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Bret Michaels Returns Against Doctor's Orders

5/28/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Michaels will return to the stage tonight, much to the delight of his fans worldwide -- but we've learned his doctor is not crazy about the comeback plan.

Bret Michaels
Fresh off his triumphant "Celebrity Apprentice" win and "American Idol" performance, Michaels is set to perform tonight at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, MS. Sources close to Michaels tell us he had a check-up yesterday and everything was fine.

We're told Bret's doctor is not in favor of Michaels performing tonight, noting he's not "100%."  But the doctor realizes handcuffing Bret is not an option.

Nevertheless, precautions will be in place tonight.  We're told, "Bret will be slower on stage ... not a lot of dancing and will take it easy" on stage. There will also be "medical personnel" in the house ... just in case.  And, we're told, the AC will be cranked up.

If you plan on attending tonight's show, be sure to pack your extra warm bandana.


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Dude must have a death wish or something. Sounds like he's the type that worries people will think that he's old and weak if he doesn't jump right back in. Not worth you life Bret

1611 days ago


OKAY FOR EVERYONE THAT IS SAYIN THT BRETT MICHAELS IS A SELFISH PARENT ...ALL YOU FOOLS ARE WRONG! ONE OF THE REASONS BRETT HAD THAT BRAIN HEMORRHAGE WAS BECAUSE HIS DAUGHTER HAD DIABETES and he was stressed the hell out..idk..but im pretty sure if someone has a brain hemorrhage because of their sick daughter..thats makes them a loving parent. Brett Michaels lovee and i mean adore his kids..! but Brett you do need to calm down..u dnt need to have any kind of stress. I lve brett michaels he is a wonderful person..hes the last person i wanna see on the headlines dead.. It will break my heart for him and his family. So please brett calm down.

1611 days ago


Alexis: That had to be one of most stupid things I have heard yet through this whole deal. A subarachnoid hemmororrhage is NOT caused by stress of learning your child has diabetes. And if you think you are so correct about that, why is he ignoring docs orders now if he cares so much about his daughters like you claim.
I've gotta stop reading this crap from people with IQs of 2 cause it's making me sick. I'm an RN, I know. And please don't populate this planet if that is what you think a good parent does.

1610 days ago


Please Bret take thought in your two beautiful daughters they don't want anything to happen to you so please slow down relax for awhile do what the doctors tell you.
we love you and want you to be around for along time to come.
I watched the shows which you were on tv you mentioned how there were other patients who had the same thing as you did who did not live so please take care of yourself think of your family before it is too late ok..

1610 days ago


Bret Darling, you need to stay home with your girls, and stop making more money for the next guy to spend after your dust.

1610 days ago


Since he won the Celebrity Apprentice, will he now be working for Trump?? I never saw the show so don't understand how it works but if so he would be taking on kind of a lot for a recovering person.

1610 days ago


Please...I've been doing research lately and diabetes can be reverted.

Bret, you are an idiot. I am so glad to see that your life isn't so important to your children. You basically are going to die sooner than later because of your own stupidity. So it will be suicide on your part at this point because you really are a publicity gigolo.

Do you not see what you look like to your daughters?

If I were your babies Momma - I wouldn't want to marry you!

As if there isn't enough in this world that takes parents away from their children already! People in the lime light just make me that much more aware of what I need to continue to do as a parent to NOT make my son suffer at my own hands.

Right on Bret! I do not think Parent magazine will be interviewing you anytime soon!

I won't feel sorry when you do die at your own hands, but I will pray for your poor little girls.

1610 days ago


Bret was awesome tonight!!! The concert rocked!!! He was noticeably in pain, but he put on an awesome show!!!

1610 days ago


To Alexis...First I agree 100% with Beth. She didn't say it but I will, your an idiot. Second if your such a big fan maybe you should learn how to spell his name.

I have been a poison fan since Look What the Cat Dragged In came out. I have been to 50+ shows over the years. I also think Bret (notice that Alexis...just one T) is a complete idiot if all of these health problems are legimate. Take a month off and get better. Otherwise he will be visiting Gary Coleman very soon...and I'll be making a boat load from all the poison crap i can sell on ebay!

1610 days ago


Bret, we have a few comments sections now telling you to take it easy. And they are literally full of Bret's listen to Dr.s orders. Everyone can wait for your concerts! Rather not have one this month, and know we can see one a year for the next 25+ years.

1610 days ago


i agee with alexis, she is saying that bret michaels love his kids. She might not be right about his sickness but stress can play a horrible role in his lifestyle. Also to stella and beth, if you read closely, its obvious that shes a child so for all of you that want to call her an idiot, actually ask her how old is she, f*cking critics, i bet if i ask her she would say 14 or 16. Also, she never said she was a fan so stop with the lame comments.

1610 days ago


Bret love you but DO take care you are too brave for your own good!!!take time out to heal .Think of family.

My sister had a bleed !!now she does not know me a different personality!!!

1610 days ago

Rachel, srry i put Alexis last time    

Rachel is my real name i was meaning to respond to alexis comment, but its obvious people that shes a f*ucking teen so leave her alone.

1610 days ago


To Alexis and Rachel: If a child is on this board challenging the medical community and their advice, that makes her an idiot. She knows NOTHING about medicine should go back to the children's boards. I don't know how how old she is, only that her comments were completely WRONG in accordance with the medical community and their scientific work. When she gets 9 years of college under her belt like I have, work as an RN as I do, then maybe she can put in her comments after working in the medical community like I have. Until then please teach her that a+b=c (I'm being VERY basic here) and do something smart like understanding that docs usually know better than she does. I'm not going to leave anyone alone who makes completely ridiculous comments that are nothing more than ignorance for the world to read because there are other people who read what she wrote and might believe what she said which is HARMFUL to others. Back to the children's boards and supervise your children and what they do.

1610 days ago


Bret Michaels is a fatuous individual, for playing fast and loose with his health, by blantly defying his doctor's orders. It may end up costing him his life.

What he's doing is selfish, and foohardy. Hopefully he doesn't pay the ultimate price, because's there's no bouncing back from that LOL.

1610 days ago
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