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Al and Tipper Gore Separate

6/1/2010 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Al Gore and his wife of 40 years, Tipper, are separating.


The couple wrote an email that found its way to Politico, saying, "We are announcing today that after a great deal of thought and discussion, we have decided to separate."

The email continues, "This is very much a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration."

The couple has 4 kids.

Roughly one year ago today -- the couple's daughter Kristin Gore filed for divorce from her husband Paul Cusack.


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How do you leave someone after 40 years? Geez.

1607 days ago


Invented the Internet and bails on his old lady? What a dog!

1607 days ago

Mike Rowave    

I don't know any of the details of this split up BUT I do know Al Gore and this is bound to be the MOST BORING DIVORCE EVER !!!!!!!
Stay Tuned....

1607 days ago


Al is back on the "market" after 40 years. He will be with some 20 year old before you know it. Tipper can be the next "cougar."

1607 days ago


In the spirit of gossip that is the hallmark of this website, I'd imagine ol Al has his share of groupies chasing him, here there and everywhere.....sooner or later, he's going to have a weak moment. The Laurie David's of the green movement must also be throwing themselves at the high priest of the green scam.

1607 days ago


i just don't get it! if they can't make it in this mean ole woild, how can WE expect to make it? (weeping!!)

1607 days ago


One of them had an affair and was CAUGHT. My money is on Al.

1607 days ago


I just heard this on CNN! I'm stunned. Much like when I saw the TMZ piece on Andrea Bocelli riding a bicycle at night to go buy some wine. Harvey, is he really blind?

1607 days ago



1607 days ago


Hey Al, I hear Johnny Edwards is looking for a roommate/wingman.

1607 days ago

Francis O'Banan    

Most marriages are dead after 15-20 year. Smart ones move on.

1607 days ago


Wow! after 40 years? Must be a really good reason with 40 years under their belts to decide to quit the marriage.

1607 days ago


Al Gore is a homosexual. He came onto me at a press junket.

1607 days ago

Irish Pubes    

Tipper? I hardly know her! Hi Ohhhhhh

1607 days ago

My New Name    

"4. Tipper Gore was not a real Christian. I am a real Christian and one of the very few who are."

First of all, what on EARTH does that have to do with anything, and
Second of all, who on EARTH are YOU to judge who is and who is not a Christian?

I have been a devoted Christian since I accepted Christ at the young age of five. However, I know enough about my faith to know that my relationship with Christ is PERSONAL and not something that can be judged by ANYONE on earth. I also know that there is NO WAY I could possibly make ANY judgment on anyone else's relationship with Christ. The arrogance to think that you know what is in someone's heart is so great it is stunning. God says very clearly in Scripture that He hates pride, and putting yourself in God's place of judging someone else's heart and their relationship with Him is the height of pride. If I were you and I was really a believer, friend, I would step very carefully and think twice before I decided to insert myself as judge of the hearts of man.

1607 days ago
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