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Lindsay Lohan Had a Ticket to Ride

5/27/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan was telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when she said she had purchased a plane ticket from the South of France to L.A. to return home in time for last Thursday's court hearing.

Lindsay Lohan Had a Ticket to Ride

TMZ has obtained the invoice from the travel agency Lindsay used to book the flight.  According to the Executive Travel and Parking agency in Nashville, Lindsay purchased a $6,860.50 ticket on Swiss International Air Lines, leaving Nice on Wednesday, May 19 at 10:40 AM, stopping in Zurich and ending up in L.A. at 4:40 PM the same day.

The D.A. apparently didn't buy Lindsay's story that she really did buy the ticket before her passport was allegedly stolen.  There was talk in the courtroom about producing proof of the ticket.

Well here it is.


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Virtual Insanity    

The arrest warrant had her middle name listed as Lindsay Dee Lohan, not Denise.

1609 days ago


Seven grand for the ticket? No wonder this girl has money problems.

1609 days ago


This is a joke. If she wanted to be there she could have gone anytime via a chartered private jet such as:

1609 days ago


I TOTALLY AGREE Arty, have been making the point for days! Thank you!! And bless you Lindsay :)

1609 days ago


I'm no detective, but why would she book this travel with a company from Nashville that seems to be pretty small ? I smell fake all over this.....

1609 days ago

The Truth    

The invoice means nothing anyone can ahve a travel agency make one up. The manager who posted her bail uses the travel agency.

Lets see the actual booking issued by the airline. Otherwise it's still BS.

But the DA and Judge are wimps so it doesn't matter. I say vote them out of office.

1609 days ago

why is she there ?    

printed up for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
get real proof from the airline .

1609 days ago


Where I work and process reimbursements for travel, this wouldn't fly as proof. There is nothing that has the credit card info on know visa or mc with xxxx xxxx xxxx 1234. She would have to provide other do***entation like a credit card statement to prove it.

1609 days ago


A travel agency just can't make up a ticket. It is illegal. All tickets have to be inventoried and accounted for.
The ticket was purchased in Nashville because her business manager lives in Nashville and probably deals with the same agency all the time.

1609 days ago


Lindsay is pulling a fast one. The judge will not be amused.

1609 days ago


EVER HEAR THE WORD FAKE. You know how easy that is to make up. Give me a break

1609 days ago


Hey...the DA is really quite dull... any executive class ticket, once purchased, can be changed anytime anmd as many times as you want with no additional penalties. Soooo... having a ticket purchased for a specific date is not proof you intended to travel on that date... you wanna stay in Cannes a little longer and miss a court date... you "lose" your passport and rebook... no big deal. If the DA takes a purchased executive class ticket as proof LL intended to travel on that date then... no wonder they didn't convict can I be a DA too? Sheesh... whew! Agghhh!

1609 days ago


My thought is, so she had a ticket, maybe she changed her mind about coming home because she was having too much fun in France. So she claimed that her passport was stolen, said she even went to the airport (no Photos there), and just decided to stay.

1609 days ago


Just because she purchased the ticket doesn't mean she had any intentions of using it. That's the oldest trick in the book. She had absolutely no intention of coming back until she got ready. She thumbs her nose at the system and thinks rules are for everyone but her. The passport was probably misplaced "on purpose" and not stolen.

1609 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

I have to agree with Arty.

If she gets behind the wheel intoxicated, she should have to deal with that. But the whole "she needs to be saved" nonsense is crap.

This is American and Lindsay should be free to destroy herself in whichever way she pleases.

And the chick still looks cute at times..

But well.. a lot of super models are druggies and they always tend to be hot...

Ooo.. maybe drugs are the answer to the obesity issue in the US.

Ok you fatties.. get some coke.. and I mean the white stuff.. not that crap in the can that will only make you fatter.

1609 days ago
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