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Slipknot 911 -- 'Hypodermic Needle Next to His Bed'

5/26/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The hotel employee who discovered the body of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray on Monday told the 911 operator he noticed a hypodermic needle and a bottle of pills in the musician's hotel room when he found the body.

** warning -- the audio contains graphic content **


In the 911 call, obtained by TMZ, the employee -- a maintenance worker at the Iowa hotel -- tells the operator that he suspects Paul died of a "drug overdose" and that it appeared that Paul had been in the room for "a while."

The employee also told the 911 operator that Paul's mother had called the hotel earlier in the day because she couldn't get a hold of her son.

Cops are still investigating Paul's death. Officials have stated that the death doesn't appear to be the result of foul play.


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Enough blaming others for his death. He was a druggie- just like MJ He knew the consequences of doing drugs- he got it what he deserved for being so selfish. Drugs were more important that his baby and wife. Jackass

1575 days ago

911 Operator    

You just have to understand Bonetapper that there are protocols that have to be followed. It wasn't that slow if you think about it. He has to get the proper information and as I said in a previous post it is hard to hear sometimes with your headset on. I understand that people "think" he did a poor job, he just didn't though. I will keep sticking up for him as long as it takes. You also have to realize that wasn't the only call he took for the day and it wasn't the last call he took that day. We are trained to NOT be hyper and excited when someone calls 911, that is how you keep people calm. I have nothing else to say on this post except what I said before. If you think it's so easy to take calls come sit in a comm center. We go through rigoris training for this job. If the address does not plot on the map you HAVE to verify. That means you ask once then have them say it again. If the caller wasn't willing to even touch Paul there was nothing else that could be done. That's it!

1575 days ago


So tell me all you "professional" dispatchers out there who had nothing to say but crap about the dispatcher who took the call--What did he do wrong? NOTHING! Dipatchers job is to remain cool, calm and collected so they can help the caller and the person who is in trouble. Unfortunately there was no help for Paul. Sounds like he needed help a long time ago.

1575 days ago


first RIP Paul, you will be missed. second this 911 call should have never been released, this situation is sensitive enough with out all this added to it, and no one knows the cir***stances surrounding the reason he was there or doing what he was doing. dont be so quickly to judge. and third to all the *******S with the judgemental comments show some respect, no matter the cir***stances someone just lost their life. save you judgemental bull**** and speculations for another place and another time, i am sure you are not perfect either. every day i am sure there is thousands of situations like this but you want to judge because he was in a metal band...grow up and get a life.

1575 days ago


Despicable how emergency calls are made public to the highest bidder, don't you agree?

1575 days ago


Who has any right to judge anyone at all, no one is a s***bag there(Rob J) and who in the hell gives you the right to say anything? Maybe your the s***bag! Take a long hard look in the mirror this man was/is no different then any of us!

1575 days ago


Despicable how emergency calls are made public to the highest bidder, don't you agree?

highest bidder? There are laws that require these calls to be released when requested. As long as the recording is not going to impede an open investigation, it must be released.

1575 days ago


I've never heard Slipknot's music, all I know is that TMZ is a bunch of s***bags who have no respect for anyone. The poor guy is deceased for about 48 hours and they already post the 911 call.

1574 days ago


****ing drugs they ruin everything :(

1574 days ago

Sean S.    

Epic fail for Skipknot fans. Huge win for music and the rest of the world.

1574 days ago


I honestly can't believe people still do that crap.

1574 days ago

Sean S.    

Epic fail for Slipknot fans. Huge win for music and the rest of the world.

1574 days ago


damn, R.I.P bro keep rockin up there with dimebag and dio, peace

1574 days ago


Many people have issues, crave or desire something that could be potentially bad. But to speak ill of the dead is just wrong!!!

Paul was a good and kind man and if he did pass away from an overdose, it is truly sad. I have had the pleasure to meet him and his bandmates numerous times. In fact I have seen them in concert over 40 times. I have been sad since Monday because the loss of a great performer, but also a human being that truly had his whole life ahead of him. I know I will pray for his friends, family and his unborn daughter. Rest In Peace Paul!

1574 days ago


as a fan, wish i hadnt listened to that. i am soo soo angry at the f@ckin 911 operator. you should be fired son!! u cant do ur job for sh*t. absolutely unbelievable. uv got no chance if u get him on a call!!

RIP Paul. wish it wasnt true :(

1574 days ago
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