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Charlie Sheen

May Serve Jail Time

in Plea Deal

5/28/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen's lawyers and prosecutors have reached an agreement on four different options for resolving his domestic violence case ... and one involves serious jail time -- and now it's all up to Charlie to choose one.


Multiple sources connected with the case tell us ... these are the options the D.A. in Aspen and Charlie's lawyers have hammered out.

OPTION 1:  Charlie will plead guilty to a misdemeanor and serve 30 days in Aspen jail.  Charlie could enter the plea as early as June 7 in Aspen and would then immediately begin serving his time.  With good behavior, that time could be whittled down to 17 days.  After he serves his sentence, the case would be over.  Charlie would not be placed on probation.

OPTION 2:  Charlie would plead guilty to a misdemeanor and receive no jail time, but would be placed on 2 years probation.  We're told Charlie's people worry that the actor might slip up and the judge could then throw the book at him and Charlie would end up in jail for a much longer period than 30 days.

OPTION 3:  Charlie would receive a "deferred prosecution" -- meaning the case would not go forward but Charlie would agree to various conditions -- including not breaking the law.  After a certain period of time -- if Charlie complies with the conditions -- the matter would be expunged from his record.

OPTION 4:  Go to trial and fight it.  Charlie, we're told, is upset at the Tito Ortiz case ... where the UFC star did not even get prosecuted for allegedly doing a lot worse than Charlie allegedly did.

We're told Charlie has not decided which option he will take.  It's all in his hands.


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Cardinal Ximenez    

I've heard the local jail in Aspen is hardcore. Ski bums busted for shoplifting twinkies and slim jims and the occasional country club golfer with a DUI. Hope he doesn't get shanked or raped by those ruffians.

1608 days ago


People should know that aside from Texas, Colorado is the next worse place to get stupid. Those procecutors get a hard on for a high profile person and they are gonna go out of their way to throw their asses in jail. Even the other person doesn't want to press charges.
Can you say MAKE A NAME FOR MYSELF!!! Just ask Kobe!

1608 days ago


who really cares?

1608 days ago

Not telling    

gee's whats with this guy he should just stay single, when he gets married thats where his problems begin.

1608 days ago


Celebrities that go to jail aren't really in jail, and it's stupid. He should take the 30 days because even though he's in prison he'll still be living a better life than most people on the outside. Garbage.

1608 days ago


Take jail. If he stays married to that psycho it's just a matter of time before something happens. He's no saint but she has evil in her eyes.

1608 days ago


It's already on other sites that he's going with option 1. Will plead guilty on June 7 and be sentenced to 30 days and do 17. Come on, TMZ. Quit posting all those meaningless posts about Lindsay and get up to speed on the other news.

1608 days ago

Lady G    

Thanks TMZ! =)

1608 days ago


Personally, I wonder why the case was even brought since the "victim" was twice the legal limit on her babies' first Xmas morning, bore no marks as she smirked at the paps the next morning. I think Brooke did a lot of talking to Denise on her shopping trips plus snooped around Charlie's bank accts. before she even went to Colorado, blind gossip had her going for an out well before this happened..perhaps she set the scene. Dumb Charlie.

1607 days ago

Richard hilll    

Jail is not so bad Charlie. Just don't bend over in the shower!!

1604 days ago


Wow.... to comment #14... Your comment alone makes you worse than anything he did and remember, it always takes two to tango, so I'm sure she isn't innocent, either. No one deserves to be hit, but there is always at least another person to contribute to any situation. If that is your honest opinion 'samantha', you would probably benefit from anger management counselling !!!

1604 days ago


Hell I could 17-30 days in jail standing on my freaking head even Paris Hilton could do that. Just take the time Charlie and get it over with trust me you do not want to have to be on probation with all its rules and restrictions. not that he couldn't do it because I am sure he could deal with the probation but sometimes that is just as bad as being in jail.

1604 days ago
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