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'American Idol' Finale -- What the Hell Happened?!

5/27/2010 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" brought out the big guns for their season finale last night -- with some huge stars, shocking moments ...and the return of William Hung!

Check out the photo recap and reminisce on all the highlights!


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So happy for Lee. I don't find him boring just a bit shy and humble. America should be proud of their choice.....he really is what the show was about and so appreciative. Crystal did great as well. There will always be haters who need to get a life.

1611 days ago

Lori morris    

The finale was great. The results where the worst part!They cheated Crystal just like they did with Adam. They really need to change the way the voting is done.The real winner should have been Crystal

1611 days ago


I thought the show was great...I loved all the stars. BWTF???? Lee has no personality and Crystal performed bettert then him the night before...even the judges thought so. I was dissappointed and now with Simon gone....there is no point to watching....I'm done with AI!!!!!

1611 days ago


I just want to have a body like Paula'S when I'm 47. Damn she's rockin' it!

1611 days ago


I'm not going to watch Idol after this year. Number one, Simon carried the show after Paula left and, now that he's gone, it won't be half as entertaining. Second....LEE??? Give me a break. Crystal sang circles around him but HE won. After the comments I read on a couple of sites yesterday, though, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Insults ranging from her "HO" tats to "I hope she gets the money to fix her tooth" show me that, as long as people "look" a certain way, they'll win it every time. I look forward to Crystal's first CD. I know it'll rock the socks off of anything Lee releases.

1611 days ago


How'd the get Daryl Hall's wheelchair out on the stage? It looked like he hadn't been in public for years.

1611 days ago

go home!    

yay lee! so glad he won, he deserved it the most and will have a great career, not boring snooze 60's sh*t music.
More importantly, why did Kelly Clarkson look like SUCH a grumpy pants?? Its called smiling for the show that made you millions, girl.

1611 days ago


It has to be fixed! Lee has no depth or range. Crystal blew the roof off with her range and talent. I was so disappointed. The yahoo article I read yesterday called it and called it right on the money! American Idol is rigged for only men to win, even men who have no talent!!!!

1611 days ago


It was funny the way Crystal was standing out, taking the lead, singing with her amazing voice and Lee was so confused and awkward. He sounded terrible. He had one song he sang well but that was it. I don't get why people voted for him. I think the stress will push him too far.

It's really emabarrassing. I know the producers are kicking themself now. Can you imagine having to make this guy sound good? Glad the thing is over. Last night's show was entertaining though. Great to see Bret and Casey. Casey was better than Lee too. What a joke.

1611 days ago


They should have left Paula & Janet home!

1611 days ago


What a bunch of crap crystal was far better than Lee this just proves what I knew last year.....the general public is deaf. I will NEVER watch another season of Idol it has become a joke the talent this year was lacking and Crystal was the only bright spot the other guy sounds like everyone else out there and he isnt very good has no appeal. American Idol I am afraid your days are numbered after Adam Lambert lost to the last guy whos name no one remembers I had enough but this year put a nail in that coffin. NO MORE AI for me sorry to see Simon go sorry for Crystal so long AI

1611 days ago


OMG, people what the hell is wrong with you, Get off of Brets back, hes living his the life the way he wants, hes having fun and hes amazing.
He's absolutely loved by his family, friends and fans and they want him to do what makes him happy, I will tell you if I could go back in time when my parents were ill and stopped telling them you cant do this and you cant do that, I would, hes healthy now and hes living his life!

This was the best AI I have ever seen, and Bret is the best musician I have ever seen, I loved him when I was 14 and I love that man now.


1611 days ago


Dane Cook has got to be the worst comedian in the history of comedy.

1611 days ago


Lee Dewyze should have won since he was overall more consistent than Crystal. Although she was definitely better during the two show finale. Someone earlier left a comment saying how the wrong person won 3 yrs in a row now, are you kidding me ? David Cook rightfully won, Lambert should have won last year, and this year I would have been happy with either one of them winning. Although Siobhan Magnus should have been in the top 3. You people who say you will never watch the show again, you probably say that every year.

1611 days ago


Posted at 8:44 AM on May 27, 2010 by Prancy

I cannot believe you just said Casey was better than Lee. That is why this show is so hard to watch because you probably voted for his looks and not his voice.

1611 days ago
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