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Bruce Beresford-Redman: Please Help Me

6/2/2010 8:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a mass email sent by Bruce Beresford-Redman to friends, asking them to write a letter that could help keep him out of jail.


In the email, Bruce writes, " wife Monica was killed on our recent trip to Mexico, and now unfortunately, the Mexican authorities have decided to charge me with the crime."

Bruce goes on:  "I am innocent and intend to fight in court both here and in Mexico."

Then Bruce makes his pitch:  "As I am likely to be detained in the U.S. while fighting extradition, I am asking you if you are willing to write a letter on my behalf.  Your letters will likely help me secure bail so that I can be home with my children while fighting extradition."

The email then asks friends to send an email to Bruce's lawyer, Richard Hirsch.

And Bruce asks that the following info be included in the emails -- "Who you are.  What you do.  How you know me.  For how long we've known each other ... That I am a responsible person who will appear when requested (not jump bail basically). Anything positive about my character."

TMZ has confirmed the authenticity of Bruce's email.


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Isn't it obviously to everyone.....



1612 days ago


How exactly did TMZ's crack staff of community college dropouts authenticate the email? How do you know kooky or balls didn't send it?

1612 days ago


Say what?
''a responsible person who will appear when requested (not jump bail basically)''
Who snuck out of Mexico like a criminal on the run? What if some guy from another country was vacationing in the US, and his wife was murdered. What would the US feel about that foreighn guy leaving the US despite him being told not to, and the US detaining his passport so he can not leave. And he sneaks out of the country anyway. I mean that is a crime in itself, evading justice, leaving before the authorities gives you your passport back and says it's ok. Smells CRIMINAL.

1612 days ago


survivor...? good luck...

1612 days ago


12. Her are the facts:

1. Mexico is a corrupt nation that is the capital of murder, rape, illegal aliens and all things evil.

2. Bruce is a good man that made the mistake of his life by taking a vacation in the hell-hole known as Mexico and having her wife come to join him there.

3. All of you that defend the dirty Mexicans are traitors to your race and probably live boring empty lives. So you get your kicks by watching Bruce suffer the loss of her wife and seeing his children lose both their parents. That sure must make you lefties proud. Y'all need to get a life.

4. Americans will defend Bruce and we support him and his children. Not the dirty Mexicans or those bisexual Brazilians who BTW, we all know that they lie because its in their genes to be that way.

5. Bruce is innocent!!!!!!

Posted at 4:22 PM on Jun 2, 2010 by ArizonanPatriot

Sounds like if you want to kill your wife take her to Mexico

1612 days ago


burn in hell bruce. and a.p. dude get off the crack it kills.

1612 days ago


ArizonaPatrior, your arguments don't get any more convincing...and sound just plain crazy. If you saw him kill his wife with your own eyes would you believe it? NO.........probably not. You'd say, "Mexico hired an actor, who looked like Bruce. The actor must have been Bruce's evil Mexican twin! His evil twin was hired to kill Monica so that Arizona would look bad! Bruce couldn't have killed her! He's white! :( Boo hoo! No fair! The Mexicans did it!! I'm next! People are hiding in my bushes! It's because of that law!" Sounds like dialogue from the script for "The Shining 2".

Sadly, your brain would somehow find a way to make this guy innocent because it doesn't work very well. I'm done with dialogue with ArizonaNutJob...way too nuts for me.

1612 days ago


Mexican prisons or Peruvian prisons - they ain't pretty. Look forward to seeing of these guy's on an episode of "Locked Up Abroad". How do say "I'm your Bitch" in spanish? That's all they need to learn.

1612 days ago


This loser is the ONLY suspect because ALL of the evidence points directly towards him...
HE had motive...
HE had means...
HE was the last person with her...

If I were on the list of recipients of this e-mail, I'd report it as "Spam" and call it a day...

1612 days ago


I don't know if he's guilty or not; he hasn't been tried yet. But this young woman deserves some justice. By the way, peeps, WE have crime here to...hard to believe, I know.

1612 days ago


how did this F get back into the US? Some immigration we have. I believe it is a crime to enter a country illegally. Prosecute.

1612 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

the only letter i will write is one that states do not believe this murderer, he killed his wife and i hope they theow him into some mexican jail that prisoners will take care of this delusional bastard!

1612 days ago


Mexico is the worst i wouldnt want to go to their judicial system that for sure I hope he dosnt have to go wow corupt isnt the word for that place why if they have so much evidence did it take them months i dont belive they have anything on him

1612 days ago


First of all, I do not know you and I suspect that you are the one and only killer like OJ Simpson who vowed to find the killers in his dreams...

And what made you think we did not think you killed your wife in Mexico?

Jail the effing killer of hie own wife and now wants to terrorize their children.

1612 days ago


this piece of **** needs to pay for what he did. His wife had just found out he had an affair with another woman, she was leaving him , she was in hawaii with their kids ready for divorce when he asked her to go to mexico so they could try to talk and get back together. But he had plans for her, he knew if he killed her in mexico would be easier for him to get away with murder. He is a psychopath , killed his wife cold blood, now he"s playing innocent thinking he will get away with it. Please trow this piece of **** in the dirtiest mexican jail for at least a decade , after this GOD will make him pay just like OJ SIMPSON. Coward will pay for the rest of his life for what he did. JUSTICE PLEASE

1612 days ago
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