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Lindsay Lohan

Sized Up in Court

5/24/2010 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just walked out of the L.A. County Courthouse sporting a brand new fashion accessory -- her court-ordered SCRAM bracelet.

The alcohol monitoring device got a makeover since Lindsay last rocked it back in 2007 -- it's now smaller, sleeker, and lighter. 

Lindsay was put into her new SCRAM bracelet right inside the courthouse, where Judge Marsha Revel also informed Lohan that she would be meeting with a probation officer on Thursday.

Until the judge decides she can remove it -- LiLo must wear the device at all times ... even in the shower.


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I think the family shoud hire someone to stay with her while she goes through withdrawls. They can be pretty serious. Even deadly.

1622 days ago


I wonder if it can monitor the ammount of spludge that is put into her mouth each day, and how much bull**** comes out of her mouth.. that would be awesome..

1622 days ago


Will the Scram bracelet short circuit out when Lindsey spills her first alcoholic drink on it? Or maybe she can paste rhinestones on it to make it look pretty....hmmmm, dont think Chanel makes a model of the bracelet for the drunken privileged like Lohan the Lying Loser...

1622 days ago


Lindsay Lohan wasn't prevented from working by the Court. The Court has stipulated she cannot leave the Los Angeles area.

Lindsay however, has prevented herself from working outside of Los Angeles (and possibiy elsewhere) by:

a) disregarding the previous orders of the Court regarding her alcohol education classes

b)blowing off (no pun intended) a scheduled court appearance to go to Cannes to "promote" her movie.

I didn't see any photos of promotional appearances, pictures of her at the airport after trying to get a plane after "losing" her passport etc. in the last week. There were however, plenty of photos of her partying at at time when she would have been wiser to be making up her missed classes in Los Angeles, keeping a low profile and getting ready to appear in court.

She's sick people --she's an addict. She's visibly bloated and has aged more in the last year than most people do in a decade. Sadly, she's also surrounded by people who use her instead of trying to help her. She may not like what is happening to her, but that judge may just have saved her life today.

Good luck Lindsay.

1622 days ago


Maybe it will vibrate for her once she takes a drink. A safe relationship

1622 days ago


Good!! I hope the judge stays firm in her decisions and high fancy bottom feeding lawyers don't change her mind. Lindsey needs to be used as an example and truly needs to spend 6 months in jail to be honest. She has to learn that her actions have severe repercussions and hopefully this will force her to realize she needs help.

1622 days ago


Lindsay photos/movies can be digitally enhanced to delete the SCRAM - Lindsay's facial photos are going to have to be air-brushed anyway, she looks Bad.

Do you really think that Jessica Parker naturally looks as good as she does in "Sex In The City" without cinema magic?

1622 days ago


Since when is it against the law to drink alcohol? Talk about an invasion of rights. Cut the POS off and party hard tonight.

1622 days ago


What? If this were a real person and not a D list celeb it would have been jail time for sure. Retarded. We all know she is gonna F✮✮k up so this is just delaying the inevitable. Maybe in the meantime put her mother behind bars so she doesn't leach off her daughter anymore. No wonder she is a little messed up - parenting gone wild!

1622 days ago


@ 70
Okay she might not have the flight ticket but she has do***entation of the scheduled appointment with the embassy. Also the passport issue date should at least help her case.
However WTF is the prosecutor doing just nonchalantly discussing the case with the media thats so unprofessional and wrong.

Yeah if you tamper with the bracelet the people who are monitoring it will know.

1622 days ago

Jimmy Page    

Let's go girl! First round is on me! It's on!!!!

1622 days ago


Does no one love this lost girl enough to drag her to Schick Shadel as a rehab of last resort? I mean, really. She will be dead before she is 30, and everyone will think it is a tragedy and boo hoo and all that. But everyone is also watching her sink like a stone. It makes you miss the good old days when a family could commit someone to save their life. I'm sorry no one related to her cares.

1622 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Two words Lindsey.....HA HA!! Now get your act together! I sick of hearing about your loser ways!! You used to be an awesome actress... now you are just a MESS!!!! If Robert Downey can do it... so can you... EXCEPT it took PRISON to straighten out his act!! Maybe thats JUST what you need.... TRAILER TRASH WITH CASH!!!

1622 days ago


She is so screwed...she is definitely going to jail. There is no way she can keep alcohol and drugs out of her system. She is going to jail for sure. I am so glad the judge laid the smack-down on her today. I wish she would have cried! it would have been perfect.....booo hoooo no more cocaine

1622 days ago


how humiliating... and exactly what she needs. i'm sure michael is upset b/c now he can't do his media whoring tactics of trying to commit her b/c she'll have proof of being clean. hideous parents she has. dina will think it's unfair, and not even know how it could save her daughter's life. i hope she has to keep this on for a long time. hopefully her appearance will start to improve b/c she looks horrible, old, bloated, tired and unhealthy these days.

1622 days ago
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