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Lindsay Lohan

Scared Stiff

5/24/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay Lohan is "freaked out" over her court appearance today ... and possibly with good reason -- she has a big problem in the alcohol education department.

Lindsay was required to complete 13 alcohol ed classes by last Thursday's court hearing. As TMZ first reported, she has only completed 10. We're told Lindsay wanted to make up at least one class on Sunday but the school could not accommodate her.

So Lindsay will appear before an unsympathetic judge still three classes shy, and Judge Marsha Revel has already made it clear ... she was expecting full compliance.

People who interacted with Lindsay over the weekend say she is really scared about today's hearing.  LiLo knows the judge will probably prohibit her from drinking or doing drugs ... and that may just be too tall an order.

It's the first time, one source says, Lindsay seems to get how much trouble she's in.


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if Lindsay has to actually comply with any rules, she is screwed.

1581 days ago


she isnt the least bit concerned,,even if she does spend 30 min in jail..big deal..she will get out and they will offer her a reality show and she will make on lindsey..

1581 days ago


Wow. She looks soooo old. That's what drug and alcohol abuse does to the face. If anyone might benefit by an intervention/detox in jail, it is she. The judge may save her life by ordering jail time. She appears to be too immature and irresponsible for rehab. They don't play or put up with egotistical BS in jail. She may get support while doing time - it just won't be on HER terms.

1581 days ago

Cheryl A.    

She has every right to be scared. What is she going to do without Booze AND drugs?

She looks like the walking dead.

1581 days ago

fuk tmz    

die lindsay die

1581 days ago


She was "...scared stiff." She should very well be.

TMZ hits the nail on the head. She only completed 10 classes of the 13 required. She violated her probation and a hearing should be schedules to determined if she did. Meanwhile, she should stay "clean" until the hearing.

1581 days ago


I advocate that the appropriate State of California licensing board investigate the Alcohol Education Course business that Lindsay is irregularly attending - whether or not these counselors are telling Lindsay that she is in "substancial compliance". And why weren't they administering Judge Revel's orders?

Are Lindsy's private one-on-one counseling sessions with the director of this establishment actually meeting the required 2hr session requirements?

Also, why hasn't Lindsay's probation officer not be monitoring Linday's alcohol education class compliance as set by Judge Revel?

1581 days ago


Lindsay tells more LIES on a HollywoodTV interveiw.(HollywoodTV is Lindsays new best friend)You can find it on youtube. When you see this lying interveiw it will only make you hate her more. Her lies are digging a deeper hole for her along with the ones her mother tells.

BTW Lindsay partyed in NYC when her Uncle died. She didnt care about her uncle at all. Chris Sullivan was a herion addict and died from liver failure.Lindsay nor her mother didnt even call or see him in the hospital when they knew he was dying. The whole Sullivan family (Dinas side are all drug addicts and crimmials.Everyone of Dinas brothers have a record a mile long

1581 days ago


I do feel sorry for Lindsey. I did one time respected her. now with alcohol and drugs, I do hope the judge says no more, and if she does, something worst will happen to her, if its not death. Prison hopefully.

1581 days ago


Oh Please TMZ, we all know that you don't like her, so what's with the horrible picture in your post?
You really want her to go down don't ya? What a wonderful accomplishment, when she does get her punishment and you'll be the first to report it.
There are plenty of starlets out there who have the same habits. Who's next after this?

1581 days ago


Lindsay is really starting to remind me of Judy Garland, in persona and appearance. It's uncanny the resemblance. Judy had a sad and tragic life in her later years. Lindsay seems to be living that life only much younger.

1581 days ago


Lindsay is dateing axle rose and is going to tour with him..

1581 days ago


OMG what an ugly hag! She will never can't teach an old dog new tricks.

1581 days ago


OMG! If she doesn't look like a dried out 50 year old, no one does! Raquel Welch looks a 1,000 times better than this washed up, drugged out nobody!

1581 days ago

beercan thick    

omg look at this scarey picture of a monster...i`ve seen better come out of my butthole....god she is skanky ugly

1581 days ago
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