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Lindsay Lohan Went Out Drinking ... Water

5/26/2010 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was back at her old watering hole last night -- the Chateau Marmont in L.A. -- where the SCRAM'd starlet reportedly knocked back a few cold ones ... as in glasses of water.

Lohan was spotted at the Chateau shortly after she dyed her hair back to sober blond, knocking back water and hanging out with friends.

Two days down, 42 to go til her next court hearing.


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see she shouldn't even be in a bar it makes it that much harder, what a pain in the ass she is, did she have any respect? no, hollywood GET RID OF LINDSAY FOR GOOD, i will never watch any thing she in, NEVER....

1610 days ago


dont forget she can still take her adderall and whatever else a "doctor" prescribes her.. so Im willing to bet she's still high on something...

1610 days ago


Have a "virgin bloody mary" or a "virgin pina colada." Many ways to get the press talking. Lindsay is now a virgin. lol

1610 days ago


Are you sure it's water?

1610 days ago


I can see it now...TMZ will hound this girl until she is dead too....then they will trumpet the news.
They will accept no responsibility for her death.....
They will hound her to death.
Harvey Levin will then go on CNN and sniffle....hold back a tear will fall...right on cue.

1610 days ago


What no Online Block Pool set up?

1610 days ago


As an alkie or druggie, that's the last thing you should do. You already don't have much willpower; being among drinkers and dopers, seeing them having fun, smelling the booze or whatever, just make it that much harder.

Unless they're outside, you can't smoke in bars in CA.

1610 days ago


If I were her, I'd worry that some alcohol would get splashed into my drink, still be on the glass from a previous use or make contact with my ankle bracelet outside the body. I wouldn't be around alcohol at all but I am not Lindsay. I bet she wasn't out until 4AM. Even adderall doesn't keep a meth addict up all night. She probably had to go to the bar to meet up with her back alley pharmacist. You know, to get her extra adderall, ambien and oxycontin because her doctor just won't prescribe the amount she really needs to alleviate her suffering.

1610 days ago


Never was a fan, but good luck Lindsay!

1610 days ago


Couldn't she go to a roller rink or at least to a bar that has a dance floor wheres she is actually doing something instead of sitting at a hotel table surrounded by alcohol at all of the tables? like why torture yourself unless it's a stunt for publicity ?

1610 days ago


This chick NEEDS to change her social habits ASAP! She's setting herself up to fail. She takes ADHD meds to rev her metabolism along w/ other prescrips that she probably doesn't need. What a shame.

1610 days ago


Posted at 9:53 AM on May 26, 2010 by Nayib

Oh, give it a rest. TMZ hasn't killed anyone by giving celebs what they are really addicted to...attention. Lindsay could stay in or go somewhere that is not celebrity infested if she didn't like the "hounding". It is likely that she gets paid by TMZ and other tabloids/gossip sites for tipping them off to her whereabouts.

Stop being so naive Nayib. Lilo's bad decisions are all her own just like Anna Nicole Smith's were, Heath Ledger's were and that dead pedophile's were...what was his name again?

1610 days ago


Good luck with that! What are the odds?

1610 days ago


To: pattiespups- Do you HAVE a brain??!! You say she shouldn't even be in a bar, it makes it that much harder....on WHO? Is she making it harder on you?? She can do what she is legally allowed to do, without regards to you! Who do you think that she is disrespecting by going out with her friends (which she is allowed to do)? Once again, is she disrespecting YOU? I don't think she cares about you...or cares if you watch her movies!!

1610 days ago


She is in a complicated situation.

1610 days ago
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