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'Survivor' Producer Wants Custody of Children

5/23/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0519_bruce_EX_3TMZ has learned one of Bruce Beresford-Redman's first moves now that he is back in Los Angeles is to regain custody of his children.

The body of Bruce's wife, Monica Beresford-Redman, was discovered on April 8 in a sewer at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun. TMZ broke the story that Beresford-Redman is back in L.A. Now his lawyer, Richard Hirsch, says that since his client has not been accused of a crime, he has a legal right to custody of his children.

Hirsch adds, "That is probably what is going to happen next."

Beresford-Redman's parents currently have temporary guardianship of his two children.

Hirsch tells TMZ Beresford-Redman has already retained a family law attorney to assist him.


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16. A woman has a better chance of survival if she lived in the Sudan as opposed to being married to or dating a White Man. And they kill their wives and girlfriends over almost anything. Every day in the newspapers
and on t.v., some white guy has killed his wife or girlfriend. EVERY DAY.

Posted at 1:06 PM on May 23, 2010 by justsaying

You're a moron - every body KNOWS that black men commit the most murders - watch youtube - BLACK SERIAL MURDERS - black men are evil! Stop this posting, ed!!

1612 days ago


34. 16. A woman has a better chance of survival if she lived in the Sudan as opposed to being married to or dating a White Man. And they kill their wives and girlfriends over almost anything. Every day in the newspapers and on t.v., some white guy has killed his wife or girlfriend. EVERY DAY.

No, look at the Federal Gvt. Statistics - black men commit most of the crimes in the USA! THAT is why 70% of black men are in jail!!

1612 days ago


Like you need a passport to get into the US from Mexico

1612 days ago


Seems he planned this out clearly. Take his wife to Mexico to kill her, then turn his nose up at the mexican investigators by hopping on a private plane back to the U.S. Sure he is laughing at the investigators in Mexico for allowing him to roam around their country and not locking him up. Hopefully the investigators in Mexico will be allowed to have him sent back there to them, and this time stop dragging their feet and charge him with killing his wife and lock him up. Again I feel he had this all planned out from the start, along with naming his company "MindCrime". This seem to have been a long thought out planned murder within his mind for some time now. And seems that within his mind, he feels he will get away with murdering his wife. He seems to also see the Mexican investigators as sloppy fools that will not find him out to be the murderer that he is. The spirit of his wife will not rest fully in peace until justice is brought upon him for killing her.

1612 days ago


What a s***bag. This bastard is getting away with murder. I hope they give custody of the children to her family. But who knows, money talks in this country.

1612 days ago


For what? So he can kill them too??? That would never happen in the U.S. This guys knew what he was doing. Got her life insurance on the name of the kids before they left to Mexico and now he wants custudy? Uh huh. Okay.

1612 days ago


Since he is back in the US can he be charged here?? Or scott free in the USA?? Hear the FBI was asked to get in on this. Just curious if they can do anything to him here at all, asdide from her family filing a wrongful death suit. Which I am sure they already lawyer'd up for the kids sake (custody) and wrongful death suit. We learned by OJ found guilty or not they can still do that.

So anyone know can they charge him here? And what are the chances the USA would make him go back if Mexico wanted to file murder charges. I don't get this crossing back in to the USA for murder charges.. Usually the other way around..
So he is doing this all ASS BACKWARDS... ?? weirdo
And he should NOT have those kids until he is found NOT guilty???
But highly doubt he is from all I heard of the case and the lies he told screams Guilty!~

1612 days ago

what a beautiful day     

The children belong with the victims family where they will be safe from their father the murderer.

Lock him up and throw away the key....

1612 days ago


Why is Mexico taking so long to charge him???

1612 days ago


Re" what a beautiful day..

While you say they belong to the victims family.
Techinally by Law they belong to the Dad!
Sucks? ABSOLUTELY!!! But that is the law. Innocent until proven guilty.
To scary letter for you O J

I agree with you 100% lock his ass up! hell I am for frying his ass!
but with no charges ...he sadly may get those kids back?

1612 days ago


Another O.J. can only imagine how psychologically-effed O.J.'s adult children and the outcome of these children who will be turned to a killer by the California Courts. No balls, effing coward killing-off the divine feminine energy that brought children into the world (stuffing her body in a covered cesspool) and then having his Jewish cronies in the despicable entertainment industry help him bail from the Mexican authorities who were likely close to pinning the muder on him. "Dog the Bounty Hunter" needs to do a return favor and get the creep back to Mexico so he can live his life in a Mexican jail.

1612 days ago


and sorry that would be Ignorant!!! (just for the spell attacks) may have wrote and hit add to fast..But at least I can sleep at night knowing I am not a RASIST BITCH!~

1612 days ago


Thay are reporting on Fox news that the Mexiacn federales want to arrest him and His passpost was taken and he was told not to leave the country.

1612 days ago


When it comes down to Mexican police, attorneys, or any high ranking
officer, they just want to get paid off with money this has been going on for years. He will never get convicted.

1612 days ago


You tell them RAE what ignorant people still out there in this world guess they live in caves somewhere !!! and by the way this guy is innocent til proven guilty if he was so guilty like her sisters says they would have him behind bars now

1612 days ago
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