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Jesse James -- Sunny Days Are Here Again

5/26/2010 7:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The morning after his "Nightline" interview aired in which he claims he was abused as a child, Jesse James was spotted taking his six-year-old daughter Sunny to school Wednesday in the O.C.


Jesse's ex-wife Janine Lindemulder wants to regain 50-50 custody of Sunny but says she can't afford the legal fees to fight him in court.


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Leave the kid out of this! She's already gone through so much. This is just tacky, TMZ! She will have enough to read when she is younger, does she need to see her face flashed all over the place? Get some morals, already.

1608 days ago


P.S. I was a fan of Jesse James and his abuse story is not anything new and has been mentioned time and again. Not an excuse for behaviour but to me on a personal level. My ex-boyfriend was abused and did everything a la JJ to push me away, self-sabotage. I just think it's more of a "hate everyone, f-everyone over" complex and selfishness, IMHO.

1608 days ago


#7 Arthur
You are a pediphile! This is why TMZ needs a button to remove comments like this!! Do you guys even read these? Take that message down.

1608 days ago


Why must you post pictures of the children? And you open up to some nasty postings about the child. It's sad. I hate you TMZ.

1608 days ago


Dude is a TARD!

1608 days ago


I think if anything, he deserves a chance to be a better person. Anyone who has been abused physically or emotionally is damaged for life, no matter how easy life gets from fame. Sandra is loved by everyone because she truly cares about what's inside a person, not just for what you see on the outside. She was able to see something in him that non of us saw, and for that I wish to be more like her. Most of us judge when we shouldn't. It's not our business... If everyone was judged like them, we wouldn't look so damn pretty either.
I wish them both the best

1608 days ago


Who left the interns in charge today?? It's inappropriate for you to post the photo of this poor girl on her way to school. Bad decision. (and illegal in California?)

1608 days ago


Anybody else notice the iron cross on J.James t-shirt?
I'm just sayin'.

1608 days ago


I knew Jessie, not well, but we Hung in the Same small group of Buds. When he was 16 or 17. I'm Jewish, and out of us 6 friends, that Played Poker, and Crap. There was another Jew in the Six. It was never an Issue. We didn't know, but there was the feeling, and A rumoe, somthing, Something Bla,Bla bla. Yeh, Jessie had somthing that made him not want to go Home. I never got any details. I never saw his show, and lost teack of Him. He had a small Bike. Maybe a Honda 150 of somthing. Mechanics wasnt my thing. I remember him Talking, of some Opertunity for him in Porn. It sounded like a fast crowd to me.I was maybe 20 years ols at the Time. I early in my Fofklift Parts House Starter Job, and the Group was Spidered out from there. I liked Jess, he was a little Smarter, than 1/2 of that Group. I can SO relate to Purposely Screwin up. To not be successful in indevers. I wasn't abused at home, and never got the Help he's getting now. I say Go Easy, he seems to be trying. (AND RIGHT THE Natzi Uniforn? NOT FUNNY! Slap his Hand Don't ruin the Man? God Bless

1608 days ago


Believe me, Randy, the overwhelmingly vest majority of us don't want to see him ruined, - for his daughter's sake, if for no other reason. What we resent and get on our soapboxes about is being subjested to him on TV, celebrity websites, etc. If he wants to be left alone, then he needs to leave us alone.

1608 days ago


My bad, "subjected".

1608 days ago


The insignia on his t-shirt is the West Coast Choppers insignia isn't it? I am not a fan of the kids being photographed but this is a nice photo of Dad and daughter.

1606 days ago

Savannagh Ryane    

Being a victim of verbal abuse myself, I can tell you that you never really forget the trauma. I am not excusing Jesse from his poor choices, but I can understand his behaviour. It can manifest itself in many ways. Some people drink or do drugs, others believe that they do not deserve the good that they have worked for and sabatoge everything, before it can be taken from them.
Just because you have an adult body, doesn't mean the hurt and pain has gone away. He needs more counselling to help him overcome this way of thinking.

1604 days ago

Vanilla Gorilla    

The general public wasn't even aware of this guy until he married Sandra Bullock. No one would have cared about this whole thing if he was married to someone that wasn't a celebrity. He is no longer with Sandra Bullock, leave him alone. Am I the only one that thinks it's weird that Sandra Bullock does a movie about taking in a black child and then goes out and adopts a black child in real life? Think about it.

1600 days ago


Jesse James is actually an incredibly intelligent, witty guy...not to mention a self-made millionaire...More than we can say for you ignorant ****s who can't spell correctly. His child abuse was confirmed by other family members, and actually explains a lot. So piss off.

1597 days ago
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