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Hospital: Coleman's Ex Had Right to Decide His Fate

6/3/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528_gary_coleman_BN_Getty_03Gary Coleman gave his ex-wife Shannon Price permission to make medical choices for him -- including life or death -- according to the Utah hospital where Gary died.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center released a statement saying Gary had signed an "Advanced Health Care Directive that granted Shannon Price permission to make medical decisions on his behalf if he was unable to do so."

Hospital officials say that document remains in effect, regardless of marital status -- unless the patient changes it.

Price's right to make Gary's medical choices was called into question when it was revealed that they had secretly divorced in 2008.


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It's kind of scary that his ex-wife had the right to determine whether he lived or died; I wouldn't give my ex that kind of power. I don't know whether I would call this murder--it's a hard call to make, but I hope that this woman can live with her choice, and I hope poor Gary was surrounded by people who loved him when the end came. RIP Gary Coleman. Tell MJ hello for me.

1541 days ago


Too bad Gary didn't have children. His life would have taken a more positive road. @TXluvsMJ2 Gary wont be able to talk to MJ. Gary is in heaven and MJ is in hell.

1541 days ago


First, the ex-wife is not an EMT or a surgeon. There is nothing she could have done to save him. Nothing. If you think simply pressing a towel on his head would have saved him you're fooling yourself. She was sick before this happened and in a weakened state when it happened. She felt faint at the sight of the blood as well. If you aren't aware of it even a small non-life threatening cut on a head can bleed profusely. Folks, I don't think fainting or possibly slipping on Gary's blood and falling on top of him would have helped him much. In fact it might have hurt him further. Yet, she held it together enough to make the phone call and relay instructions to Gary. Know that some people totally pass out at the sight of blood altogether. Glad she didn't. AND PEOPLE these two were divorced, but they were still together. Honor the fact that Gary chose to be with this woman even after they divorced. That means something. Don't diminish it. Gary was not a rich man, a well man, or a man who was without problems. His partner likely had more to gain by his living, than his death. What would be her motive to kill him? All his money? I have one thing to say to that: What U talkin' bout Willis?

1541 days ago

Sad sad    

Well hey "PARTY" when you get a huge gash remind me to let you bleed to death. You wouldn't want me to slip, fall and pass out from your blood.

1541 days ago


After listening to the 911 tape the Ex wife should be investigated.

She constantly told the 911 person that she wasn't going to help because she just couldn't deal with the blood.

One time calling her dog away from him and telling the operator she didn't even want to go downstairs.

Yes this person is a loser; marrying a self proclaimed virgin that doesnt' want sex; but she's beyond a lowlife.

You don't let someone bleed to death because blood is icky to you. unreal.

1541 days ago


PARTY; have you been partying with Lindsay Lohan? you've got to be kidding.

First off I learned as a 4 year old that where there is blood, you put pressure on it.

And yes she could have helped greatly by helping him and could have saved him.

The way she talked to him was weird too. Something isn't right with this girl. I know she's not smart, but something isn't right. She was more worried about her friggin dog than him bleeding to death.

I've seen patients that hated blood and when they were in these situations handle it just fine. It's just in their mind.

Again, this girl is a piece of work.

1541 days ago


People also forget that last year Coleman's wife was charged with domestic violence.

She went nuts, and destroyed furniture and ransacked his bedroom.

She was so out of control that when the cops got there she freaked out on them.

She told the cops "f*** u and f*** him!" Then she got arrested. She ended up pleading guilty to domestic violence.

Supposedly some of his family are already asking for an investigation.

Utah still has a lot of racial issues as well. Having a white woman and a black man is still not the norm there and you wonder what role that plays, if any.

To just say no foul play is comical. Something isnt' right.

1541 days ago

just me    

I am not sure if this was answered either on TMZ or the news, but I am curious to know if Shannon called Gary's parents and they were there when she authorized the hospital to pull the plug.. I know he was not in "speaking terms" with them but I can not wrap my head around the fact that she may not have called them with this tragic news of his fall and coma and hospital says there was nothing more they could do... I am hoping and praying she called them BEFORE she gave the go ahead to pull the plug.. People forgive when there is birth and death and I would HOPE she had the love and morals to call them.

1541 days ago


okay..2 weeks ago noone gave a rats ass about this midget,but now that he is dead everyone is concerned... lets move on to more exciting things like Steve Wonder trying to play pin the tail on the donkey and Al Gore asking Heidi Montag out for a date...

1541 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

There should be an investigation anyway.

She has a history of hitting him, and the 911 tape says it all. There's blkood everywhere, and she WON'T go help him because she has a fever?


1541 days ago


The hopsital is trying to cover their tracks, because they know they screwed up; and a lawsuite is coming their way. Shannon Price, needs to be arrested and questioned on the accident that night. Secondly, she is legally not his wife, therefore, she should not be allowed to make furneral arrangements or be entitled to stay at his home. I hate to pay the race card, but if Gary called the cops about his wife bleeding from the head; he be behind bars, like OJ. Arrest her ass.

1541 days ago


The 911 tape made me think Shannon was involved .
How cold is a person who refuses to stop the bleeding of another. Was she so sickened at the sight of blood that she was willing to contributed to his death?
Gary just fell that hard on his head?
No one is that cold without motive are they ?

Gary centainly picked a poor choice to make Medical decisions for him , was Shannon inaction's blatantly cowardly or criminal?

Either way , shame on you Shannon.
Where's the glove?

1541 days ago


With a celebrity in town, those cops damn well knew Shannon had been arrested for domestic violence. OJ's cops knew about him. Shannon said he was out of it then how in hell did he give her permission. The hospital should have also checked this out really well before allowing her to pull the plug. You cannot tell me should it have been reversed, Gary would not be sitting in jail. Of course the hospital will save their ass. Those stupid cops should have never left without taking her in for questioning. The person who recieved the emergency call should have quickly reported to police that shannon refused to assist Gary in anyway, but was concerned about herself and her dogs. Well, they really need to be fair and get on this. They have a lot of people angry about the little concern for a mans life.At this point it would be hard to believe anything the hospital employees say. Again, be as interessted about a possible killing. And they wonder why we feel the way we do. Lord help.

1541 days ago


Strange how things work out. All that bad blood between the little guy and his parents but it turns out that they will end up being the ones who will have to try to get him some justice.

1541 days ago


Hey Diamond Eyes,

The hospital never made an official statement until this one. Some person who worked at the hospital said they had no reason to question Shannon Price, but it was never an official statement from the hospital.

1541 days ago
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