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'American Idol' -- Nerves Frayed During Rehearsal

5/25/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our spies at the "American Idol" rehearsal today say Crystal Bowersox was so nervous she forgot the words to the song she'll release if she wins tomorrow night.  And Lee DeWyze got ticked off after he got hit with a violin bow.

'American Idol
Both Crystal and Lee will each sing 3 songs.  The first song is their choice, the second was chosen by Simon Fuller and the third song is the one that will be released by the winner.

Crystal chose "Me and Bobby McGee" for her first song.  Fuller had her sing "Black Velvet."  As for the song she'll release ... it's called "Up to the Mountain." Crystal stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the song and started over.

As for Lee, he chose, "The Boxer," and Fuller selected "Everybody Hurts." As for the song he'll release if he wins ... it's called, "Beautiful Day." 

As Lee finished "Beautiful Day," a violinist accidentally hit him in the body with his bow.  Lee was upset and walked off the stage .... even before the pretend judges could weigh in.

Should be interesting.


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Some of you people are really disappointing.

I can understand voicing your opinions about each of the two; whether or not you like one over the other or none at all is understandable, but honestly some of the disgusting hatred coming out like remarks based off their looks or based on their work ethic is completely uncalled for. At least they BOTH have the GUTS to get up on stage and sing in front of an entire nation...could you honestly say you could do the same thing? I know I honestly could say I couldn't.

Where's the decency in at least respecting them there?

1611 days ago


True that! 'Cause no one has ever heard of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordan Sparks, David Cook, Adam Lambert, Kelli Pickler, Clay Aiken......
Mrs. Beasley-
Truly...very sorry to hear about your friend. But these guys have a right to be nervous, as they are playing before a LIVE audience of **7,000** people for the first time. No one said Lee "went off", if he's a little tense today...he probably is wired! To TMZ, being "ticked" probably meant he gave them a look. And he could have been displeased with his own practice run through....that could be why he didn't wait for the pretend "judging".
Both of these artists are good. I love Crystal's voice, but I hope Lee wins because I feel he would be putting out more of the type of music I like.
Also, BOTH are singer-songwriters. Lee has an album out he released awhile back. (Haven't heard anything about Crystal, but I also saw her performance on youtube ...she was excellent even as an adolescent!). And BOTH have been playing gigs in local bars for years, AAMOF...Crystal got her first gig at 14.
They are both very talented. And all of the girls having been screaming "I love you Lee" every chance they got all season! ( =

1611 days ago


These final two were horrible. Worst finale ever. neither one of them has star power. Crystal will win and God bless her but there is no market for her kind of music. And Lee has no personality whatsoever, his face is a total blank.
Its Casey James who will outsell both of these two. Expect to see him on the country videos.

1611 days ago


Lee did the most horrendous cover of a U2 song EVER. Crystal was hands down the better vocalist and performer tonight.

1611 days ago


I cannot believe either one of these two could be an IDOL??? I don't get it!!! When I think of Idol, I think of Marilyn Monroe or James Dean!!! They WERE IDOLS! Cyrstal, has the most disgusting hair and YES, she can get her teefs fixed! Crest White Strips cost about 20.00. And, Lee... OMG!!! Yeah what a hottie!!! NOT!!! Good gawd what has happened to this stupid show?

1610 days ago


Seems to me that violin should have been put where the sun don't shine on Missy Lee! What a douchbag, and man he is fugly.

1610 days ago


Crystal rocked the show tonight and has been consistently good all season.
She is a mom with a young child and has been performing since she was 13.
Lee was ok but lacked confidence tonight.
He has been kind of timid most of the season but did have a few good performances where he broke out of his shell recently.

To all the crude people commenting on here it is about there singing ability not there looks .

Did you ever consider they may read this.
You wouldn't say it to there face so why write it?
Just because you are haters and can be anonomous ?
Grow up allready and get a little class.

Also for the people that hate the show why are you commenting on it?
Don't you have anything better to do ?

I would of prefered a bunch of smoking hot babes like Carie Underwood on there but the other girls were voted off fairly quickly.

You have to give Crystal credit for her talent and originality as she has to be the most unique singer on the show in a long time.

I realize it is a singing competion but as a performer Crystal was impressive playing the guitar, piano and harmonica.

I think Crystal will have a career for sure.

I wish them both the best but I think Crystal clearly was the winner tonight and was consistently the best of the bunch through the competion.

She clearly deserves to win the competion.

1610 days ago


Crystal will win, I picked hwere from dayone! She can sing & isnt sleezy!!

1610 days ago


I wish Lee wins,Crystal is a loser!

1610 days ago


When I see Lee, all I can think of is Andrew Dice Clay!

1610 days ago


We can't vote in Australia but if we could we would vote for Crystal hands down. Look what happened last year - Adam Lambert was different to the 'norm' in appearance, vocals and so what happened - you all voted for the conservative one - and who do we hear from the most?? definitely not Kris Allen. Look outside the square. Conservative is not chic. Crystal has the most amazing voice and I hope she wins..

1610 days ago


Forgot the words?? How - there's a monitor right behind the judges with the words to the stupid songs on it!

1610 days ago


Pick one loser or the other. Does not matter.

1610 days ago


I think I will watch Fox News.

1610 days ago


so what

1610 days ago
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