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Murder Charge Sought For Beresford-Redman

5/27/2010 8:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors in the Bruce Beresford-Redman case want the former "Survivor" producer charged with first degree murder ... Bruce's Mexican lawyer tells TMZ.

Attorney Jaime Cancino Leon tells us prosecutors will make their move by end of day Monday.

According to Mexican law, the Attorney General will submit his recommendation to a judge, who will then review the evidence.  If the judge determines there is probable cause, Beresford-Redman will be formally charged with the murder of his wife, Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman, and the judge will issue an arrest warrant.

We're told it will take the judge several weeks -- minimum -- to determine if probable cause exists.

Cancino is critical of Mexican officials, saying it's easier to just charge the former "Survivor" producer than to properly investigate the case.

Cancino adds, "Bruce has never had the chance to defend himself.  They didn't even give him the chance to participate in the investigation."

If Beresford-Redman is extradited and then convicted of first degree murder, he would face 4 to 20 years in prison.  There is no death penalty or life sentence in Mexico.


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All the people talking about him never having a chance to defend himself... Isn't that what a trial is for ? And as for not being able to participate in the investigation... That's kind of hard to do when you fled the country... How are you gonna investigate from here ? If you are serious about defending yourself, go back to Mexico and actually SPEAK to the investigators instead of avoiding them...

1518 days ago


suesch1950- Have you seen how small his children are? Why in the WORLD would they need to be told that their mother was brutally murdered and possibly by their DAD! There will come a time for that conversation later, but right now at this age isn't it.

1518 days ago


O.M.G.!! This narcissist, pathological lier, psychopath with god complex, survivor producer guy is having so much fun with all this media attention!! ... he really must be felling like god on earth... Wow!! ... I bet he already cashed out all the insurance money too!! Just unbelivable!! :O

1518 days ago

john smith    

Bruce looks happy as he shops in Beverly Hills and plays at his two million dollar estate with his kids. He is so guilty, he is not in mourning for his brutally murdered wife who was found in a septic tank. He does'nt have dark circles from loss of sleep, he is very calm and not angry at all. He thinks that he got away with murder and is glad that Monica is gone and he gets the cash that she took out of their joint account, her car, the life insurance and the house which Monica would have won in a divorce settlement. I hope he accidentally falls into a septic tank. This guy will never gey away with It. Karma is coming for you soon Bruce.

1518 days ago



Innocent until proven guilty?

Not likely. This is Mexico. It is GUILTY until proven innocent over there.

And this idiot waste of space is definitely GUILTY.

1518 days ago

Christina G.    

I don't think the other prisoners in Mexico will like him very much, and they probably don't allow the luxury of solitary confinement there. Uh, oh.

1518 days ago

Did tiger sleep with this one also?    

the victim's sister is so annoying!ugh...well he got what he wanted!

1518 days ago


He deserves life in prison. Why not get a divorce???!! he deserves everything that is coming to him. I hope the children go to a safe home.

1518 days ago

Hellen Cooper    

He is the producer of survivor, but his wife didn't survive him. // He didn't participate in the investigation? Because he fled, they were looking for him and he escaped, now he complains they didn't let him participate?

1518 days ago

Cruise Ship Next time    

Psst Psst Bruce, next time take your future wife to a cruise ship....all is easier there!!! cancun was wise, but not that wise..

1518 days ago

I fit into my bikini!    

4 to 20 yrs.?? That's it?? Why can't people just get a divorce, why resort to murder?? COWARDS..Yeah, up against a woman..u prick. Hope he meets someone his own size in prison and gets pimp slapped around every day, that'd make for a long 4 to 20..the coward. This reminds me of when Dominique Dunne was murdered and her boyfriend only got 20 but was out in half the time or something disgraceful like that?? There has got to be a special place in hell for cowardly, evil,sorry excuses for men like this one, the one that killed Dominique, Scott Peterson, etc..Oh they don't want to part with their lifestyle/ money..too bad! Now look at them..pieces of garbage. Bubba's waiting on will be "wifey" soon enough!

1518 days ago


I bet the corrupt Mexican justice systems say there is no evidence and he is free to film TV shows. what a joke they are. let's hope someone does to him what he did to his wife, do to him in L.A.

1518 days ago

Joseph L. Arevalo    

This animal planned it in advance to kill her wife in Mexico so he can get away with it, if not Why purchase a life insurance 2 weeks previously for the amount half a million dollars?

1518 days ago

Bert Shuert    

Regarding comment #9, "Innocent until proven guilty" that's only in the USA, in Mexico it's guilty until proven innocent!
Maybe he should have stayed in America!!

1516 days ago


Regarding comments # 61 - 65.... Totally agree !! & I am sure there are more previous comments as such !!

1516 days ago
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