Jesse James -- Cashing In On Nazi Photo

6/1/2010 4:34 PM PDT

Jesse James -- Cashing In On Nazi Photo

Jesse James is trying to sell off the Red Baron replica airplane seen in the background of that infamous Nazi salute photo -- and he's using the Nazi pic as a selling point.

The plane is part of an eBay auction operated by West Coast Choppers -- Jesse's company.  WCC has even published an article on their website promoting the sale.

But in the listing, the plane is described as a piece of "pop culture history" -- due to its cameo appearance in the Nazi pic.

In fact, WCC included the Nazi picture in the eBay listing along with the description, "This is the actual model as seen in US, People, In Touch, TMZ, etc etc etc ... and pictures of you with it may be worth big bucks someday so bid to win."

Jesse recently explained the photo as a "joke ... that was funny then."

When we called WCC to ask about the sale, we were told the listings are "100% legitimate."

Jesse's rep had no comment.