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Lindsay Lohan Had a Ticket to Ride

5/27/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan was telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when she said she had purchased a plane ticket from the South of France to L.A. to return home in time for last Thursday's court hearing.

Lindsay Lohan Had a Ticket to Ride

TMZ has obtained the invoice from the travel agency Lindsay used to book the flight.  According to the Executive Travel and Parking agency in Nashville, Lindsay purchased a $6,860.50 ticket on Swiss International Air Lines, leaving Nice on Wednesday, May 19 at 10:40 AM, stopping in Zurich and ending up in L.A. at 4:40 PM the same day.

The D.A. apparently didn't buy Lindsay's story that she really did buy the ticket before her passport was allegedly stolen.  There was talk in the courtroom about producing proof of the ticket.

Well here it is.


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Note the date of issue, she probably only bought the ticket on the 18th of May 2010 KNOWING she wouldnt be on the plane, the girl is a liar.

1618 days ago


You guys need to cut Lindsay some slack...including TMZ. Did any of u do ur research to see if the company exists? Maybe she purchased it Nashville because an agency there had a discount...ever think of that? No wonder this poor girl can't catch a break...she's probably suffering a A LOT because the public won't leave her alone. Every moment of her life is on tmz. smh

1618 days ago


Anyone can purchase a ticket. It doesn't mean she EVER intended to actually get on the plane! Where is the proof that the passport was stolen? THAT is what supposedly prevented her from getting on the flight. There is no police report!

1618 days ago


Musician, I dont even think she would be the one who would personally by her own ticket. She has people who work for her do all the stuff. So its either the dumbasses who work for her who are **** ups or whatever.

1618 days ago


She did not meet the rules of her probation, she did not attend the classes as ordered by the court. Nothing else matters!
The maximum sentence is 6 months in jail, thats 180 days. Give her the six months in July, after she has finished the course. Refuse the sheriff permission to release her for over crowding or any other reason. She will then have to do 90 days in jail. She will be out in October and have her license back.

All this crap about tickets or her intentions or the color of her alcohol monitor is just that, crap. She earned the time in jail, anyone with the brains of a bag of hammers would have obeyed and making excuses for her is stupid squared.

I would prefer that the judge do exactly this but instead of 90 days give her a number say 30 days and tell the sheriff he can not release her before he brings her to court and asks permission. The humiliation of a walk to the van and into the court dressed in her jail jumpsuit and chains is a very good way to punish her and the pictures will haunt her for years. They will also show all the others in the spotlight what happens when you do not obey the court and that is the real lesson that should be taught.

1618 days ago


whoever says this girl does not need saving and is okay for her to go out and have fun I really hope you never have kids because I can see it now, they will be dead by the age of 25 .

Lindsay has a drinking problem and drug problem and she jumped into a vehicle that was not hers trying to chase someone down meanwhile she is totally drunk and the people who actually own the car are inside and telling her to get the f*** out of there vehicle.

1618 days ago


A couple items of note:

An electronic receipt from a travel agent can be changed at any time at a travel agency. As my family owns several, we often get requests for the receipt to show a specific date or to be back dated. Most often it is for a "birthday" or an anniversary, sometimes people are trying to spend budget dollars in a specific fiscal year and need a receipt. Even a ticket confirmation number really means nothing.
What would REALLY count would be to have the SABER print screen showing the ticket was actually BOOKED and CONFIRMED for that day. If it wasn't, then she didn't have a ticket at all.

1617 days ago


Either way she missed her hearing. Im sick of her excuses and so is the D.A and Judge. She should not have left the country when she still had classes to make up and when she had a probation hearing coming up, END OF STORY.

1617 days ago



1617 days ago


Nice to read all the apologies from the haters who said she never had a ticket. lol

1617 days ago

me not you    

For $7,000 bucks I'm not getting on any plane that makes 2 stops - it better get me to where I'm going in 20 minutes flat. Any reason this girl couldn't just fly coach like the rest of us have to?

1617 days ago

Irish Pubes    

@59, I haven't read one apology yet. Did you just inject heroin intravenously before making that statement?

1617 days ago


@61. Nope, I was havin a laugh. More chance of finding a virgin in LA than seeing an apology to ANYONE on the interwebs.

1617 days ago


@57 Jay

Your exactly right... she knew weeks in advance that she had an appointment with the judge and she knew how important it was.
No excuses no lies no bull****... she screwed up and now will be punished for it.

1617 days ago


... so she purchased the ticket AFTER she lost the passport?

1617 days ago
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