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Lindsay Lohan

Scared Stiff

5/24/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay Lohan is "freaked out" over her court appearance today ... and possibly with good reason -- she has a big problem in the alcohol education department.

Lindsay was required to complete 13 alcohol ed classes by last Thursday's court hearing. As TMZ first reported, she has only completed 10. We're told Lindsay wanted to make up at least one class on Sunday but the school could not accommodate her.

So Lindsay will appear before an unsympathetic judge still three classes shy, and Judge Marsha Revel has already made it clear ... she was expecting full compliance.

People who interacted with Lindsay over the weekend say she is really scared about today's hearing.  LiLo knows the judge will probably prohibit her from drinking or doing drugs ... and that may just be too tall an order.

It's the first time, one source says, Lindsay seems to get how much trouble she's in.


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Lindsay is telling more of her lies on a HollywoodTV interview (Hollywooodtv is her new best friend)You have to see her lies it will only make you hate her more.You can find it on youtube.

1576 days ago


Hopefully, she'll find out the rules apply to everyone - even celebs!!!
The girl needs help

1576 days ago


God, ever take a real look at this broad? She's covered in blotchy weird freckle blobs. If drugs and booze didn't age her 50 years into the future, then maybe it's all sun damage. Yowza.

1576 days ago


Because of her celebrity status in her own fantasy world she feels she's untouchable.

Not so. only death will touch her soul.

How sad.

1576 days ago


With her celebrity status and in fantasy world of her own, she feels untouchable. Not so. Only death will touch her soul.

How sad.

1576 days ago


who gives a ****. she got a dui 3 years ago and is just now getting in trouble. i got one and missed 1 payment and was arrested. i say we let her drink and smoke whatever she wants until she kills herself. then we will be done with it for good and her parents can go back to hating eachother in private. nobody gives a **** about the lohans. shes a train wreck that we are all hoping to watch. she couldnt even post her own bail. i hope she o.d.'s soon. shes famous for being a **** up. she had her chance and now its time to move on to somebody else.

1576 days ago


Well duh. Did she not think this day would come? She should of thought of that while she was jumping on plane to France. Did she not think we would see her ugly mug all over media? I hope the judge shows her who's boss on Monday. I think they should give her the maximum sentence for so blatantly thumbing her nose up at the law.

1576 days ago


If the judge gives her the max sentence 6 months, she will do 18 days. The judge can extend that to 90 days but the situation in the jail means that is not likely, it is so overcrowded. Her disrespect for the court and for all the people who have bent over backwards to spare her the reality of her situation needs to be punished.

I think she should do 45 days in jail. Thats about 25 percent of the 180 day max and to me it seems fair.

1576 days ago


I am surprisedd the media hasn't rewarded her with a reality show like the other pieces of useless ****. What's taking so long? Her mother thinks she is being treated harshly?????? If it was one of us, we would be in jail already!!!! Enough of these girls already...get it together!!!!

1576 days ago


GROSS!!! I am really starting to hope this nasty bitch just goes to jail so we can stop hearing this girls name... She isnt even famous anymore. The last decent movie she was in like 2005. Stop talking about a nasty coke whore TMZ!! I am really starting to hate this site...

1576 days ago


For all you bitchez who are saying she looks 40, stuff it and stop insulting the MILFs on this board. I'm 45 and look younger than that mess. Stay out the sun, moisturize your bad self and for heaven's sake, don't smoke - it's the worst thing for your skin. Drinking doesn't help either; it's very dehydrating. Take care of yourselves and you'll look good a long, long time.

1576 days ago


I hate to say it but GOOD! It's about time she woke up a little but I bet her "freaking out" is because she won't be able to do exactly what she wants, won't be able to party and may actually have to be an adult for a change. Oh...the horror.

1576 days ago


Poor thing looks like a 40 year old street walker. I hope she gets help soon.

1576 days ago


As we say in A.A, if you continue the drinking life like Lindsay we end up in jails, institutions or even death. Well, I hate to say this but, she already has 2 done, hopefully she'll get sober before the third won't happen. Lindsay if you read this what a transformation takes place when you get sober. Instead of looking like your 50, maybe you'll look your age, it sure happened to me (except I didn't look that old!!Forget about country club rehabs, go somewhere that really helps, not coddle you.
The first step is the hardest, admit you are powerless over alcohol/drugs and your life has become unmanageable" No one can help you if don't want to help yourself. It will be well worth it. I think your dad is the only person that makes sense. Remember he has gone through it himself. Listen before it is too late!!

1576 days ago


I think odds are fairly good that the judge will let Lindsay walk without even a slap on the hand. That being said, it'd be better for Lindsay to be sent to county for the full 120 days. In county jail she can be evaluated by mental health professionals and be forced in to sobriety. You know that if incarcerated she will be kept in a private cell and have her meals brought to her. It's not like she'd be subject to the genuine experience of jail. But it would give her time for serious self-examination (if she's even capable of self reflection) and like I said above she can be evaluated and forced in to sobriety - even if that sobriety only lasts 120 days.

1576 days ago
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