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DeWyze and Bowersox -- Partying with Protection

5/27/2010 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Right after winning "American Idol" -- newly crowned champ Lee DeWyze celebrated his face off ... at a Hollywood after-party with runner-up Crystal Bowersox ... and an army of private security. 

Flanked by hired muscle, the two singers were all smiles outside the Mondrian hotel on Sunset Blvd. -- posing for fans and even giving some final thoughts on Simon Cowell and Bret Michaels.

Question is ...


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Ya know whats sad.... people actually post comments with references to Crystal's appearance, hair, teeth, choice of wardrobe, and calling her a Lesbian. And then the comments regardng Ellen, she never claimed to be a music heavy weight.
For those of you without the knowledge to be able to comprehend that this is a talent show. The contestants are everyday people. Not everyone who is talented would win a spot in People magazine 50 MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Ellen is just a fan of music, like the rest of us and can give a "listeners" opinion. It saddens me that we now live in a world where everyone enjoys being negative, and hostile and thinks they themselves are God's gift. When in actuality, you are very ugly people...inside and out.

1611 days ago


Doesn't matter REALLY who won. Both will do well!!! Both are winners.

1611 days ago

s louis    

good finale, good season. the paula stuff was uncomfortable though!

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1611 days ago


Lee is amazing and I am so glad America got it right! Can't wait for his CD to be released.

1611 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Bottom line is this

Neither will be around 5 years from now. Each of them will ride the fame and success of American Idol for the next year or 2, put out crappy albums that will say to the people that buy anything AI and then they will fade away because there is nothing really special about them compared to the rest of the music scene.

Guys like him are a dime a dozen in this industry so there is nothing unique about him and his voice isn't anything special to where it makes him stand out from everyone else. Same goes for her even with her look. She's really not that attractive and in the music industry you either got to have an amazing voice, or sex appeal to really make it. She's got a good voice with no sex appeal so she'll fade away.

The show is done. As much as i couldn't stand her they made a mistake messing with the original judging lineup with Paula because thats what those that actually watched the show all the time liked. I hated her but i wasnt someone that watched all the time so i was prob in the minority. You add Kara who comes across as arrogent but tolerable. Then you add Ellen which really made 0 sense. Then Simon is leaving which is one of the best parts of the show. Plus the talent was mediocre this season.

So you're left with Randy Jackson and the replacements so now the judging has become uninteresting, you still got little Seacrest there so you're stuck dealing with his annoying 2 cents and stupid comments, they still do the gimmicks each week where they tell the singers that they need to pick younger songs and such and then have theme weeks of the Beatles and other old artists, it's just done. Its run its course, its not interesting anymore. They'll try 1 more season and the numbers will continue to decline and they'll realize its over with.

And as for these 2, their 1st albums will sell because of the fame from Idol, their labels will try to put them out there as much as possible to keep them relevent but after their 2nd albums they'll slowly decline.

There are very few Idol artists that have had that staying power. Kelly was the 1st winner and she found her niche with pop music. Carrie Underwood found her niche with country music. Jennifer Hudson really only had Dreamgirls and other than that has not bee THAT relevent but she's still out there. Then the rest have had moments here and there but for the most part aren't relevent. Not even Clay, Ruben, Daughtry, Chris Allen... they become relevent for a few weeks when they are releasing an album but other than that people can care less about them.

1611 days ago


Lee won because he was and is the best !!! Every week without stop your bitching and deal with it !!!

1611 days ago


This show is rigged, and on it's way out. That's why Simon bailed, and others are following. The ratings are down, and dying, and the talent is weak at best. Crystal was obviously the better singer, as were many other second place winners too numerous to mention. So long Idol, glad to finally be rid of Cara!

1611 days ago


NEITHER! Lee is a shrimpy, fugly,same old raspy voiced no talent, trying to be a singer!!! Whatever happened to real singers?? Like guys from the good old days!! Steve Walsh, Greg Lake, Ian Gillian, Steve Perry!! Sure miss those days when they had real singers!

1611 days ago


Lee took the judges advice and was consistently better with every show. He's humble, he sings well and is a very nice guy. That's a big part of the reason why he won.

With that said, I thought the judges did a piss poor job picking the top 24 this season. There were really only 3 or 4 that should have been there. I for one think there should have been more black people and not particularly the ones that they chose, however I do know the reason for not having more. There are not as many blacks watching or voting. Plus there has already been 3 black idols. I understand they have to please thier core audience for monetary purposes.

The judges had all that hoopla about the girls being better than the boys. The girls sucked, and so did most of the dudes. I knew it would come down to Lee and Crystal. I actually picked Lee to win early on, just because they seem to like the guys and girls with raspy sounding voices. Plus you really could hear him singing those songs on the radio.

Anyway, I hope the judges do a better job next season. Or I can see me not watching the whole way through.

1611 days ago


Crystal should have won. Perhaps if they fixed her up on the show hair style her teeth were god awful dress better she just might have pulled it off. let's face it A.I. is all about LOOKS first , not talent second. Lee is a pretty boy......voicde is ok. but Crystal (the mess) very talented but very unkept......She will go well for herself. Yeah gotta agree she was not easy too look at!

1611 days ago


Why would anyone call Crystal Botx. What an immature name to call someone who has obviously never used such a product. Lee is generic. He's just a cabaret singer and is no different than Kris Allen or any other poser with a guitar hell bent on getting laid. That's not talent that's being fake. Crystal has more talent in her pinky than Lee has in his whole career. Lee will release his copy cat song Beautiful Day and then he'll be touring city festivals like Kris Allen and all the other idol winners that should not have won.
And talent has nothing whatsover to do with appearance. The way a person sings or performs has zero to do with the way they are dressed or the way their hair looks. If you people are so shallow to judge talent based on looks, no wonder the music industry is hitting rock bottom and predictable karoake singers are winning AI.

1611 days ago


Chrysal was robbed!

1611 days ago


To be an Idol, you should at least try to look like an IDOL! Crystal was just to hard on the eyeballs! Those snaggly, yellow teeth! And, that snake medusa hair! By the way, people who have dreads will dread it later, because it cause major hair loss! When you are on national television singing, they are going to show your face and yes the teeth! Teeth are the most important part of a person's face! Crystal, go to Rite Aid for 20.00 you can purchase Crest Whitening Strips or better yet, now that you have some money get some darn veneers! Remember that little toad Elliott Yamin??? Ewwwwweeee, he had some nasty snaggle teeth and Dentist fixed them for free! And, Mr. Shrimp Lee... well you are not my idea of an Idol. This show sucks and I will not be watching it anymore. I don't know how they pick these Karoke wannabes! But what a lack of talent! If you want to hear an awesome voice from the old days, go to You Tube and listen to Greg Lake from ELP! That dude could SING!!!

1611 days ago


Really what is wrong with the *******s on here?
You have nothing else to complain about but stupid stuff !!!
crystals teeth--realy!! she has an amazing voice and thats what you see and hear.. Teeth can be fixed--you are still stupid.
Lee being short--Again, really--like he did that? Another amazing voice and talent and all you can do is bully him/her/them. Grow up and if you don't like them or the show then don't watch it !! Simple isn't it !!!!!

1611 days ago


Cindy... Cindy..Cindy! Don't you have something else better to do than COMPLAIN... COMPLAIN.. COMPLAIN about other Comments??? If you do not like what you read..THEN DON"T READ IT, VERY SIMPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1610 days ago
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