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TMZ Live: LiLo, 'Survivor' Producer & Coleman

5/27/2010 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything today -- including Lindsay Lohan meeting with her probation officer, the "Survivor" producer's child custody move, and Gary Coleman hospitalized in Utah.


Plus: Was the "American Idol" finale last night the best "Idol" finale ever?


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Christians wake up pray for these people. Specially right now pray for 50 cent pray for Eminem pray for Kanye? Not cause they are your enemies but because God is working on there hearts to bring them out of some deep stuff you got no idea about. Understand it isn’t just they loose money or status to come out and follow God openly they risk there lives. satan has a huge hold in hollywood and there is many satanist in power positions that really kill people who stand in the way of there plans for our culture. I was involved in some of this junk in Washington state and they did try and kill me but God protected me but most Christians judged me or ignored me. When people are getting out of this stuff they need prayer more then anything then support for real support you think the enemy lets go of culture shapers lightly? You think he does not tell them there very life and the life’s of there family and friends will be took en like its nothing and they will set them up to be crazy so no one listens to them? he can’t do that cause God really comes in to help but those are the threats that come in like crazy and scare people. Kanye straight came out and said he sold his soul to the devil and he regretted it. Christians should surround these young guys and girls for that matter with love and walk in there Christ given power to let them see there is away out and love support family and all kinds of help as they work out there salvation they are not alone or condemned. Kim Clement prophesied that 50 would get out and he would help emenim get out and those 2 with another rapper God would use to change our culture and bring millions into the Kingdom. Pray pray pray this isnt about you and your ideals its about Gods kingdom and peoples eternal souls with there maker. Its time to love without fear and fight all out in this very real war its not about just casting out demons of people who come in churches its about going and fighting for the promise land Jesus already died so we could take but the devil is there cause we gave it to him now its time to get like David and go kill the giants/principalities/spiritual mountains that have been constructed in the spirit of what is rightfully Gods and for his people to rule and reign in with love and justice. come on family its time to love our neighbors and enemies more then ourselves. its time we got down on our faces and cried out for peoples very souls more then our rent or jobs. We serve the God who created everything who is not holding us back but filling us with fire to get out of just going to church and getting by to fighting in the war and being relevant in our times to people that need God and Gods people more then ever.

1588 days ago


Who were childhood rolemodels? Mine were Lindsay Lohan and MaryKate Olsen...look where that got me...Thanks!

1588 days ago


Bonanza 21yr run Harvey

1588 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Harvey has a boner...

1588 days ago


I don't like Jason as co-host

1588 days ago

Drew Mac    

Hey Harvey, are you still doing Peoples Court? What's the strangest thing you witnessed while filming that show?

1588 days ago


You guys are hysterical!!!!!!

1588 days ago


Move on from the discussion on the placibo...boring and I don't care!

1588 days ago


2222 37 think your a mythological character or a reincarnated alien? been to black dimensions? been to a nirvana type mist island that you get stoned from the myst in the air? Have beings talk to you about 2012 and pole shifts and planetary evolution. No you are not Jesus or krishna or a pleiadian. find freedom find the truth no joke.

1588 days ago


your tips line is down

1588 days ago


Are you kidding? You two are agruing over placebo effect? Jason - get over yourself.

1588 days ago


It sounds like this bracelet that Harvey has been wearing has done something to his memory.

1588 days ago


OMG you guys sound like two old ladies. Enough with the bracelet.

1588 days ago


Great job Jason, you have step up on all fronts with Harvey lately. I agree with you!!

1588 days ago

Kent J Smythe    

Get a Room,you 2!

1588 days ago
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