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Lindsay Lohan

Scared Stiff

5/24/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay Lohan is "freaked out" over her court appearance today ... and possibly with good reason -- she has a big problem in the alcohol education department.

Lindsay was required to complete 13 alcohol ed classes by last Thursday's court hearing. As TMZ first reported, she has only completed 10. We're told Lindsay wanted to make up at least one class on Sunday but the school could not accommodate her.

So Lindsay will appear before an unsympathetic judge still three classes shy, and Judge Marsha Revel has already made it clear ... she was expecting full compliance.

People who interacted with Lindsay over the weekend say she is really scared about today's hearing.  LiLo knows the judge will probably prohibit her from drinking or doing drugs ... and that may just be too tall an order.

It's the first time, one source says, Lindsay seems to get how much trouble she's in.


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Today is drug test, tomorrow is jail.

1613 days ago


If I were look at this picture would make me run to rehab! Mr. Deville, she's ready for her close up... she looks like she is easily in her 60's. She used to be so cute and she just looks haggard and tired. I hope her mom see's this pic cause than maybe she will get a clue of what is happening to her daughter. Ali beware.....

1613 days ago



Nice try. You are an enabler and your hero is a worthless, drug addicted skank.

1613 days ago


so the real reason LiLo "lost" her passport was that she wanted to appear in front of a new judge. Sucks for her that the mean judge pushed out her vacation just for lil ole LiLo! ha ha

1613 days ago


Wow, she is not aging well. What is she, 24? She looks 40.

1613 days ago

Yep I said that    

Yikes she looks like Bette Davis in that old Movie What Happened to baby Jane

1613 days ago


While I don't feel sorry for her as it seems the judge has taken into account what a freakshow of a family she comes from and she has blown every chance, I do feel sad for her as she was such a truly talented and pretty girl and it's hopelessly gone.

I am going to use pics of her as a cautionary tale for my daughters when they are older.

1613 days ago


Lindsay Lohan looks so old and her face tells the story of how she is living her life, alcohol, drugs and it really shows on her face. I think she looks really bad. Hopefully she can clean up her life and get on the right track.

1613 days ago


It's funny how celebrities do not comprehend what would occur and happen to non-celebrities in their situation. For example, in Oakland County, MI first-time offenders with with a dui are more than likely to expect jail time, depending on the judge that they receive, which is randomly selected via a computer. My question is, why doesn't she understand the gravity of her situation? Why does she think that she's being treated unfairly, when she didn't take it as seriously as she should have from the start?

1613 days ago


her skin looks terrible, especially on her shoulders. YUCK.

1613 days ago


She needs to start wearing sunblock and lotion. She is destroying her skin.

1613 days ago


the bitch get what she deserves i hope she learns one day before she ends up killing herself.

1613 days ago


OMG! She looks like a 50 year old bag! What happened to her? That's what old alcoholic women look like....goodness gracious! If she makes it to another year, what will she look like by time she hits 30, 40 or lucky enough to be 50? Lindsay, get your act together - you look awful - you need rehab, period, end of story. It's your mother's fault for pushing you into show biz and never disciplining you - trying to be your friend instead of your mother does not work - case in point!

1613 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Man, does she ever look rough in that picture. She could be the new poster child for an antidrug campaign---this is your face on drugs!

1613 days ago


It's not lindsay's fault she has **** for brains

1613 days ago
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