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TMZ's Raddest Dad Contest -- WINNER!

6/22/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The votes are in -- and DADDY INFANTRY beat out the competition (melting hearts along the way) in our Raddest Dad Contest -- winning the $250 prize and some super secret gifts from TMZ!

This week's contest is Bikers and Babes --  so email in your bad ass biker pics for your chance at the $250 prize in addition to some rockin' gifts from Rock N' Rev Festival in Sturgis South Dakota! Click HERE for prize details!

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**


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no contest....soldiers win every time!!!! love it.

1582 days ago


I don't really think that's fair. Who's to say that the other men didn't also serve just because they weren't shown in uniform? Well whatever, still a cute picture and my second choice ;P

1582 days ago


Really TMZ? I thought you loved Obama and that means you (TMZ) hate our troops!

1582 days ago



1582 days ago


So just because he's in a military uniform that makes him a rad dad? Get over the propaganda America. You all are hypnotized by troops and anything with an American flag on it like the Germans were to the Nazis.

1582 days ago


250 Dollars,,Are you Kidding? Not enough TMZ,Your way off! I could collect 250 in my lunch room.

1582 days ago


To MissAnn, enjoy your cheeseburger you fat bitch, you ingrate, go to Afghanistan, please! Let's see how you like it there, where you don't get to go to because someone is throwing acid on your face!

1582 days ago


To MissAnn, enjoy your cheeseburger you fat bitch, you ingrate, go to Afganistan, please!

1582 days ago

j b anderson    

The winner is a great Dad. I know because he is my son in law. He returns to afghanistan thursday (infantry) to complete his second tour.

1582 days ago


This picture is so sweet!

1581 days ago


He looks so happy! Puts a smile on my face:) Been there done that. I know how it feels!

1581 days ago


Aaaww!! This is such a cute photo, from what I saw a definite winner! The contrast of the pink baby suit with big flowers on against the stark colour of dad's uniform is great!
#10 If he is your son-in-law and going back to Afghanistan on thursday I wish him a safe return.
I will never in all my years understand the mentality of people who say they want peace and then make such evil comments about any of the serving military, army, navy, marines or air force, spitting on them for doing their duty!! It angers me that the Vietnam protesters vitriol is still continuing in 2010, you don't call soldiers murderers, baby killers and spit on them and their uniform! You treat them with the respect they are due - no one who hasn't been in military service understands what these people go through and all in the name of defending their country! What is also so heartbreaking is the funerals at Arlington with military honor now need a police or motorcycle parade beside them to stop the anti-war protesters shouting abuse (or worse) at the funeral procession of family trying to grieve and going to bury their loved ones. It takes a sick mind to abuse those who have died for their country and then to pass that abuse onto family of the victim!
My comment to the anti-war protestors who love to abuse their armed forces - Osama and all other terrorists love you and Jane Fonda sooo much, they're setting up a collection for you!!! Karma's a bitch baby with sharp teeth and a grip that never lets go!! You can protest war without abusing servicemen and women so try it!

1581 days ago


"Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy"-Henry Kissinger. I agree, if you're stupid enough to join the bankers satanic army then you get what you deserve.

1580 days ago


Murdering people overseas rather than spending time with your child makes you a "rad dad"? Really?

1580 days ago


Wow... some of you people are really ****ing stupid. Being in a uniform doesn't make him a rad dad. All the sacrifices he makes for his family makes him a rad dad. He is an excellent provider and doing much more than you will probably ever do. So **** off. Any by the way, because he's overseas you have the right to let ignorance come out of your mouth. It amazes me how unappreciative people are of the men and women who PROTECT their freedom and allow them to be such dumbasses. That is MY man in that uniform and you wish you could be as amazing as he is.

1579 days ago

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