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'Survivor' Producer -- First Step to Extradition?

6/2/2010 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Beresford-Redman's sister-in-law flew to Mexico today in an effort to get him extradited for the alleged murder of his wife.


According to Mexican officials, Jeane Burgos brought legal documentation to the Attorney General's Office in Quintana Roo in order to prove that Bruce is actually back in the United States.

Despite all the recent images of Bruce in L.A. -- authorities say the documentation is necessary because Mexican officials still have Beresford-Redman's passport. 

We're told Jeane's documentation could get the ball rolling for possible extradition -- however she was not able to meet with the prosecutor today.

Officials said they will set up a meeting with Jeane, but did not specify when that would happen.


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Well done guys!!

1569 days ago

Holly G    

Again can someone please tell me how the heck he came into the US with out his Passport? And how in the world is that legal?

1569 days ago


For those asking how he came back to the US without his passport - a few days ago on TMZ Live, Harvey was answering a question about that, when Max, the blonde guy that works in TMZ offices piped up and said "Me and my friends do it all the time - every time we go, one of the guys with us forgets his passport and they let us back in anyway".
Apparently, it's done quite often. Not surprising at all.

1569 days ago


That is one seriously nasty sister in law!

1569 days ago


Good for her! I would be doing everything possible to ensure that justice is done for my family member.

1569 days ago

Alex Wintergerst    

At least, in a Mexican jail he won't have to worry about picking up the soap like in American jails.

1569 days ago


Idiots!!! Mexico is a third world country you can kill your wife, it happens all the time. If he can pay those folks down there $ 250,000 evidence what evidence, lost senor. Also if you call your friend and tell him I'll be arriving at the TJ airport at 9:00 pick me up you do not need a passport to enter the U.S. They know this in Mex they are playing along.He's not in Mexico? Really?

1569 days ago

Throwing lemons at you    

Sounds to me like she was no Saint Monica.

* Bar Fly and owner of a raunchy nightclub instead of staying home and raising her two children;

* Bi-sexual in trysts behind her husband's back with other females instead of staying home for her husband;

* Discusses her marriage flaws with her nightclub's general manager behind her husband's back instead of working out their flaws with her husband;

* Steals money from the joint banking account behind her husband's back - that's contemptuous;

* Changes their house locks and throws her husband's clothes out at the curb in trash bags - that's malicious.

The husband acted in self defense against a terrible, terrible trio - Monica, Jeanne, and Carla. He and his parents should consider suing Jeanne and Carla for slander.

Hey prosecutors in Mexico, are you reading TMZ?

1569 days ago


Ive been let back into the country with nothing. No passport , no Drivers license or ID of any kind. They asked me a few questions and that was it.

1568 days ago

Did tiger sleep with this one also?    

8. That is one seriously nasty sister in law!

Posted at 7:54 PM on Jun 2, 2010 by awards

I totally agree, I've been saying all along Carla's nuts!

1568 days ago

Big D    

She? She looks like a man.

1568 days ago


I have not a clue if Bruce killed his wife or not. That being said, I think that the wheels of justice could roll more effectively if the sisters stayed out of the situation. If they muddy the waters too much they may cause great chances of mistrials, errors, and the death being tried in the media. Ladies, shut your mouths. It is highly probable that the system can function without you.

1568 days ago


Are you kidding! How can you muddy the waters or make the Mexican Justice sytem move any slower? Any slower and they would be going backward! I think she needs a cattle prod on thier ass! What a joke they are!

1568 days ago

bety vazquez    

Number 8: Thank you for let us know about Monica and Bruce marital problems but It sounds like 5 reasons to killed her.

When I read your comment I found out, these are Bruce´s reasons to kill her.

You really did not help him talking about this.

1567 days ago


I disagree with #15 Bety Vazquez - I think #8 Throwing Lemons at You makes some extremely valid points and I appreciate that someone put them together and laid them out in one place. Are they possible positives for murder? Sure. But murders also happen because somebody just happened to get out of the wrong side of the bed that morning.

1566 days ago

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