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DeWyze and Bowersox -- Partying with Protection

5/27/2010 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Right after winning "American Idol" -- newly crowned champ Lee DeWyze celebrated his face off ... at a Hollywood after-party with runner-up Crystal Bowersox ... and an army of private security. 

Flanked by hired muscle, the two singers were all smiles outside the Mondrian hotel on Sunset Blvd. -- posing for fans and even giving some final thoughts on Simon Cowell and Bret Michaels.

Question is ...


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Bottom line?? This is a TV show first and foremost. It's designed to get rfatings and make the producers rich and the sponsors richer...other than a fluke here and there, these performers are about as interesting as a high school revue... neither Lee or Crystal will become a serious factor in the music business going forward... will you Us fans buy Lee singing U2? Ummm... duh.
PS The BeeGees and ****er singing with these little turds... that was...a very low point for the institution of Modern music.
Say it ain't so, Joe....

1608 days ago

Cynical Sam    

Lee Dewyze couldn't stay on key if he was banging a locksmith.
He has zero vocal range. Crystal's confidence may have been mistaken for arrogance, but that tough exterior comes from paying your dues in life, and on stage. Music is her life. She'll outshine him with her album long after he's confused with Taylor Hick's.

1608 days ago


Cant believe she didnt win! She has the better voice!
Just like Clay was better than Rueben!

1608 days ago

Harvey Fan    

#1 comment from Dan... You nailed it. Totally agree with what you said. Looking forward to buying Lee's and Casey's CD.

1608 days ago


The most talented person has not won Idol in years.

Which is probably a good thing, because then, they can go off and do their own thing, so much sooner.

1608 days ago


Bowersox lost because her hair was just ,well,sorry but it was repulsive.
It may have been clean but on TV she looked like She didn't care about her personal hygiene because of that matted twisted mess.
She may not have been able to do anything about her yellow teeth but they didn't help either.
AI must have warned Her about her hair but She went with it anyway.
Sorry.Grow up and realize You need to be appealing,wholesome and marketable to represent AI and it's sponsors

1608 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

Sorry neither of these two should have ever been placed in the top reality this years show has reminded us that all the excitement has vanished from AI..A boring and untaleneted bunch this year asnd that includes Lee and Crysrtal...Foe me Crystal lost when she singlehandedly RUINED A JANIS JOPLIN song and Lee is just another boring winner that will go nowhere. ie: David Arcuettea or what ever his name is...most go that route anyway.

1608 days ago


TMZ wtf. the person who should have won is the person who got the most votes. shut up.

1608 days ago


The most dangerous thing in the world, is an American with the power of a vote.
Crystal is the pound for pound --no pun intended, best, as a vocalist, as lyricist, and as a multi-instrumental musician.

And what's with this poor boy from Chicago shpeel. Crystal is not exactly Bill Gates, she is from Ohio for God's sake. Have any of you termites ever been to Ohio???
Not to mention Crystal has a small child to support. So if we are just talking about sympathy voting here, it definitely should go to Crystal, not some big city guy from Chicago.

Lee is very talented, and I'm sure he will do well. However, Crystal will be the one that in the end, will prove to be the real winner.

Again, the most dangerous of all things is an American, with the power of a vote....LOL.....Artofwar

1608 days ago


All the Crystal fans - be happy that Lee won! Now he is strapped into a contract and Crystal is free to be the artist that she is. I always hope that my favorite comes in second - way better than first!

1608 days ago



Apparently you are the one that has been watching a different show. Lee had only barely, if any, moved to the front in the past two weeks, really just the last week. Sib is dead on point. The Nazi's at TMZ aren't pitching a fit over this upset because the person who got screwed isn't an a$$ jockey like Harvey prefers. TMZ's agenda is so transparent.

1608 days ago


That Crystal chick bugged the heck out of me. Her hair grossed me out, she looked like she needed a shower, she was full of herself, she is fat and has horrid sense of style, and is the big one...FIX YOUR TEETH. ICK. I am glad she lost, but she still gets recording contracts, tons of money, car, gifts, etc..

1608 days ago


Crystal should have WON. I voted for her many times. IF YOU DID NOT VOTE AND CALL IN YOU CAN NOT COMPLAIN. To see this poll say she should have, then people on here that didnt vote and call in should not have voted on this poll and then complain.

Just like in Politics, you can't complain if you don't vote.

1608 days ago


This show has been a joke for several years now. I can't believe it is still on the air and that people still continue to talk about it like we care. Ellen had no business being on there. Kara was a disastrous addition. *sigh* Once again a loser with little talent has been selected. This year's winner is Taylor Hicks II.

1608 days ago


28. All the Crystal fans - be happy that Lee won! Now he is strapped into a contract and Crystal is free to be the artist that she is. I always hope that my favorite comes in second - way better than first!

Posted at 9:47 AM on May 27, 2010 by Jessica

Sorry to disappoint ya, Jessica, but ALL the finalists are owned by AI, not just the winner... Crystal gonna have to kiss AI butt for a looong time...

1608 days ago
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