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Platinum Rapper On Board for 'Celebrity Rehab'

5/30/2010 4:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Celebrity Rehab is all set to add another star to its cast -- "Bone Thugs-N-Harmony" rapper Bizzy Bone.

We're told Bizzy - real name Byron McCane -- wants to seek treatment for an addiction to marijuana and alcohol.

As we've previously reported, the producers behind the VH1reality show starring Dr. Drew have been on a mission to lock down a cast -- and fast ... or else the show could be in danger.

If the show survives -- Bizzy could join Tila Tequila and Jason Wahler inside the rehab facility.


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cari far they have three NON-CELEBRITIES.

1545 days ago


Well I for one am glad he is going he should take a few members of the group with him because they have had there fair share of drug problems also.

1545 days ago


its funny that you stupid ****s dont know who bizzy bone is, then you try to trash him and have no clue what the **** your talking about, ok ill admit that you dont need rehab for marijuana, however some of you are calling him a wanna be celebrity, what wanna be celebrity sell over 35 million ****ing records and recieved multiple grammys ,ever heard of bone thugs n harmony

1545 days ago


how yall not gone know who bizzy is he did make it he is talented and been through alot. yall just don't know about that bone. they done won grammy's and everything yall just need to get up on and listen before yall go talking about no talent. i bet half of yall couldnt rap as good or as fast as bizzy.

1542 days ago


WHO is right. And for the person who asked why 'someone' would 'put' these people in rehab in the spotlight aka on tv - because they GET PAID BIG BUCKS TO BE THERE!!!!! It should be has been rehab - oh wait it is -

1542 days ago


Oh wow, seeing that "Bone Thugs N Harmony" moniker really takes me back to the good ol' days. That's a really unflattering picture of him though, I don't remember him looking like that last I saw him.

I've never been a fan of rap music (if you can even call it music) but I have to admit, Bone Thugs N Harmony was my only exception. Of course, this was more than a decade ago back in the early to mid 90's when this group was the biggest thing in the music industry. Not even Nirvana had as many fans as they did across the globe. They're more singers than rappers though, and extremely talented singers at that. They did have meaningful and they were all immaculately polished when it came to lyricism.

Bone Thugs N Harmony was the Pink Floyd (with a bit of Led Zepplin thrown in) of the rap/hip-hop genre.

All bias aside, these guys really were talented; they weren't just a bunch of fools speaking in a monotonous tone and completely ignoring the rhythm of a song; hell, their vocals were better than the instrumentals/background music. Oh the nostalgia.

As for Bizzy Bone, I don't think he's going to be on the show just because of his alcoholism. From what I recall, he was abducted and assaulted as a child and when he was rescued, he was put in his mother's care where he was brutally beat on a regular basis by his step father. He was around 17 years old when I saw him in concert and was already addicted to PCP, ecstasy, and cocaine (among a plethora of other substances.

On top of all that, he suffers from Schizophrenia. The guy's had a rough life, it's about time he gets help.

1531 days ago


Bizzy ain't addicted to weed!!! I just seen him in concert last week and he was fine and high lol

1523 days ago


I can't belive you stupid *******s dont know who bizzy bone.Bizzy Bone IS PLATINUM AND WHEN I SAY PLATINUM I MEAN HE'S BETTER THAN ALL THOSE ****ed-up actresses,actors,rappers,and singer.He's not gonna be on celebrity rehab and he doesn't have an addiction to anything.he's just bizzy the truly religious man. OH AND **** LINDSAY LO-WHORE FOR DOING A PORNO!!!no one I mean no one wants to see that!!!

1509 days ago


Yall are some lames, bizzy is a rap legend, still has mad skill and has more addictions than probably anyone else on that show, hes struggled for years so get your **** straight. BIG UPS BIZZY, GET UR HEAD RIGHT KEEP MAKING HOT MUSIC

1488 days ago


Bizzy Bone 16 Million Copies WORLD-WIDE... and all of you "don't know who he is"?!?!? Tell you what children, that's more than 10 times what Lil' Layme has put out! Bizzy Bone doesn't NEED this show to be famous! TMZ just happens to have kiddies posted comments that's all!

1359 days ago


Who are any of you to talk S**t about Bizzy....Do any of you know him....Nope don't think so.....He should be given credit for at least admitting he has a problem and finally wants the help. I praise him for that and will support ANYTHING he decides to better HIS life...and to those who don't MIND YOUR OWN!!!! LV U B.

1164 days ago
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