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Jesse James Stops ABC Interview ... to Cry

5/21/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is finally talking about all the cheating, lies and deception that ruined his marriage to Sandra Bullock ... but first, he needs a minute to cry it out.

ABC has released its first teaser of the big "Nightline" and "GMA" interview series -- set to air Tuesday -- in which Jesse admits, "I took a pretty amazing life and marriage ... and threw it away."

But the big moment in the tease -- a teary eyed James seems to abruptly get up from his chair and says, "Let me take a break for a second."


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Briana --

You can't go through life being bitter and resentful of other people's actions. Even Jesse said that deep down, he wanted to get caught. This also shows sign of weakness. Should he be faulted for that as well? Like I said, one character flaw does not make a person.

I'm not going to judge him (or anyone!) based on what "facts" the media dishes out to the public in the name of ratings or selling magazines and nor should you. The only facts we know are that he cheated and has owned up to it -- no matter how that owning came about. It's for him and his wife and family to sort out.

Personally, I have a bigger problem with the women in this case (as in Tiger's, my ex's, etc.). It takes two to tango and these women knew exactly what they were doing...and who. Where's your outrage against them?

I still think you sound sad. You should go do something nice for yourself today. Maybe make yourself a cup of tea and watch Oprah since you seem to enjoy armchair psychology.


Hey dumb ****, I'm not Briana. That would be someone else. I'm spartypants1

Why don't YOU take a good look in the mirror. I don't think you'll like what you see.
Of course the ******* is going to say that with "therapy" he realized that he wanted to get caught. I don't put much stock in psycho B.S.
Why would you take back a man that not only cheated on you, but also contracted AIDS from cheating with SLUTS.
Isn't it obvious that your husband was a habitual cheater? I really hope you don't believe that he only sleep with one woman who gave him AIDS.
WHY IN THE HELL DIDN'T HE WEAR CONDOMS? Especially since you "are in the public eye"? I DON'T BELIEVE YOU.
Then with absolutely no regard for the safety of you or your children, continued to cheat until he was either tested or got sick.
I wonder how many other skanky women he infected.
We all know that it "takes two to tango", but YOUR HUSBAND was/is married to you. The women are not. What obligation do they have to you or your family? NONE! Regardless, I think they are SKANKY SLUTS.
I have never cheated if you are pondering that as your next question.
If this is for him and his wife and family to sort out they why is he making a bigger ass of himself by going T.V.Especially when you know what questions the interviewer will be asking.

By the way, I have left comments about the slutty women he cheated with - the woman that looks like a woman's softball coach lesbo & nasty ass Nazi whore who thinks she is a model YUCK

I'm happy. You the sad one. Why don't you take care of your cheating dying husband and SHUT THE **** UP!!!!!

1605 days ago


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