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Slipknot 911 -- 'Hypodermic Needle Next to His Bed'

5/26/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The hotel employee who discovered the body of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray on Monday told the 911 operator he noticed a hypodermic needle and a bottle of pills in the musician's hotel room when he found the body.

** warning -- the audio contains graphic content **


In the 911 call, obtained by TMZ, the employee -- a maintenance worker at the Iowa hotel -- tells the operator that he suspects Paul died of a "drug overdose" and that it appeared that Paul had been in the room for "a while."

The employee also told the 911 operator that Paul's mother had called the hotel earlier in the day because she couldn't get a hold of her son.

Cops are still investigating Paul's death. Officials have stated that the death doesn't appear to be the result of foul play.


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I just listened to the 911 call on the DesMoines register.. WTF? Here are the only differences between TMZ and the registers version.. The Register..gave the best way to get to room.. TMZ.. deleted the mantainence workers last name and phone# That is the ONLY difference...Thank you TMZ for attempting to keep my friends identity private! To those of you who say that the employee didn't sound urgent enough or didn't care... you make me ill!

1554 days ago


That was really a devastating thing to hear. It sucks we had to find out what really happened to him like this. It was pissin me off how the police was trying to hide ****, but i guess the family didn't want us to know just how bad it really was. Now we know, thanks TMZ :( This really sucks. Poor ****ing guy. He was so talented and he had so much going for him. May his soul rest in peace. Maggots all around the world will always love him.

1553 days ago


R.I.P. Mr Gray...seen them preform last year. They were tremendous and put on an excellent show. There shouldn't be any negativity left here in the comment forum. Totally tasteless people. The Metal World is loosing great people left and right lately. This a place for positive energy and remembering, please keep your heartless remarks to yourself. God bless his family, band members and to their fans of course...

1553 days ago


And nobody is curious about the laughing in the background? He says he is in the room with a dead man but there is laughing?

1553 days ago


operator needs to be re-trained

1553 days ago

Richard Grieve    

WTF IS WITH THIS DIP**** EMPLOYE OF THE HOTEL WHO IS LAUGHING THAT THEIR IS A DEAD MAN IN THE ****ING ROOM WHAT IS ****ING WRONG WITH THEM AND THAT OPERATOR NEEDS TO BE FIRED !!!!!!! AND ALSO NOT BE RUDE! THAT SOME ONE DIED NO MATTER HOW THEY DIED.Rest in peace Paul Grey this world will never be the same and Slipknot will not also and i will keep ur family and ur fellow band mates will too.

1553 days ago


well first off i dont think its funny to find anyone dead no matter what the reason is the guy who called was laughing saying im not touching him is a douchbag it is sad that this has happend and i wish all the best for the band and for his close friends and family

1552 days ago


dumb ass not a guitar player ****ing bassest stupid ****

1551 days ago


Never has PEOPLE=S**T had more meaning to me then after reading these comments. This just shows how close minded the general populous is to anything different. Just bc he wasnt one of your no talent pop stars or a little teen bopper movie star, doesnt give you the right to disrespect him in death. Im not sayin you need to mourn him but think of his wife and children. IF BEING POPULAR IS DISRESPECTING THE DECEASED AND DISRESPECTING HIS FAMILY THEN I CHOOSE TO STAY(SIC)

1550 days ago


sad part is they talk for ****ing twenty minutes instead of doing something about it ....

1549 days ago



you dont laugh when you find someone bitches!!!

1549 days ago


i don't think the maint man was laughing at him, rather laughing at the thought of touching him as the 911 operator suggested. I am not cold hearted but I would not have touched him either. btw, it could have been a nervous laugh

1549 days ago

Casey Christensen    

Yo people u should have some f*****g sympathy for the band, his wife, and his unborn daughter. Anyone who said he deserved to die are a bunch of douchebags. R.I.P. Paul

1549 days ago

evil eye    

6 of the best shows i have ever seen, or will see, thanx for the memories R.I.P METAL

1549 days ago


Well I thought this band thrived on installing fear.I guess the shock on thier faces is the knind of shock they seek.Well they asked for it they got it.I thought they would think it's cool right???Lok at the awesome press they got out of it!!!The mask tells the whole story...............

1547 days ago
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