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Lindsay Lohan

Sized Up in Court

5/24/2010 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just walked out of the L.A. County Courthouse sporting a brand new fashion accessory -- her court-ordered SCRAM bracelet.

The alcohol monitoring device got a makeover since Lindsay last rocked it back in 2007 -- it's now smaller, sleeker, and lighter. 

Lindsay was put into her new SCRAM bracelet right inside the courthouse, where Judge Marsha Revel also informed Lohan that she would be meeting with a probation officer on Thursday.

Until the judge decides she can remove it -- LiLo must wear the device at all times ... even in the shower.


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i think its perfect why have tax payers pay for her in prison ...she cant drink with that bracelet on maybe some sobriety is what she needs.

1552 days ago


Right now this haggard little hood rat Lindsay is having a list of drugs made that pass through the system quickly, or in the alternative, checking out the potential highs of auto-erotic asphyxiation and that teenage thing where you hold your breath for a while then have a friend squeeze your real hard so you nearly black-out. And I quote: "well...I guess it's back to red bull and sniffing glue..."

1552 days ago


Lindsay's judge and prosecutor are mean! Why do female prosecutors always have a big stick up their ass?

1552 days ago


Hey Linds...two words "water intoxication!" Look into it. lol

1552 days ago


Can't feel sorry for her not being able to "film in Texas". Too bad, so sad. If working outside LA was so important to her, she just had to follow the simple probation rules. This is precisely why she has trouble finding work despite her talent - bad decisions that affect others.

1552 days ago


"I told her that if she ever got herself clean, that she should lick me up."

~Sam Ronson

1552 days ago



1552 days ago


I hope Lindsay does not get too discouraged. I think the vast majority of people out there are pulling for her and would like to see her make a strong come back.
Most people have been touched or know someone who has been touched by addiction and it's more or less the same type problem for coutless others out there.

The ball is her court now, not her lawyers and it's up to her to ask for and get some help real fast because she needs it.

1552 days ago


I hope Lindsay does not get too discouraged. I think the vast majority of people out there are pulling for her and would like to see her make a strong come back.
Most people have been touched or know someone who has been touched by addiction and it's more or less the same type problem for coutless others out there.

The ball is her court now, not her lawyers and it's up to her to ask for and get some real fast because she needs it.

1552 days ago

Oil Man    

Wait how will she play a porn star in Texas? The braclet might spice up a porn if you know what I am saying. Start shooting movies in CA and you should be good to go. Good luck being a fiend and being cut off. Hopefully you can handle withdrawals OK. Know what you're going through.

1552 days ago


@99 and 74- You might want to look up the words "DUI" and "probation".

Since when is it against the law to drink alcohol? Since you've had THREE DUIs (you know, drinking and driving, the stuff that KILLS innocent people who are unfortunate enough to be on the road as the same time as the disgusting, selfish pieces of trash who drink and drive and then kill sober people rather than themselves?) and the only thing keeping your ass out of jail is PROBATION and BAIL.

Probation terms can be anything- obviously for someone who has a history of drinking and driving (which IS a crime, for those of you saying she's not a criminal...) and someone who has violated their probation (which was the only reason she wasn't in jail) by not attending weekly alcohol education classes or contacting the courts about permission to reschedule and make up classes, and then have that same person SKIP her mandatory probation hearing because she was too busy boozing it up in another country, having a bail condition be no alcohol consumption is perfectly fair.

Drinking alcohol isn't against the law- drinking and driving is, and when you drink and drive (and get caught) THREE times, your ass should be in jail. When you violate probation, your ass should be in jail. When you have an arrest warrant out because you skipped a court hearing, the warrant should have no bail because you're a flight right, and again, your ass should be in jail.

If you guys are too stupid to comprehend that she's commited crimes and that as such the judge is doing her a HUGE FAVOR by keeping her out of jail and that she now has to PROVE that she *can* be trusted to be out of jail and not drink (and risk driving and killing someone for the 4th time...) then perhaps you're hitting the nose candy also and should try to think about the logic of this again when you're sober.

1552 days ago


pammie8 in #143 etc. is right on the mark. Jail is typically much safer than prison - a lot of people in jail are waiting for trial but can't make bail, and many of those (maybe even half) will be acquitted. Jail isn't the greatest place to detox, but for some people it may be the only real time-out they can get. Lindsay has been to various rehabs, but obviously they weren't right for her. It's not unusual for addicts to fail many times before succeeding in kicking it, though. Her dad (who's been through it all himself) thinks she needs at least 3 months in a really strict residential rehab (not fancy celebrity type), others have suggested 6 months. She needs to get away from the people in her lives who are just helping her go faster and faster toward the edge of the cliff. Since she's had several drug and alcohol related violations of the law, that brings the justice system into her case - if she was just self-destructing on her own without ever doing anything that could catch the attention of a police officer (such as never driving under the influence and not being stupid enough to have illegal drugs on her in public while driving erratically...), the court wouldn't have any leverage with her at all. The purpose of everything the judge orders is to lessen the likelihood that Lindsay will be in front of a another judge at another time.

Drunk drivers are hard nuts to crack - they typically have driven drunk many, many times before they are caught (I've been a passenger in the car with drunk drivers, it's an awful experience - thought I was going to die) and will continue to drive drunk without a serious wakeup call. That's why most other areas of the country are much tougher on drunk drivers than Los Angeles. Drunks cause so many fatalities and injuries in this country - even 40% or more of fatal traffic accidents can involve drunk drivers. We have a problem far surpassing the problems in countries with fewer cars and more use of mass transport.

Lindsay was given a second chance by being put on probation' You have to fulfill the conditions of the probation or else you will go to jail. The court can order the SCRAM bracelet, random drug tests, restrict your ability to leave the community, etc. while you are on probation. If you don't want your "right to be drunk and drugged" taken away, then just don't do anything to get on probation....

In this case, the LA system has such problems with the corrupt sheriff letting celebrities go after a few minutes, claiming "overcrowding" despite the fact that there are plenty of other nonviolent prisoners who could easily be let go early instead, that judges who really want to have an impact have to try everything else first to get the drunk's attention. Look at all the trouble Paris Hilton's judge had to go through to get the girl to stay put in jail for a few weeks... If judges were allowed to be judges and sentences were carried out for the rich as well as the poor, things would be much easier. Fines and house arrest and confiscation of cars and lifting the driver's license are rather meaningless for the rich, they have an impact only on people with ordinary homes and jobs who are seriously handicapped by such restrictions.

The SCRAM bracelet, random drug tests, and "sorry, you can't go to Texas" might seem minor, and yes an ordinary mortal would be detoxing in jail by now. But to Lindsay hopefully they're a big enough deal to get her to turn herself around. Hopefully she'll check into a real rehab center for the duration rather than trying to beat the system.

1552 days ago

Nike Fan    

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1552 days ago


Don't let all of out negative remarks get you down, Lindsay. It's just... I had a major celebrity die just down the street from me. That person was addicted to all kinds of garbage and people gave up trying to help. The body was found after a considerable amount of time had passed and no one had heard from them. When you're left alone with your addiction that's what happens.

So the moral of this story is be grateful that whatever reason, good or bad, we're all up in your business.

1552 days ago


WOW! What a slap on the wrist. More celebrity "Just-us" for ya. Way to go judge, you're a douche.

1552 days ago
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