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Bret Michaels Returns Against Doctor's Orders

5/28/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Michaels will return to the stage tonight, much to the delight of his fans worldwide -- but we've learned his doctor is not crazy about the comeback plan.

Bret Michaels
Fresh off his triumphant "Celebrity Apprentice" win and "American Idol" performance, Michaels is set to perform tonight at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, MS. Sources close to Michaels tell us he had a check-up yesterday and everything was fine.

We're told Bret's doctor is not in favor of Michaels performing tonight, noting he's not "100%."  But the doctor realizes handcuffing Bret is not an option.

Nevertheless, precautions will be in place tonight.  We're told, "Bret will be slower on stage ... not a lot of dancing and will take it easy" on stage. There will also be "medical personnel" in the house ... just in case.  And, we're told, the AC will be cranked up.

If you plan on attending tonight's show, be sure to pack your extra warm bandana.


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Maybe he is living each day as his last. He has come close to death 2 times in a matter of weeks. What if he drops over dead with another brain bleed. He knows how close he came to death.. Let the man live his life. I am sure he has things in place to make sure his daughters are cared for. You can die tomorrow and leave your children in an instant, he knows that first hand so he wants to live what life he has left because he knows it can be taken away from him..

1618 days ago


I do not believe he is faking it. A strong will to live is a magnificent healer. You can see it in his eyes that he is not himself, but I pray for his continued recovery and that he realizes he will not be himself for a while, and rest will only help him in the long run. God Bless you Brett.

1618 days ago


He "has things in place to make sure his daughters are cared for" ? Are you kidding? When will people understand that, when you have children, you give up the right to "live your life" the way you want. You have an obligation to live your life the way that benefits your children most. When did it become admirable to risk not being there to raise your own children in favor of rocking out on stage?

1618 days ago


Bret has sunk to a new low. Faking a very serious brain injury to stir up publicity for himself? Shame on you Bret! You know what they say about karma.

1618 days ago


Funny how he has another reality show coming out this Monday.

1618 days ago


You know, my dad was advised several times not to do this or that because of his heart, because he fell and his brain was hemoraging in 3 places(defib kicked him big time and down he went). Dad never really listened, he would pick his own pace and keep going. Two years ago we thought he was dying and he did too, but he got stubborn and started doing the stuff he always did...senior olympics. Five drs told us they had never seen a person live with a heart as bad as my dad's heart, but he kept living and he kept doing. We held our breath but knew better to shut him down. His will was strong. He lived almost 3 years with that heart working at less then 10%.

We can't live for Bret and we can hope that he is wise with his choices because his choice could be what is keeping him alive.

1618 days ago


I don't get it. Hard to believe he's faking his medical issues, but all that dribble he gave Oprah about knowing what's truly important isn't carrying much weight right now. He may have an incredible will to live, but he is a 47 yr old man whose body needs to rest and heal, if he's truly ill. He has two young daughters depending on him in every way. Is his ego that big? Does he feel the need to seize the "moment?" None of this makes any sense and he will lost the sympathy of many people should he relapse. Sometimes you need to know when to leave the party.

1618 days ago


I really wish he wouldn't do this. I feel like we're watching someone commit suicide, and half of us are cheering him on.

If he'd take a few months off he'd have a better chance at the next few years. He's talented and seems like a warmhearted person, and his kids obviously adore him. He should not be risking his life like this.

1618 days ago


Bandana boy will be the loser to croak!!!!

1618 days ago


Bret needs to listen to his Dr.thats all I'm saying

1618 days ago


why do these overblown talentless attention whores, have to clutter up our airtime w/ an obvious belief that the world will stop w/out them. We need to be concentrating on tragedies like the oil disaster..and do not need unnecessary distractions to valuable news. Next he will collapse and die of a a brain hemmorrage, a right which has been reserved for Gary Coleman. Quit wasting valuable medical assistance which should go only to people who value their families. You are a selfish disgrace to humanity

1618 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Death Watch 20 10

1618 days ago

Kate M    

Just a fan, but really have to question his need to return to rocking so quickly. I am sure that this is how he wants to live his life, but man we want to see him rocking for many years. If the doctors are against performing, they know best. The daughters really need their dad, and fans will surely understand. Your fans will not disown you if you go under the radar for several months. Bret, does your love for performing, really outweigh the risk of not being there for your girls? I know that is a harsh question, and it is not my business or my place, but going back on tour is really unbelievable. Take it easy, please.

1618 days ago

Princess Jackson    

Such a strong person. Good luck, Bret. Just be careful!

1618 days ago


To everyone who is pi$$ed off saying that he's not faking it and that everyone is really mean to be saying such things, then he is really STUPID to get back to his crazy busy lifestyle after some very serious medical conditions. I mean, what is he trying to prove? He has two daughters to think about and that he needs to be there for for in life as long as possible but to him, he really needs to get up on a stage and push the limits for what reason? He's NOT broke so he's faking it or he's stupid.....maybe the big EGO-can't keep ME down! Thank you. I am an RN so I know what I'm saying, not just some stupid fan.

1618 days ago
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