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Lindsay Lohan -- Homeward Bound

5/22/2010 10:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan boarded a plane back to the U.S. this morning and is currently winging her way across the pond. So unless she pulls a D.B. Cooper, we'll see her stateside before the day is out ...


Before she left, Lindsay made one last stroll through the streets of Cannes last night -- along with almost every photog in France.


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SSSSHHHHHH!!!!!! Lindsay is coked out!!!!! LOLOL

1613 days ago


I think people are sooo bored with there own lives they have to talk **** about every one except there own, in my opion leave the women alone or who ever and worry about whats going on in your lifes or your kids....Our kids should be the one we should worry about my god look at todays world, not some stupid t.v star let there family deal with it....todays world has to much to deal with like people who kill there kids.. not some drunking BUT WHEN IT COMES TO MY KIDS U BET UR ASS I WILL BE THE FIRST THERE IF THAY R DRINKING IT UP OR ON DRUGS>>>>

1613 days ago


I think every one is just bored with there own lives they have to be in everyone elses who cares what she or anyone does there problems not our if she wants to get drunk or high so be it i dont have to raise anything like that, i worry about my own and thats my.....KIDS>>>> thank god..... not unless thay are doing something to them, then im IN...LIKE A BITCH ON FIRE................

1613 days ago

Damn It Man    

Disgusting little trollop. Man, I do love reading this sh*t, though. If she od's or dies some other way, you know TMZ is going to cover it for months. I love it! Everything she gets, she deserves, unless it's a break. They sure didn't give TI, Lil Kim, Lil Wayne, Paris Hilton, Redmond O'Neil, or Michael Douglas's son a break, did they? Hmmm. Is she special? I think not..unless we're talking about "special", you know. Anyway, here's to hoping that little entitled bitch gets put in the pokey and shanked on the daily. :)

1613 days ago


@54 I agree. That would explain why on one hand she's able to constantly party and wear expensive clothes, yet on the other hand has unpaid rent, half a million debt, and couldn't even afford to make her own way to Cannes. She's just living off her notoriety at this point.

1613 days ago


What your kids also need is a parent that knows how to spell. Hope you don't help them with their homework much.

1613 days ago


I wish she would still sleep with dear old dad here instead of trying to get into Neil Fifer's pants!

1613 days ago

Alan Carver    

@#50, you are correct about this. When you are a celebrity you get all sorts of perks, but in Lohan's case, with a revoked probation, her conditions are going to be even more stringent, which means Lohan's days of celebrity partying are coming to an END until she completes her probation, which I guarantee you that it will be extended for another year! This judge is pissed with Lohan, and when you have to come in on a VACATION day, yeah it is over for Lohan! I wouldn't be surprised if the judge places a condition on her that all out of state travel will have to be 'approved' because she will have to have that device on for 30 plus days. Lohan is in a HUGE shock when she gets back to the US today. This judge is watching Lohan and is not going to be very lenient with her. Lohan has proven, she is a liar, can't be trusted to not be watched under tighter measures from the courts and if she does ONE thing to defy the next orders from this Judge and or her orders, it will be JAIL TIME! She is already facing that now . . . which she clearly deserves. Keep on going Lohan, you can RUN but you cannot HIDE from the Judicial system!

1613 days ago


Harvey as a Hollywood Lier knows exactly what kind of garbage to post on here to get hits on this site. I used to come here to find out about my favorite "celebrities" now all I see it's this poor child's face everywhere. If you think about it, when you go through a rough spot in your life by either using drugs or depression you don't want your "parents" and/or "friends" watching and instead of helping allowing you to continue to run your life into the ground. It is incredibly sad that HARVEY thinks this is what America wants to see. More girls (serving) the sole purpose of entertainment wether it's movies or their sad lives being chronicled at every moment by putrid souls for everyone to judge and watch. This is Gross. HARVEY you are NOT a journalist nor a reputable WRITER or MEDIA source, YOU ARE A SAD "PERSON" if you can even call yourself that. THIS ISN'T NEWS WORTHY, it was for me, at one time a chill place where I could find stories about my favorite "celebrities" which you no longer cover. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED just like Lindsay's "parents" handlers. You are (serving) the purposed of using someone's sad life for HITS ON YOUR PAGE> DISGUSTING but then again from what I heard about YOU; YOU REVEL IN THE MUNDANE AND NASTY!

1613 days ago


"Look Ma. Look Pa. I'm coming home."

1613 days ago



1613 days ago


i started looking at tmz daily after tiger woods, so i know im guilty, but how is it legal to bombard somebody like that. Lilo is a mess and i love looking at the stories yes, but that's gotta drive a person mad to be bombarded like that. Discuss...

1613 days ago


Obviously she delayed her trip coming back so that the Coke would be out of her system, it takes 5-7 days. The test is coming down the lost passport was a rouse, imo.

1613 days ago

o plz    

If she's so broke how does she afford all of this? The travel, the partying, the clothes, how?...

1613 days ago


@54 & 63, That still doesn't explain how she can afford to pay a top notch criminal defense attorney up front (you know they don't bill you later in criminal cases, right?), another attorney to defend her in a civil case, and on top of that the rent on her expensive west Hollywood Apt is getting paid, her driver and body guards are still working for her, and she can fly back and forth from LA to NY on a whim and she does so all the time, not to mention she is always dining out a Château Marmont, a very expensive hotel and restaurant, and every time she arrives somewhere her driver is driving a big black Escalade, etc. etc. etc.

But yeah TMZ claims she's broke so it must be true! right!? Well somebody better tell her bank because all those people aren't giving her a free ride. Attorneys, body guards, drivers and landlords all demand to be paid on time or they're out of there, and the same goes for credit card companies too. If Lindsay does carry half a mil in credit card debt each months payment is high enough that you or i could live on it for a year or more. Yet i don't hear anyone reporting that she's defaulted on any of her financial obligations? And no your agent forgetting to mail your rent check once then paying it in full as soon as they're reminded about it isn't my idea of being in financial trouble either.

You make it sound as if she's some broke ass grifter. But as you said ALL celebrities get paid to do appearances and the whole nine yards. It's not grifting it's WORK. And very, very well paying work at that. It may not be work you or i could get in a million years but it's part of what celebrities do to bank a paycheck. Paris Hilton was at the Chopard party too but i'm not going to assume she grifted her way there... lol, so what if she got paid to be there? Hell women like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have made more moola in their short lifetimes by doing public appearances then most working class Americans will earn in their lifetime. I don't hate them for it i applaud them for it. Good for them! :)

1613 days ago
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