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Slipknot 911 -- 'Hypodermic Needle Next to His Bed'

5/26/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The hotel employee who discovered the body of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray on Monday told the 911 operator he noticed a hypodermic needle and a bottle of pills in the musician's hotel room when he found the body.

** warning -- the audio contains graphic content **


In the 911 call, obtained by TMZ, the employee -- a maintenance worker at the Iowa hotel -- tells the operator that he suspects Paul died of a "drug overdose" and that it appeared that Paul had been in the room for "a while."

The employee also told the 911 operator that Paul's mother had called the hotel earlier in the day because she couldn't get a hold of her son.

Cops are still investigating Paul's death. Officials have stated that the death doesn't appear to be the result of foul play.


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Who the hell hires this people at 911... that guy is the biggest loser and idiot ever.

1589 days ago


Slipknot do you know this isn't real? I highly doubt they would be releasing fake tapes in a death investigation.

1589 days ago


I was not a fan of this band, but it is sad that someone would die like this. To all that posted the crappy comments, I hope that one day you are shown the same exact respect. It amazes me how not having to own up to your comments makes people say the most horrible things thinking they do not have to be responsible. This man had a family and friends who will see this site. You think you are getting away with being an a#* because no one knows who you are, but you can't hide anything from the universe...and Karma is one mean B*%$h...are you ready?

1589 days ago


Paul did way more in his life than most ppl here. He was a bassist for a well known talented band and has a baby on the way which makes it all the more sad and heartbreaking.
Everyone has their vices/weakness. Just like going online to TMZ and posting nasty comments that spread hate.

1589 days ago


Honestly? I think this is some serious bull. but watever the operater is taking 2 long and u can hear an echo. I seriously doubt this a real recording TMZ... honestly? can't ge a better recording? or a real one?
Well my condolences 2 Gray and his family especially his unborn daughter.
As 4 the drug comments.
U guys its not just rock star getting hi.
its pop singers and rappers and country singers and all sorts of mother ****ers.
so 2 say that oh wow a metal head stereo typically a druggie.
ask urselves...
Wat kind of person u r b4 u judge.

1589 days ago

Casey Christensen    

People have sympathy for Paul's family. I mean he will be missed. But most of all don't harass him and his family idiots.

1589 days ago


you'd definitely think there would be SOME sense of urgency...before he even knew the problem he took his sweet ass time getting the adress and number...absolutely ridiculous...
and the worker...i realize he's probably in shock and trying to stay calm...but he was a bit too calm...tell them whats up and get them to get someone down there as fast as they can...
a man is lying there dead for Gods sake!
R.I.P. Paul Gray...
You will be greatly missed

1589 days ago


Is different when it happens to someone in your family. And think about it, no body gives a damn what we say, we're just people talking. And I think we should respect him and what's happening, it doesn't matter what he did or what happend, he'll always be missed and it'll never be the same without him. He did something we could never do with our lives and we need to respect that. And for the people close to him the pain will never go away but thinking about all the good times helps make it easier to go on with life.

1589 days ago


That 911 operator is a moron! He asked for the address twice, then asks "Is this a business?" When the caller claerly stated at the beginning of the call it was at Towne Place Suites.

Then the two laughing about touching the body was in poor taste as well.

If I had an emergency I certainly would not want this guy taking the call!! He seems to be on ludes and his sense of urgency is lacking!

1589 days ago


força..estamos com vocês...forças forças

1589 days ago


as a fan since i was 15 years old, i just want to say thank you to slipknot and Paul for changing the face of metal. You will be missed and the only thing what i can do is just continuing to be your fan until god tells me it is my time to go.

1589 days ago


this sh*t is fake! seriously. first of all, you hear dialing at the beggining it sounds a lot more than 911. second 911 always answers "911 what is your emergency?" so its really pathetic that you people are trying to make up stories and tainting the memory of a great musician.

1589 days ago


Paul was a great guy loved him all the time and we hope he rest's in peace WE LOVE PAUL

1589 days ago


I think the lack of urgency comes from knowing they're going to pick up a body, not try to revive someone.

1589 days ago


You may not like the band, or ever even heard of them. But even if you DON'T like them, someone's life was taken away.
Be RESPECTFUL, doesn't matter how it happened.

This isn't the first time TMZ has released a 911 call; when I first saw that there was a recording of the Travis Barker 911 call, I literally wanted to throw up. And now this?
Come on TMZ, you guys are disgusting. TMZ has no idea what respect even means.

I know, I know; "don't comment if you have something negative to say". I'm sorry; THIS, the things like this, are disgusting. It sickens me, and I KNOW i'm not the only one. Good for you, TMZ. Good for you.

1589 days ago
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