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Tila Tequila to Enter

'Celebrity Rehab'

5/23/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila is finally seeking professional help -- TMZ has confirmed through multiple sources that the bisexual reality star has committed to do the next season of VH1's "Celebrity Rehab" ... if it doesn't get canceled first.

It's unclear what personal demon Tila will try to conquer with the help of Dr. Drew -- but it certainly won't be her addiction to attention.

But there's one major catch -- as we previously reported -- VH1 is having problems finding other "celebrities" to rehabilitate ... and if they don't find a cast quick, the show could be killed. 

So far, no word on who else the show has its sights set on.

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Hey!! I'm with number 28!! I was wondering the SAME thing! What the hell TMZ? You never posted an "update" about her "pregnancy" and I'm sure a lot of other people are thinking the SAME thing! Come on TMZ! You guys are supposed to REPORT the LIES of these D list pseudo celebs! She's TRASH and should be called out on her LIES! Skank! She was NEVER pregnant! And noone ever followed up on it!

1613 days ago


This skank has run out of options..When nobody pays attention to them its down to maggot Dr.D...stupid story too//Tia go screw acelebrity for your next meal..

1613 days ago


#35 - Yep I said that - I'm with you - none of those desperate types interest me in the least either so I don't watch the shows - hear that advertisers? To me alot of the "reality" shows just give air time to lowlife types acting badly - they seem to be brain dead and hungry for attention so to me "losers" - not worth my time.

1613 days ago

Miss Bu    

What happened to her pregnancy?

1613 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1613 days ago


Kim Kardashian and Tila Tequila; the 2 biggest media whores around. No talent, tons of plastic surgery, sex tapes and boom, a career.

Tila Tequila's reality shows were so fake it was comical. Faking she's in love with 2 people on her show then never even calling either; faking pregnancies; her crap with Junior Seau; what a mess.

1613 days ago


I knew it. her behavior over the last few months had to be due to controlled substances. Now, if we could get all six of her "Tila Army" in there too with their delusional azzes.

1613 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Just GO AWAY and take fake docteur Drew with you!!!!!!!!!

How that for reality?

1613 days ago


A dingo stole her baby...........

1613 days ago


Oh no, please say it ain't so!!!

1613 days ago


She's obviously not serious about fixing whatever of the many problems she has; you don't "wait for a season of a show to get help", you begin IMMEDIATELY. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt for a pathetic no-talent who has made a career of being a porn slut, an attention whore and who has consistently shown herself to be an as****. What she should do is seek help from a mental facility; she's obviously got severe mental problems, and they don't fix that on "Celebrity Rehab"...

1613 days ago


OH PLEEEEEEEASE...this bitch is only doing CR for publicity. She don't have any career, no one wants her and this is her way of staying relevant which is why she's acting more like a fool than usual out in public. On that crappy gossip site of hers, she's already calling it "her reality show".

I hope Dr. Drew calls her out for using his show for publicity and kick her ass off the show or better yet I hope they have someone on there who will give Tila the beat down she deserves.

1613 days ago


I wish they would cancel this show. Dr Drew should be embarrassed to be part of a show that is nothing more than exploiting f*cked up individuals. If they keep the show they need to change the title. These people are not celebrities. They are either washed up actors or wanta be celebrities. They are attention seeking whores who have no desire to get clean but just want more face time on TV. Dr Drew should get a real job.

1613 days ago


"Me so horny, me so horney, me love you long long time"

1613 days ago


AMAZING I really want to know what Tila's fans think. After ALL the interviews, blogs, tweets Tila has said bout her saying shes alergic to alchol, dont do drugs, gettin on other celebs partyin all night because all they do is get drunk, and do drugs and their always in the spotlight for it. NOW she needs help for something. Its very obvious she HAS problem. Her fans are dumb for not seeing it and beliving every word she says. But then again, all her fans are kids. SO many people that hate Tila have told her she needs help with her lieing, just everything. Hopefully whatever it is (drugs, alchol) & IF the show airs she will clean up her act.

1613 days ago
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