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Lindsay Lohan -- Homeward Bound

5/22/2010 10:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan boarded a plane back to the U.S. this morning and is currently winging her way across the pond. So unless she pulls a D.B. Cooper, we'll see her stateside before the day is out ...


Before she left, Lindsay made one last stroll through the streets of Cannes last night -- along with almost every photog in France.


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How Dare you make negative comments about Beautiful Lindsay. You should be on your knees every day Thanking god that you breath the same air as this Goddess

1579 days ago


#54 FaraWay -

You're correct. Jay Leno once said (when he finally hit the bigtime) that it was amazing to watch celebrities never having to pay for anything.

1579 days ago


can you text me when Lindsay lands? I need to know exactly when it happens & how she looks. Maybe you all can follow her into the bathroom too & tell us whats happening.

1579 days ago


Horrible, just horrible how she is harassed ALL the time. The girl has absolutely no life.
TMZ give her a break please! You are treating her like a criminal, when she is just a young woman who needs help. If you keep pushing her, she will end up dead and it will be partly because of your posts. Don't give her any publicity, just forget about her and hopefully she will recover.
Your obsession with her is really worrying and disturbing at the same time.

1579 days ago


68: When the sole purpose of this "girl" is to program our kids into thinking she's a role model, then the money will keep on coming. She's not here to makes us feel better; she's here to deteriorate the (little moral fiber) that is left in America. She's not to role model our kids into becoming better people but worse. You get more money from medicating the decease than from curing it. Hollywood has become the machine that trains the youth of America and the world into skanks,hoes,sluts,pedos,pimps and criminals. Evil Disney is turning out these chicks like hot cakes for our children to follow and watch. Who are we to then blame them for turning into disgusting human beings. They are merely robots trained for us to condone this kind of behavior and think it "the norm" in this country. THE MONEY THAT ROLLS THROUGH HOLLYWOOD IS DEEP and it will always be available to get them out of trouble. Where else in America do you serve an hour in jail for a DUI??? Where else do you think is lawful to watch evidence of drug abuse by a minor or a sex scandal by a Hollywood starlet and publish it like it's actual "NEWS"? NO WHERE ELSE. That's why it's called LaLa Land, because it's an illusion of what we have accepted to be normal code nowadays.

1579 days ago


I just read from RadarOnline, she is expected to land in LAX at about 7 pm.

1579 days ago


Nobody cares about anything to do with her, stop wasting your page about her.

please and thank u

1579 days ago

M white    

PLEASE I am so sick of reading obout Lindsay she has deep issues please stop putting us through this and stop printing every stupid thing she does, and some one put her away in rehab for a min of 90 days

1579 days ago


WHy even give this bitch the time of day...forget about her for two weeks and she will be in jail!!! I predict she won't make it past 2011...cardiac arrest is my prediction...and YES she is a MILKAholic!!! Dumb bitch...her Mother should be to blame,WTF!!!!!

1579 days ago

Henry Stauf    

ZOMG LILO!!!!!!!!!!!

1579 days ago


I wonder how much longer before her "Self-Destruct" program goes through?! She's making the way for another starlet to replace her. Brittney Murphy was an example of this. Hollywood casts them aside and doesn't give them work or press until their lives become meaningless and they start to self-destruct in front of our very own eyes to watch. Why else would a young talented woman like Brittney Murphy marry an old disgusting man that was known to have financial fraud issues?? Like Brittney's mother and husband the role of the parent in Hollywood is merely to squeeze as much money out of these poor girls until there's nothing left but a carcass. The "parents" are sick individuals that do not care one bit about the welfare of their kids. Miley's father is a pedophile, Dina Lohan is psychotic, Brittney's S mom and dad are no good either. All their kids are just tools to use in the "media" for propaganda. THAT IS ALL. Why is America surprised when one of them dies of an overdose or suicide? It's just a list and a cycle. WHO'S NEXT??? If I were betting money on these girls and guys I would be rich by now.

1579 days ago


Don't you think if she REALLY went to the airport on Tuesday, making a scene, begging to be let on her flight, despite not having a passport, there would be pix like this?! Or, at the very least, witnesses coming forward to substantiate her story? Oh, right, there are NONE, because IT NEVER HAPPENED!

1579 days ago


@Kiki "Where else in America do you serve an hour in jail for a DUI???"

Umm if there's no accident or bodily injury and you've got the money to bond out, that would be pretty much anywhere. Like Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia...

1579 days ago


I think what she's doing is so incredible. Her generosity is something most of us could learn from. Always helping. Always communicating, despite the weather. On behalf of everyone who reads this site...THANK YOU, LINDSAY!

1579 days ago


Why are you guys so interested in Lohan????
She is sooo nothing anymore i mean really who cares?
Why is it news to you what she does?
Why dont you follow my next door neighbors every move to?
you wont cause noone cares well they dont about lohan either...
I mean what is your target area?? who is caring???

1579 days ago
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