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Al and Tipper Gore Separate

6/1/2010 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Al Gore and his wife of 40 years, Tipper, are separating.


The couple wrote an email that found its way to Politico, saying, "We are announcing today that after a great deal of thought and discussion, we have decided to separate."

The email continues, "This is very much a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration."

The couple has 4 kids.

Roughly one year ago today -- the couple's daughter Kristin Gore filed for divorce from her husband Paul Cusack.


No Avatar

Can't wait for Al to blame the divorce on "global warming"...

1613 days ago


Shifty eye Al! Good for Tipper. It's about time someone put this lying sack of dog poo in an air tight doggie bag and throw his lying ass far,far away!!! Hope she gets his billions he is going to make off the global warming lie. Now we know why he bought an ocean front house...... but wait... isn't global warming going to cause the oceans to raise and his house will fall in the ocean in just a year or two. Guess he bought the house for Tipper! Watch out Tipper, Old Al is out to get you!!

1613 days ago


Who gets the house?

1613 days ago


Al got caught sexting Gary Coleman.

1613 days ago

Maria Lopez    

Interesting that it turns out the Clintons have a more stable marriage than the Gores.

Proves you never can tell.

1613 days ago


LMFAO @ number 52, "Truth", . . . and, here I thought that maybe Al got caught in bed with a Polar Bear!!!!!!!!!!!!

1613 days ago


"19. She's famous for her opposition to freedom of speech and her attempts to censor the music industry. She's pretty much a Rush Limbaugh ditto-head. "

She's a liberal who doesn't think pornography and violence should be marketed to children. She asked for VOLUNTARY ratings on Albums so that people could decide if their children should listen. Do you also get all juvenile and silly over movie ratings?

1613 days ago


40 years is a long time to suddenly call it a day. I never approved of Tipper's anti-rock lyrics campaign (amazing how many rock stars completely forgot that, when they supported him during his presidential bid) but I wish her well. I can't imagine how she put up with his global warming crap this past 10 years! Good luck in the future tipper!

1613 days ago


Good Luck, trying to figure out which of these two is more peculiar!!! One of them tried to become a dictator by moderating and enforcing control over music lyrics. The other one has become infinitely wealthy, by promoting money generating Global Warming business ventures. If he actually believed the crap that came out of his own mouth, he would choose to live in the same manner that he tries to impose on others. This guy is a misguided goofball, at best. He has been radically wrong about the majority of his major proposals. Al probably used his political fame to get into the pants of an "earthy", twenty something supporter of his.

1613 days ago


This may be a leap here, but I am going to assume that they stayed married for so long for the same reason that Bill and Hillary are still together. To keep the political career going. As long as Hillary has a chance to become president, they are gonna stay together. She stuck with him during his crap, now he has to pay the price by staying with her.

Al must have given up on his chance of gaining any higher status in politics.

1613 days ago

Maria Lopez    

It's also possible that Bill and Hillary actually like each other. Some people don't want to accept that.

1613 days ago


Woo hoo! Maybe she's had enough of his crazy sh*t. He's an idiot, pure and simple.

You go, Tipper!

1613 days ago



1613 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

This is so sad.
Why can't we all just love each other.
Come on guys work it out... do it for the children.

1613 days ago


Al Gore Jr has been arrested 4-times for drugs and his marriage is failing. . . lets all listen to HIM on how to save the planet!

1613 days ago
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