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Lindsay Lohan Has Class

5/26/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She may not graduate with honors, but Lindsay Lohan just took another step to complete her alcohol education requirement.

We were there when Lindsay left the Right On class in Glendale, CA just a few minutes ago.

Lindsay has now completed 11 of the 13 classes that were supposed to be completed by last Thursday -- when Lindsay was a no-show in court.

The question for Judge Marsha Revel when Lindsay returns to court on July 6 -- Is late really better than never?


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Lindsay sober up. Don't throw your life away.

1608 days ago


Well isn't that special and to think she wouldn't be in this mess if she did what she was suppose to do in the first place. LOL! Enjoy your summer lindsay............................

1608 days ago


Great going Lindsay. Hair, water, tea, and now your classes.

It's a start.

1608 days ago


HOW OLD is she????? She looks about 50! By the time she IS 50, she's going to look 70! (if she lives that long!)

Get a clue, Linds! You're going to wish you took better care of yourself a few years down the line. Once your liver goes, YOU go!

1608 days ago


Here in Florida if you do not comlpy with court orders while on probation, you are put in jail until your violation hearing. None of this chance after chance after chance garbage, unless of course you have alot of money. Even then the court gets fed up and puts your ass in jail where she belongs. I am not a hater, but it just isn't right.

1608 days ago


Sorry... don't care anymore. Lindsay, go away please. You're a burden to society. Honest.

1608 days ago


Too bad it is not an acting class as well. Or a class on how to have a little class!

1608 days ago


Wonder if tomorrow is her botox day?

1608 days ago


She is taking this seriously she even turned up EARLY for class and it's out of the way until next week.

1608 days ago


Why do you guys have to add the jab? Of course you pointed out FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME that Lindsay was a no-show in court and hasn't completed the classes...

Can't you just give her a break? I'm pretty sure that most of the people who read this website are well WELL aware that she missed court recently and that she did not comply with all of the judge's have only posted 140 extremely repetitive stories on the matter. If you're going to make a jab at Lindsay or point out a fault, pick a new one--this one is boring. Or better yet, just acknowledge that she's doing the right thing, my God no wonder people in Hollywood are such a mess, you *******s don't give anyone a break.

Are you a bit bitter that she hates your site and made it clear in a video or are you just naturally a bunch of ****s?

1608 days ago


Who cares what people say they are miserable because they didn't have the opportunities you've had and still have. I may not know but I wish you well.

1608 days ago


2 days of being sober and she lost the double chin - imagine that. Face it Lindsay, you are delusional if you think you didn't have a problem. Be an adult and own up to it instead of trying to tell these bull**** stories about how everyone is picking on you and how you're so innocent all the time. Celebrity rehab with Dr. Drew would have been the best thing you could have done and probably would have made you more money than anything else you'll do all year.

1608 days ago


her hair dye and herbal tea won't hide a thing if the courts are smart and send this drug test out to a lab. one of the oldest tricks in the book. does she really think the courts are that stupid ? maybe they are they keep giving more rope to hang her self.

1608 days ago


maybe she has finally realized, that many people (at her age!)would do anything to have the career that she has. Acting, the movies... a cash cow for the rest of her life. Why ruin it by getting a buzz from booze or drugs? It ain't worth it. There is a reason why boozing and drugs ruin lives..maybe she learned the lesson before all was lost.

1608 days ago


@cindy, Florida doesn't provide the option of bail? Lindsay would have gone to jail is someone hadn't posted her bail before she returned. Unless that's what you meant and a completely missed the point which wouldn't be out of the ordinary...

Also, general question, can you post bail when you're out of the country? I didn't think you could, maybe I'm wrong. Lindsay didn't pay it, the woman who did lives in Tennessee but I thought the person who was in question had to be in the US?

1608 days ago
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