchebag status faster than this guy? Was already half way there on his own merits, now hes just plain worthless to himself and everyone else. Too cool for school = tool

1585 days ago

C. Miller    

You flatter yourself to think you are the most hated man in the world for what you've done. You are a pathetic idiot. Your wife is the only one who has any real right to hate you; but I hope she doesn't, because it would hurt her more than it does you. There are a lot more individuals that deserve to be hated, a lot more than you do.

1585 days ago


This interview may be Jesse James way of reaching out to Sandra Bullock and asking for a second chance. See Will Jesse James’ Nightline Interview Convince Sandra Bullock to Take Him Back? at

Maybe after seeing Jesse on TV, and hearing what he has to say, Sandra Bullock will have a change of heart.

1585 days ago


Most men do not cheat- I don't know what kind of families some people grow up in or what kind of friends they have, but my experience,my families experience and friends experiences are nothing like that. Men that surround me, including my Dad, husband, brother in law and good friends, none of them have cheated on their wives- and don't tell me, we just haven't found out yet- bull- there are amazing men in this world with tons of integrity, love and values and sense of right and wrong, that know what is appropriate behavior and that have huge respect for their wives and are actually very happy in their marriages and have fun with their partners.

1585 days ago


make this rapper a reality show over night....

1585 days ago


there is no excuse for cheating...if you want someone else you need to LEAVE who you are with. You obviously don't love them. F uck all that crying and apologizing BS. Seriously.

1585 days ago


Airbag, please!

1585 days ago


Nobody forsed him to have sex with prostitutes or tattooed strippers.He made his choices and he knew exactly what he was doing.James had unprotected anal sex with the dirty strippers and bring home STD risks for Sandra!Sandra is the big winner because she's getting rid of this douchebag,she's got the Louis,she will have talent,she will have millions,and most important she has something money can't buy:INTEGRITY!So bye-bye Jesse!!! You can go back to dirty whoring after all you had more that 7 tattooed sluts to choose from.Don't forget to catch a STD and AIDS virus:a perfect reminder of the rest of your life what a truly jerk you are!!!

1585 days ago


What a *****! Hope he contracted AIDS from one of them skank-hoes he cheated with. Better not have given anything to Sandra, though, that friggin douchebag.

1585 days ago


IIIII messed up a perfectly good marrriage! Jussst give me one second. Boo, hoo, boo, hooooo! Fake crying, ass! Stop the crying, move on with your life. SANDRA DON'T WANT YOU ANY MORE DUMB ASS!

1585 days ago


He doesn't seem to be having such a hard time to me...he smiles at inappropriate times, and his eyes reflect a certain 'coldness.' I just feel a sense of 'vacancy' with him -- nothing going on beneath the surface -- kind of scary, actually.

1585 days ago


Jesse crying...Sandra was crying...Sunny was crying without a mother...Only McGee laughs and gets a lot of money for their lying stories.Wonder when this tattooed strippers will come out with a news dirty details?

1585 days ago

Michelle Nelson    

yep...still a douche...

1585 days ago
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