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Slipknot 911 -- 'Hypodermic Needle Next to His Bed'

5/26/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The hotel employee who discovered the body of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray on Monday told the 911 operator he noticed a hypodermic needle and a bottle of pills in the musician's hotel room when he found the body.

** warning -- the audio contains graphic content **


In the 911 call, obtained by TMZ, the employee -- a maintenance worker at the Iowa hotel -- tells the operator that he suspects Paul died of a "drug overdose" and that it appeared that Paul had been in the room for "a while."

The employee also told the 911 operator that Paul's mother had called the hotel earlier in the day because she couldn't get a hold of her son.

Cops are still investigating Paul's death. Officials have stated that the death doesn't appear to be the result of foul play.


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Hate to repeat myself...but...

THERE ARE MEDICINAL DRUGS ADMINISTERED BY NEEDLE! Diabetics...migraine meds...why don't y'all just stop feeding the insane rumor mills and wait for the facts to come out before you all deem this man a drug addict and a POS!


1580 days ago

bring back recent posts    

spongemommy...and...peeps who need to take meds for medicinal purposes usually administer them crunched up in a corner..okaaaaay

1580 days ago


You are 100% correct!! repeat as much as you want!!

1580 days ago


If this was an OD, I don't think he was thinking about his family. An addict does what an addict does, whether it is steal, lie or cheat all addicts behave the same. If it was about being able to choose your family or your unborn child over drugs many people would do that. It doesn't make this person a P.O.S. It makes them an addict, the drugs don't care how rich or famous you are. It doesn't mean he didn't love his band or family more than drugs, he needed help. And to those of you who are asking why the band didn't do more for his problem...they probably did but, if Paul didn't want the help there isn't much you can do. I hope his wife band and family are at peace and I wish them healing in this terrible time. May they forgive all the thoughtless people who harshly judge.

1580 days ago


Good thing he didn't need emergency service! This 911 operator is useless. May he rest in peace and hope his family does not hear this. What an atrocity!

1580 days ago


71...ya never had a migraine so bad you just wanna curl up in a corner and wish the world would go away? Lucky you.
Or maybe he felt the bad reaction coming...was crawling for help, or a bathroom. You don't know. My point is people always assume the worst about people, I just do NOT understand that. I'm not saying that the worst isn't usually true, but there are exceptions.

1580 days ago


RIP Paul you were a great musician and will be missed : (
All of the negative comments are so low class! Especially from people who have no idea who have no idea who he is. STFU! You are only posting here for attention. Sorry lot you are now go play in traffic.

1580 days ago

911 Operator    

You have to realize that most 911 centers use emergency medical dispatch. Those questions he was asking are what are supposed to be asked. As for asking the caller to repeat himself, until you have sat with a headset on in a noisy room you can't say he is "inept". As for the "former" dispatcher how long did you dispatch a year or two. You must be an expert. I've been doing it for 12 years and thought he did just fine. He asked all the proper questions and I would be glad for him to take my call.

1580 days ago


You shouldn't be posting the 911 call. Have respect for the band and family

1580 days ago


Response to #36 - Um, no, not comatose. As a nurse who has seen death, when someone is dead, you know, without question. There is no 'medical condition' that makes you look dead. He was dead, purple and dead, end of story.
But, the operator was an idiot. They are meant to be calm and precise. However, when he kept asking the maintenance worker questions that were already answered, he clearly wasnt listening to the information that was being given. He needs some more training.

1580 days ago


Some of you idiots seem to miss the bigger picture here Any kind of addiction is usually selfish on all levels, however, who the hell are you to pass judgment? If you are human, you piss, sht and die like the rest of us.

1580 days ago


**** UP ****! RIP BRO.

1580 days ago


Yep. Looks like this doushce had it coming.

Honestly, children, you need to stop defending this loser.

1580 days ago



1580 days ago



That 9-1-1 operator was an idiot. He kept the maint man on the phone too long and asked him for a lot. If it were me and I found a body, I would do the right thing and make the call but I would want to get away fast...and the 911 op. asked him to touch the guy. And in the end, he did not even thank the maint man for his info.

As for Paul's wife, I can only imagine how mad she must be at him for doing this (accident or not) when they have a baby on the way.

1580 days ago
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