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Lindsay Lohan Lacks Wisdom

6/1/2010 8:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just had her wisdom teeth removed in L.A. -- and all she got to show for it was a giant bandage around her face. 


Talk about a painful month.


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Lohan look like a Nun

1514 days ago


I do not by this story at all...I hope TMZ will investigate a little further and get the real story here.

As a former felony probation officer, I can tell you that any shiz Lindsey thinks she is going to keep taking will be very closely was with my offenders.
We have seen and heard it all!! She is not smart enough to pull anything over the probation depts eyes and best not try.
I also think she may end up drinking if she does start popping pills--especially if she IS an alcoholic already.
It would be in her best intrest to just admit to the court that she has a problem, and enter rehab instead of trying to white-knuckle it for the next month and a half. I really do hope she actually has to meet with a PO but I'm not sure in her case since she wasn't convicted of a felony. Either's just a matter of time before her probation gets revoked. Sad, but totally deserved and needed. In her case, for public safety first and for her safety second.

1514 days ago


GAUZE around the whole head? So mellow dramatic these actors are!!

1514 days ago


I believe those type of bandages are reserved for facial surgery not wisdom teeth. Girl has lost her mind!

1514 days ago


Idk, I have had all of my wisdom teeth removed as well as my boyfriend and most of my good friends. While it's definitely NOT fun and they do sedate you during the procedure and give you some pain meds for immediately after, it's nothing that strong, and I've certainly never seen ANYONE have a chin wrap like that for just having wisdom teeth out! Wow, must be some special celeb treatment - in HIGH SCHOOL I had several classmates that had their wisdom teeth out and came back to school the SAME DAY to take tests and do work, swollen cheeks and all, without any prescription meds (I'm sure they had some ibuprofen or whatever). Being a celebrity must make you a weaker human being.

1514 days ago


First of all, her face is not clearly visible and I too believe she looks like nun!

1514 days ago


guys, you're really missing it and someone even mentioned before. the chin strap is HOLDING ICE PACKS. That's all, it's not for anything else.

Now, that said, I think she carefully crafted this to happen now so she could stay on the narcs... pathetic.

1514 days ago


Wasn't she supposed to be in Texas this week for a movie shoot? That was the original story to the judge and now all of the sudden she is getting her wisdom teeth pulled. Must be going through withdrawal so decided to go this route to get her "fix" legally.

1514 days ago

Um, wow...    

How convenient that she have a major procedure done, while on court ordered drug testing... Since they aren't testing her for medications, she'll be able to milk this for all it's worth and have her fill of Vicodin... Way to go, court system!!! If her wisdom teeth weren't in the way (or causing pain) then the procedure could have waited until after her next hearing... Besides, if she goes to jail, she can have the State pay for it, while she's incarcerated...Like most criminals do... Guess the drugs are more important... She's just a disgusting mess!!!

1514 days ago


Yea, I was in my 40's when I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed...two were the dentist for an hour or two and drove myself home...took a couple of asprins and was at work the next day. No drugs, no sympathy...boy is this girl an actress! lmao

1507 days ago
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