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Gary Coleman 911 Call -- 'Blood Everywhere'

6/2/2010 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made when Gary Coleman fell last week at his home in Utah ... and you hear Gary's wife say, "I'm gagging.  I've got blood on myself.  I can't deal."

During the call, Gary's wife Shannon Price tells the dispatcher there's "blood everywhere" and that she doesn't know what happened.

Gary is conscious during the call, but Shannon says he's "like, not with it" -- and tries repeatedly to tell him to put pressure on a cut on the back of his head ... but he's too out of it to follow her instructions.

During the call, Shannon tells the dispatcher she didn't drive Gary to the hospital because she's sick and is afraid she'll have a seizure.

Gary -- who ended up suffering a brain hemorrhage -- passed away on Friday after Shannon decided to take him off life support.

He was 42.


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Good reason not to drive to the hospital. I am guessing that isn't the whole story.

1603 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

She pulled the plug to get his money .. *I'm just say'en

1603 days ago


Sounds very suspicious. She probably hit him with frying pan. Call CSI.

1603 days ago


Seem's like a murder.

1603 days ago


she should be investigated for physical abuse, for sure.

1603 days ago


sounds convenient

1603 days ago


Well how can anyone be expected to drive when they have a ummm fever.He has had a rough life and now its over.Was his wife a midget too?

1603 days ago


Catherine Bach's call after her husband was shot dead should be re-visited. I'm surprised there is nothing more on that.

RIP Gary.
RIP Dana Plato.
Hi to Mr Drummond & Willis.

1603 days ago


Um who the EFF cares if you have a fever? drive your husband to the hospital!!!

something is suspicious

1603 days ago


This sounded horrible.

This woman would not even help him while he's bleeding to death,and claims she has a fever,and dont feel good.

This woman sounds like she didnt give a rats ass,and only called 911 to cover her worthelss ass.

This recording really sheds some light on what kinda wife he had.

Sounds like a loser wife to me.

1603 days ago


Jackie T. you're in danger of judgement! You only know what you saw on tv or read in the news. You don't know this mans heart nor his relationship with God. Its "christians" like you that make it hard on Christians like me. I'm not judging you, I'm just saying.

1603 days ago


That is interesting

1603 days ago


Is this a "blond joke"????

1603 days ago

go home!    

WOW. This call is incredibly scary. DId she say she has a fever or that she "seizes under stress?" I would clarify that. But the fact taht she can't even put her husbands needs before her own are frightening. Very frightening. Please investgate how he gashed his head and on what!!

1603 days ago


Hmmm... Pretty suspicious call. "I can't drive cause I have fever and I've been sick sick and you know... I can't do anything right now and you know..." Are you kidding me? Your husband is dying and you don't want to take him to the hospital because you're "sick"? Come on. She doesn't even want to go down to help him put pressure on his wound? "I just can't be here with the blood, I'm sorry I just can't do it." Wow.

1603 days ago
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